Monkey Warrior

Monkey Warrior Slot Review

  • a Max Win of 60.80x
  • Nothing too complex with features or rules to enjoy it thoroughly
  • A Monkey Warrior RTP of 96.50%

Offering 243 ways to win, the Monkey Warrior slot is a video slot from Pragmatic Play. Something, that is fun but with high volatility and engaging for high-roller players. With an RTP slightly above the 2022 average, this slot comes with loads of surprises. With a fantasy-mythology theme across the gameplay, the players can find a lot of references to movies about Wu Kong from the Chinese art studios back in the 90s’.

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Where can I play Monkey Warrior slot machine online?

Below we selected the best certified and licensed slot sites where you can play Monkey Warrior.

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Basic Slot Details of Monkey Warrior

Developer:Pragmatic Play
Release Date:July 4, 2019
Monkey Warrior RTP:96.50%
Monkey Warrior Variance:Medium/High
Paylines:243 Ways
Min/Max Bet:0,25/125,00
Max Win:6.080x
Theme:Chinese Mythology
Bonus Features:Wilds, Bonus Symbols, Free Spins, Money Symbols, Jackpots
Mobile Compatibility:Yes, Smartphones, Pc & Tablet

Small Intro

Pragmatic Play is a household name in the online gambling market and casinos. It makes slots games whose odds are great because of the above-average RTP (96%) and which come with bonus and Free Spins too. Most of their titles are proprietary and impose themes from movies and ancient cultures. Pragmatic Play is a leading provider of games. Games like slots for the iGaming industry with regulated and mobile-focused products. There are in-game promotion tools, live casino, and more with a single API. Some of its popular titles of 2020 include Pyramid King, Three Star Fortune, Ultra Burn, Great Rhino Megaways, Wild West Gold, and Money Warrior. Golden Beauty is another slot that shares the same theme, from China, as the Monkey Warrior slot.

Monkey Warrior slot is a video slot that shares similar products from several other vendors. It is a part of ancient legends from China and depicts modern pop culture, and Taoist practices. It is a slot with 5 reels and 3 rows, with a grid layout standard in today’s slots. With 243 paylines, this slot is a megaways-like slot. It offers a maximum bet limit of 125 while one can start from as low as 0.25 per bet line. The team has included Wild, Scatter, and Free Spins to help manage the high volatility. In our ‘Free to Play’ demo, we won with Low-Paying symbols after waiting for 11 spins. 

Pragmatic Play has a rich history of making tough slots and target high-roller gamblers. So, the Monkey Warrior slot is not for beginners and first-time players. 

Monkey Warrior Slot: Chinese Mythology Theme & Storyline

Monkey Warrior Slot Look & Feel

There are tons of legends that originated in China and were brought to the world by studios from Hong Kong and Shanghai back in the 90s and 80s. This is a story that has found an audience in countless movies such as The Forbidden Kingdom, The Monkey King Franchise, The Tale of Wu Kong, which are all modern-day adaptations of the famous legend. The portrayal of Sun Wukong in A Chinese Odyssey in 1995 is an early account of this. Monkey Warrior slot is an adaptation of this legend that brings online gamblers close to a cultural icon and joins together good luck and fortune. 

As the legend goes, he is a half human half animal warrior, a king, who was born from a rock. He has magical powers and stands for righteousness. The players get to experience this throughout the storyline too. Acquired through Taoist practices, he possesses great strength, skilled fighter, character, high ethics, and morals, and can transform into various objects and animals. In Pragmatic Play’s slot, the character is a powerful fighter and is accompanied by several other characters too. They all start the journey with you and as the story unfolds, you look for treasures, read scrolls, and collect coins. With a classic style art, nice visuals, audio, and sound effects, the Monkey Warrior slot makes a great first impression on players. They can win up to a maximum of 200 coins in a single spin. 

Graphics, Sounds & Animations in Monkey Warrior Slot

This slot from Pragmatic Play is decent enough with basic gameplay features. The music and sound effects are nothing spectacular or epic in any proportions. The same is true for graphics design too. However, the Monkey Warrior slot is a video slot targeted towards the audience with respect for the culture and tradition, and legends from The Forbidden Kingdom. Without any references to movies or shows, the character has been developed from scratch by the studio.

