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  • It has a Progressive Jackpot
  • The game has a Super Meter mode
  • Mega Joker Slot is retro gameplay
  • This slot machine uses traditional symbols
  • Mega Joker RTP up to 99%
  • It lacks a free spin feature
  • There is high volatility in this slot game

Welcome and enjoy our Mega Joker slot review! Select a certified online casino where you can play Mega Joker and get a big welcome offer! Also, read more about Mega Joker RTP, Mega Joker Paytable and bonus features!

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!18+ Only! We from Play Real Money Slots always play a slot for free before spinning for real. Try Mega Joker Slot right here. We advise players to play the free demo of Mega Joker Slot. Play the Free Demo teaches players about the mechanics, bonus features and paylines.

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Where can I play Mega Joker slot online?

Below we selected the best certified and licensed slot sites where you can play Mega Joker. Visit Slots & Casinos or scroll down for more online casinos where you can play these fun slots.

5.0 rating
100% up to £100 + 300 FREE SPINS
5.0 rating
100% up to £300 + 100 spins
4.3 rating
Up to £99 + 99 spins

Basic Slot Info of Mega joker

Mega Joker RTP:95.02% to 99%
Coin size:0.1, 0.2 & 1.0
Theme:Classic, Fruity, Joker
Bous Features:Jackpot, Bonus, Mystery
Published on:2011

Introduction to Mega Joker

Are you itching to try your luck at a slot machine in the hope of making a fast buck? Have you wondered what it is like to escape the monotony of life by entertaining yourself with some classy and attractive graphics and at the same time pocketing a few extra pounds? In other words, how will you feel if you were to hold your smartphone or a tablet in your hand and were to be enticed by some innovative graphics and at the same time promised lucrative financial rewards? I am sure you will feel good and excited to play what is called online slots. Just the sheer prospect of killing boredom, going through some thrills, and hoping to get lucky with a little bit of moolah is enough to lure a person to play these slot games.

What is an Online Slot?

In very simple terms it is a slot machine game that is played on a digital platform. A player can download it on a smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop and play it on the go. As you may know, slot machines are the most basic of a gambling game where the result of the wager is based on the outcome of a spin. Just like a slot machine in a brick and mortar casino has reels and symbols in each line, similarly, the online slots are played by spinning the wheel and betting to match the symbols in a line. They allow you to wager according to your comfort level. In other words, you can play online slots based on your pocket size.

Once you make the choice of the slot game, just download it and start spinning. They vary from 3 to 5 reels and usually have 20 paylines. The random sequencing of symbols or numbers which appear on the reels decides the outcome of the bet a player has placed. One such online slot game is the Mega Joker Slot.

  • Online slots are played on a digital platform;
  • These games can be downloaded on a smartphone, tablet, PC or a laptop;
  • They give the player an opportunity to play on the go while traveling in a metro or a taxi;
  • They can also be played without moving out of the comforts of your living room;
  • Just like a brick and mortar casino, here too the game is played over reels and paylines;
  • A player wagers and the outcome is based on the result of the spin;
  • The sequence in which the symbols appear on a reel decide if a gamer has won or lost his bet;

What is Mega Joker Slot?

Mega Joker Slot is a 3 row, 3 reels game with the option to play with 1 or 5 paylines. This is a slot machine game developed by Net Entertainment. It was launched in 2011 and since then has captured the imagination of a large number of gamers because apart from other things, it has a very high Return to Player Percentage. With an RTP of 99 percent, the game has the power to lure anyone looking to punt. In other words, it promises a return of 99 Pounds on every 100 Pounds a player bets. With such a high Returns to Player percentage, there is no way any player will miss it. It is also the highest paying among all NetEnt slot games. But do note that RTP is calculated on a high-risk feature in the game called Super Meter.

Apart from the lucrative RTP, this slot is one of those classy slot machines also known as fruit machines. It has jokers, fruits, and numerical 7s as symbols. It is highly unlikely a slot machine lover will not enjoy spinning it. Like most fruit machines this too offers a base game and a super game. A player can win real money by wagering on either the lower three or the upper three reels.

  • It is 3 reel slot machine game with 5 paylines;
  • Developed by Net Entertainment;
  • Launched in 2013;
  • It is a classy fruit machine with symbols varying from 7s, fruits, and jokers;
  • This game has one of the highest Return to Player percentages;
Mega Joker Slot Look & Feel
Mega Joker Slot Look & Feel

Classic Look & Feel of Mega Joker Slot

The Mega Joker slot makes a suitable choice for online punters looking to make some quick cash along with some excitement. The developers have used the traditional symbols but to add some thrill, they have added lots of colors to them. Its presentation will remind a player of a brick and mortar slot machine. It is difficult to give up playing this game because of its wallpaper layout and bright colors which literally transport a player to a real-life casino environment. Finally, its double-level play area makes this slot a rare and intriguing game for casino buffs. The fruit symbols decorated along the wallpaper style graphics give a player the vintage immersive experience of a land-based casino.