●      Graphics

The artwork and graphics design screams flashy and bright golden, colorful depictions. IT is nothing realistic but looks more like a 3D cartoon with rich details, nice gradients, and stuff. If you love modern 3D art, this is a nice one though with classic retro style design and choice of colors. As with the theme itself, the choice is commendable and not surprising. The Monkey Warrior is a king and has ornaments, golden crown, and stick, flashy, shining garments, etc. and so are the other characters. With the UI and navigation, the slot is fine with the legibility, arrangement, neatness, and composition. Overall, you will find it looks royal and kingly. 

●      Sound-Effects & Theme Music

The Monkey Warrior slot does not take this to anything beyond repair. As a player, you won’t find it very irritating or disturbing. The effects come to life when events trigger them such as during reel spin, big win, the formation of matching groups, and so on. There is no constant incessant playback of thundering music and such stuff. However, some sort of cultural tune like that of Spring with flowers falling off the twigs accompanies the slot. It feels like a movie beginning, though it is very faint and not loud at your face.

●      Animations

If you like real scenes, cut-scene, cinematographic depictions, there is none in this slot. The animations are limited to simple and subtle stuff. You can see the reel spin, the symbols jump and pop up, and so on. It is there to make the slot look alive and fresh. There are some animations with events triggering a set of clips as things happen. The best is that you don’t dwell more on this alone, and focus on the High-Paying symbols and bet amount. 

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Monkey Warrior Special Slot Features, Free Spins, Progressive Jackpots Etc

The slot is a den of features from basic convenience tools to winning rewards. It offers players a wide range of betting range so that players with all kinds of the budget can get their fair share of trouble. High-rollers can get their bang for the money with maximum bets. There is an ‘Auto’ function which means that players can set it with a number of spins, and it will continue spinning the reels until a win happens. It is available up to 100 spins. This means that the slot promises to pay something at least in every 100 spins. Then, a player can also set a loss limit to avoid further damage; Further, Turbo Spin and Quick Spin are also additional features. 

Monkey Warrior slot offers Free Spins and Bonuses apart from the above convenience tools.

1.    Bonuses

When 6 ‘Money Bag’ symbols land on the reels the Monkey Re-Spin bonus feature gets activated. During this round, you will get up to 5 Re-Spins, which are free, where the money symbol means that they are available on the reels. If one of such symbols appears, it will stick in place and the remaining time for a bonus, each will have its prize set. And, finally, at the end of the bonus, all prizes add up. There is a chance to get more re-spins too by opening a chest at the end of the bonus game. In this case, you can find 3 more re-spins, and a chance to win more prizes. It opens up a door to jackpot wins, four of which are available. 

  • Mini with 30x Multiplier;
  • Minor with 50x Multiplier;
  • Major with 100x Multiplier;
  • Grand with 200x Multiplier;

2.    Free Spins

Monkey Warrior Slot Bonus Features

The Bonus Symbol is a golden wand with the text ‘Bonus’ over it. It appears on reels often but in pairs. When the third bonus symbol appears, it will trigger a 2x win and 8 Free Spins. Now, during the Free Spins round, only High-Paying symbols will appear that are a way to reward for the high volatility of the game. In this, there is a chance to win more if a matching group occurs. It gives players a chance to win bigger rewards. And, that means that outside the main game, in this feature round, the RTP is increased to a much higher level. 

3.    Progressive Jackpot

The Monkey Warrior slot does not have any gaming network for jackpots. Though some slots come with a round that allows them to compete for Progressive Jackpots, this does not do that. Pragmatic Play does not collaborate with other players like Jackpot King to offer any other version of Monkey Warrior either. 

What are the Monkey Warrior RTP & Variance? 

RTP of any slot must be higher as much as possible. This attracts most players and promises to pay them well. As the volatility is medium to high, the Monkey Warrior slot does not pay consistently or high enough. But, with the Free Spins feature, it tries to make up for it. In most online casinos, the Monkey warrior RTP of 96.5% is the highest it can get. But check with your casinos before you play this slot. Various providers and gambling sites can lower or alter this and affect your returns.

So What does this Monkey Warrior RTP mean? RTP stands for return to player. It is an estimate which tells a player that, given they play a very high number of spins, for every £100 they bet, they can expect to get just £96.50 in return, in this case. Of course, no single player will see these exact returns. RTP values are average numbers. They are calculated over all players playing Monkey warrior Slot online all over the world.

What symbols to look out for in the Monkey Warrior Paytable?