  • Traditional symbols used with bright colors;
  • Wallpaper style presentation;
  • It gives the feel of a brick and mortar real casino;
  • Double level play makes the game intriguing;
  • The graphics give classic experience to the player;

How is Mega Joker Slot Played?

This is a 5 line, 3 reel slot machine. The unique feature of Mega Joker Slot is that it has 2 sets of 3 reels each. One reel is at the bottom of the screen which triggers the base game and the second reel is at the top of the screen which allows the player to play in the Super Meter mode. The base game has classic fruit symbols such as cherries, watermelons, and lemons. In addition, it has also had the treasure chest, bells, and joker symbol. The top reel as mentioned earlier is reserved for the Super Meter mode of play. This mode increases the payout value but at the same time makes a player ineligible for the progressive jackpot. However, both the reels offer 5 paylines.

The game has 3 coin values to choose from to bet. You can wager 10 pence, 20 pence or 1 Pound. The betting options in Mega Joker are varied. For instance, in level 1 the minimum bet allowed is 1 penny and the maximum permitted is 10 Pounds, while in level 10 the value of each coin is 10 Pounds.

  • Mega Joker Slot is a 3 reel with 5 paylines game;
  • It has 2 sets of 3 reels;
  • The 3 reels at the bottom are for the base game;
  • There are 3 reels at the top of the slot which when triggered take the player to the Super Meter mode;
  • Different levels of the game have different bet values and accordingly different returns;
  • Minimum bet at level 1 is 1 penny and the maximum is 10 pounds;
  • At level 10 the value of each coin is 10 pounds;

Buttons to Play Mega Joker Slot

●      Bet

A player presses this button to place his or her bet. It gives the option to a player to decide the number of coins he or she wishes to bet.

●      Max Bet

This allows a player to start the game with the highest possible bet.

●      Spin

This is pressed to start the spin after a bet has been placed. There is no auto spin option in this game so it needs to be pressed each time a wager is placed. This button also acts as a stopper in case a spin needs to be stopped midway.

●      Collect

If you make a winning move in the base game, you get a choice to either collect the earnings or punt it further in the Super Meter option.

Special Bonus Features of Mega Joker Slots

1.    Super Meter Game

This is the bonus round of this slot game. It is a feature exclusive to a Mega Joker slot, one which is not available to players in other classic slot machines. However, this can be triggered only when the main game is played. This element brings in the extra excitement in the game with some very lucrative rewards. This aspect of the game offers a player to bet big and win big provided he or she is not averse to risk. In other words, it puts the risk appetite of a player to test.

With this feature, a punter after winning a bet has the choice to either walk away with his win or bet more with it. That is to say, either collect the amount or put the win back to wager more in the hope of earning an even bigger amount. For instance, if on a bet of 1 Pound, a player has won, say, 10 Pounds, he has two choices. Either he can pocket the 10 Pounds or opt to bet more with it in an attempt to multiply it even further.

This feature is with the aim to retain the player and take his gambling appetite to the top level. The Super Meter option multiplies a win on a mystery symbol by almost 20 to 50 times. For example, the joker symbol while in a base game will fetch a win of 20 to 50 coins, in the super meter mode; it will give a return of up to 1000 coins.

Super Meter Game basic info

  • This is the bonus feature in this slot game;
  • This is an exclusive feature with very high returns;
  • It tests the risk appetite of a player;
  • Only by winning the base game can a player trigger this option;
  • Player has the choice to either collect his win or punt it even further;
  • In other words, a player plays this feature with the winnings from the base game;
  • The Super Meter option lures the player to keep betting till the highest level;
  • A player can punt with 20, 40, 100 or 200 coins per spin;
  • The maximum payout in this mode is 2000 coins from the Joker symbol;

2.    Progressive Jackpot

This defines a jackpot that grows with each play by a gambler. In other words, the jackpot amount keeps increasing until a player strikes the winning symbols. The amount of the jackpot keeps rising with each spin by a predetermined value. However, the amount is dependent on the number of players playing at that point in time. In other words, the more the players play, the more will be the jackpot amount on offer.  In effect, the higher the return, the more competitive the game becomes. Though this is not an exclusive feature of the Mega Joker slot, however, it is here that the megabucks are waiting for big punters.

The biggest attraction of the progressive jackpot in this slot machine is that the jackpot starts from the base amount and not 0 once a player has hit the jackpot. However, playing in the Super Meter mode does not make a player eligible for the Progressive jackpot. For instance, if a player is playing in the Super Meter mode, he or she is not eligible for the progressive jackpot.

  • The progressive jackpot grows with each player added to the game;
  • Amount of jackpot on offer keeps increasing with each spin;
  • The jackpot amount will be higher if the game is more competitive;
  • Jackpot starts from the base amount and not 0 once it has been claimed;

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Strategy to Win in Mega Joker Slots

The trick is to play with the maximum bet permitted. This opens up the probability of a 99 percent Return to Player. In other words, if you bet 100 Pounds in the Super Meter game, the chances are that you may get a return of 99 Pounds. A player should always play the base game well and apply all the time to understand the betting system and behavior of the machine. It is only when the basics about the game are clear should a player go in for the Super Meter option. Here you leave the winnings with the machine and keep increasing your bets. Finally, needless to say, always like the advice for all casinos try this slot in a demo mode first to get your hands comfortable with its operations.

  • Play with the maximum permitted bet;
  • Always play the base game to understand the basics of the game;
  • Utilize the opportunity to play the Super Meter feature only if your skills at gambling permit you;
  • Play a few demo spins to make yourself comfortable with the slot;

What should a Player Aim for in Mega Joker Slot?

  • Aim to win the maximum coins in the base game;
  • Do not collect the win from the base game. Rather transfer it to play the Super Meter feature;
  • Target to make a killing with the Progressive Jackpot;

What symbols to look out for in the Mega Joker Paytable?

At Play Real Money Slots we always take a look at the paytable before spinning for real money. The Mega Joker Paytable contains information like symbols, payouts & paylines. Check out the Mega Joker Paytable below?

Mega Joker Paytablemega joker paylines

  • The Mega Joker Paytable consists out of nine main Symbols;
  • From high to low these symbols are: Chest, Joker, 7, Bell, Watermelon, Grapes, Lime, Orange & Cherry;
  • There are multiple bet levels. After getting your first winnings you can use them to move up to a higher bet level. Or you can collect and keep on spinning;

What are the Mega Joker RTP & Variance?

RTP stands for return to player. The Mega Joker RTP has been theoretically estimated at 85.28 – 99%. The 99% is based on the supermeter feature. This feature is skill based. THe player has to choose the bet size and the level to collect winnings. What does this Mega Joker RTP mean? For example, 100 pounds is wagered. Of this 100 pounds up to 99% is returned to players on average. This average percentage is calculated over all player playing Mega Joker Slot online all over the world.

The Mega Joker variance is high. This is usually the case for slots with a progressive jackpot.

Pros and Cons of Mega Joker Slot Machine


  • It has a Progressive Jackpot;
  • The game has a Super Meter mode;
  • Mega Joker Slot is a retro gameplay;
  • This slot machine uses traditional symbols;
  • It is a one-screen game;
  • Mega Joker RTP of up to 99%;
  • There are festive themes and design;
  • The slot helps a player immerse in the vintage atmosphere;


  • Per coin Return to Player Percentage is low;
  • Not very attractive to high-value punters;
  • It lacks a free spin feature;
  • There is high volatility in this slot game;
  • Does not have the auto spin option;
  • No option for mobile playing;

Final Words on Mega Joker

In conclusion, with Mega Joker RTP of up to 99%, this game can lure even the most conservative of players. However, to achieve this RTP there is a caveat. It comes only after almost 2000 spins making its probability a bit low. In addition, this percentage is a calculation of the returns in the Super Meter feature. That aside, this game is surely a must for all gamers and punters who love the classic retro style fruit machines. In other words, conservative players who like to enjoy a little bit of nostalgia while gambling will surely love this.

Moreover, since it features a progressive jackpot, it promises impressive returns on the bets placed. This special feature takes it to a level beyond the traditional slot machines. Finally, since Net Entertainment has created the game in such a manner that it has features and a creative that combines both the traditional as well the modern style, the game appeals to both the young and the old punters. Not to forget its Super Meter mode and Progressive jackpot gives a player the chance to make some lucrative gains.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    Is the Game Available on a Mobile Platform?


2.    Does this Game have Progressive Jackpot Feature?


3.    Does it have a Bonus Feature?

It has a Super Meter feature which is like a Bonus round. It, however, does not have a Bonus round per sec.

4.    What is the Mega Joker RTP?

The Mega Joker RTP has two numbers. 95.02% and 99%. The 99% is based on the Supermeter bonus feature. At Play Real Money Slot we always try to play slots with an RTP of 96 or higher.

4.    Can i play a free demo of Mega Joker Slot?

Yes Player can play the Mega Joker free demo right here! Players have to be 18 years or older to play the Mega Joker free demo.

5.    What does the Mega Joker Paytable look like?

There are 9 main symbols in the Mega Joker Paytable? From high to low they are 7s, Bells, Watermelons, Grapes, Lemons, Oranges & Cherries. There are 5 paylines in the Mega Joker Paytable.

A Word about the Developer

Net Entertainment is a leading developer of games for online casinos. Since 1996, when it started its operations, the company has provided a bouquet of thrilling and exciting online games to casino sites across various digital platforms. The company has over the last more than 2 decades of its existence given some of the finest collection of digital games to online casino sites. Apart from Mega Joker, among the more popular games which have come from its stable include, The Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Secrets of Christmas, and Zombies.

Pontus Lindwall founded this Denmark based company which became a pioneer when online gaming took off in the mid-90s. Finally, once the casino industry stepped its foot on digital platforms, there was no looking back for NetEnt. It quickly read the pulse of the market and in no time caught the imagination of online gamers.

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