At Play Real Money Slots we always take a look at the paytable before spinning for real money. The Monkey warrior Paytable contains information like: payouts, paylines & symbols. Check out the Monkey Warrior Paytable below,

Monkey Warrior Paytable

Whenever in doubt, always consult the paytable of a slot. If you are not good with them, go for some discussion. This is a single piece of information booklet that briefs you about the special symbols, features, money, and more. The Monkey Warrior slot comes with a set of High-Paying symbols. The most generous symbol in this slot is the Wild. This is the magician, the Wu Kong, one and only legendary fighter. It will pay you 20x the bet amount and increase your rewards 20 times over. This is the total win amount. The Monkey Warrior himself is the Wild, and therefore very powerful. 

There are other symbols here such as the card letters A, K, etc which are close to nothing. If you find them consistently in your reels, it is better to skip it. They don’t pay well. 


There are 243 ways to win in the Money Warrior Paytable. Find out how they work below,

How to Win/ Strategy for Pragmatic Monkey Warrior Online Slot?

The Monkey Warrior slot is a high volatility slot and you can understand that this is not good. If you devise any winning move, it will evaporate before you can apply it. This is not a good idea and therefore only high-roller gamblers and High-Paying symbols can help you win something decent. Or, at least recover your lost money. But, there is nothing that can guarantee that. In this slot, the rule of betting high enough pays well after a lot of spins. Otherwise, the slot pays only Low-Paying symbols. 

Monkey Warrior Casino Sites

Spin Hill
Spin Hill

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Jackpot Paradise
Jackpot Paradise

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Casino Elevate
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Winner’s Magic
Winner’s Magic

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Final Verdict

Overall, you can expect to make some decent cash with the Monkey Warrior slot. The slot promises some nice bonuses and Free Spins which only has High-Paying symbols during the feature round. This is something that guarantees that you will only make some big rewards. But, the Monkey Warrior RTP of above-average 96% does not do much good with the gameplay. In our short demo play on Pragmatic official site, we did not win anything of value until we played for around 20 spins. But, this is not always the case and that is why it is all about being lucky. For high-roller gamblers, this slot promises loads of fun, enjoyable graphics, animations, sound effects, and more. 

Do not forget the chest that opens up a door to jackpot features. You can win up to 200x the feature wins, making your wins 200 times over. This can be seriously life-changing. While Monkey Warrior is not the most innovative of the best pay slot in the market today, it is certainly worth the time. It ticks all the right boxes for an entertaining and rewarding gaming experience. Rest things apart, it is a tribute to an icon, a legendary tale of a king in the Chinese culture.

Pros & Cons Of Monkey Warrior Slot

As with all slots, the Monkey Warrior slot also has its own target audience. It appeals too many and is repulsive for many for the exact same reasons. If you want to play this game, try for free today.


  • Great for high-roller gamblers and those who bet maximum always;
  • Fair graphics, theme, music and animations, enough for the gameplay;
  • Nothing too complex with features or rules to enjoy it thoroughly;
  • A Monkey Warrior RTP of 96.50%;


  • Nothing spectacular with animations, graphics design, innovative features, etc;
  • Not good for beginners and first-time players;

FAQs for Pragmatic Play’s Monkey Warrior Slot 

1.    Is the Monkey Warrior Slot Geared Towards Mobile-First Users?

If you use a mobile phone for playing online slots and casinos, this slot is great for you. From the house of Pragmatic Play, it is optimized for a wonderful smartphone experience out of the box. However, you can also play it through the browser alone, without any installations.

2.    Can You Play the Monkey Warrior Slot through the Website?

This slot is totally compatible with HTML 5 technology. This means that any modern browser that runs on your smartphone or desktop can play this slot. 

3.    What is the Maximum Pay of the Monkey Warrior Slot?

The Monkey Warrior slot pays a maximum of 5.080x in the Grand jackpot round that comes just after the Re-Spin Bonus ends. 

4.    Is There a Progressive Jackpot in this Slot?

No! The Monkey Warrior slot does not come with a Progressive Jackpot and that is it.

5. What is the Monkey Warriors RTP?

The Monkey Warriors RTP is estimated at 96.50 percent. This is above-average. At Play Real Money Slots we like to play online casino slots with an RTP of 96 or higher.

6. What is the Monkey Warrior Variance?

The Monkey Warrior Variance is medium to high. This means players can expect fewer winning combination but higher megawins.

7. What does the Monkey Warrior Paytable look like?

They Monkey Warrior Paytable consists out of 8 main symbols. The highest paying symbol, the Emperor, pays out 20 times for a 5x winning combination. The Monkey Warrior serves as the Wild symbol. The Wild substitutes for all 8 main symbols. There are 243 ways to win in the Monkey Warrior Paytable.

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