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up to £1000 + 100 spins
  • Audacious Wazdan unique features.
  • Free spins.
  • Square RTP.
  • The matrix demands that amateurs spend some time with it before knowing it is an inch wide.

With the latest of its offerings having been released, Wazdan has proved once again that its posse of tempting slot features is literally unending. If inter-galactic expeditions hook you right in and you hoped for hitching a ride with Virgin Galactic when it made headlines this July but couldn’t, this is where you make a dent. Aligning itself with the sci-fi genre, Wazdan’s real money Space Spins checkmates almost all the other titles that venture into the same genre specifics circulating in the market.

An ocular pleasure box, with ethereally coloured gameplay, real money Space Spins captivates you with the usual Wazdan features that are unique to the brand. With a tremendously reliable Return to Player rate of 96.66% and a panoply of opportunities to bring the game more in line with the user’s whims, the chances of exponential wins thoroughly drenching you just can’t be shrugged off. What happens when you throw in an intriguing theme arc, engrossing gameplay, first-rate animation features in good measure is you get Wazdan’s Space Spins online slot.

So, come get your gear ready and partake in this adventurous journey that exorcises dreariness like it was sacrilegious. Riches aside, there’s also the possibility that you would return a little wiser, having experienced the quiet beatitude of this humongous cosmos out there and bowing to the enigma of creation all over again.   

Basic Slot Details of Space Spins

Developer: Wazdan
Theme: Space Spins
Reels: 6
Paylines: 40
Space Spins RTP: 96.66%
Max Win:1650x
Variance:Low, Medium, High
Mobile Version: Yes
Bonus Features:Wild, Scatters, Free Spins, Space Pile Feature

Real Money Space Spins Slot Casino Sites

A real fount of immersive gameplay, real money Space Spins dips you into the ever-expanding space and ensures that the hold doesn’t slacken. Expedite the journey by creating a user account at any of the Wazdan casino sites. This will greatly escalate the excitement because now you have an authentic casino set up at your disposal and you can make wagers with traditional currency even.

Welcome package
Up to £800 + 100 spins
New customers only, Wagering 40x B, 18+ T&C's Apply
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First deposit bonus
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To get to know more details on such casino sites and the procedures of registering, make sure you head towards the Wazdan official site. Wazdan has earned its brand title over the years by throwing up slot titles in multiplicity that became the talking points among enthusiasts and amateurs alike. This will be redundant therefore to state that you can easily locate and enjoy real money Space Spins online slots at licensed casinos partnered by Wazdan, which amount to a sizable number.

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Space Spins Real Money Slot: Introduction

Wazdan’s commitment to palate their offerings in a regulated ambiance is prudent. The brand is currently operating under the licenses issued by the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Swedish Gambling Authority, and the Romanian National Gambling Office.  In addition, its slot titles also got the approval of many other national markets, from within the European mainland and outside. With approvals received in the manifold, coupled with the fact that all Wazdan games offer dialed-up RTP and randomized RNG, it is barely a surprise then that the brand establishes itself on a strong ethical foundation. Ever replenishing conceptual framework, swishy animations, over the top gameplays play well the role of harbingers of Wazdan’s paragon status.

Galactic Thematic Framework

Space Spins Slot Look & Feel

Space Spins real money’s game world is every bit pop sci-fi reproduced on screen and yet the best rendition of it. That is due to the navel-gazing it took to fine-tune the details, which can be etched on stone, none of the other genre offerings by any other brand takes the pain of undertaking. The moment you hit the play button and get past the age restriction, you get yourself at the pilot seat of a spaceship in flight. The over-abundance of the color blue that washes over the screen, interspersed with glazing rays of a number of other hues and specks of light, squarely tells that you have entered a different dimension altogether, leaving the solar system far behind.

The fantasy of cosmic navigation aces over all your senses as you record sightings of queer space objects from across the translucent walls of the cockpit. The title of the game and the accompanying logo consisting of a bunch of incandescent crystals circling around the foreboding figure of a flying saucer with a thickened bluish darkness serving as the backdrop surreptitiously function as the dog bone to keep ‘connoisseurs of science fiction genre’, to tout Wazdan’s own fantastic expression, hooked.     

The slot itself carries a design that seamlessly makes it a part of this thematically over-determined game universe. Blue gets to be the dominant color here too, along with the freshly designed bunch of icons that populate the game logo and appear here too with their individual rewards on their heels. Once you broaden your eyeshot, you reckon cosmic phenomenon’s outside of the virtual screen of the piloting module in front of you. Through such streamlining, the thematic garter is set taut, foreclosing all probabilities of cognitive dissonance setting foot.


Signs of finesse that are synonymous with Wazdan’s brand identity and typically corral a crowd in its favor are replete in this department. The neon-colored visuals put on the back of a livid background pack the flashy and the sinister in the same breath. Neatly designed calligraphy, a clutter-free user interface keep the focus on the essentials and that in a superlative way too.

The operating panel here appropriates the look of a spacecraft’s control panel. Framed in black, various icons literally prompt you to get your hands on them to soak in the vibe of being at the helm of a drifting saucer. If this is not your first foray into the Wazdan territory, you are familiar with the whole shebang of the brand’s special and unique features, the icons these get represented with and their placements in the space of this operating panel. Thoughtful it is on its part that it maintains a keen continuity when it comes to designing this part of the game matrix.

Among the essentials are the plays, autoplay, settings, volatility icons, all of which are easy to locate. To use the fast play option, hold the space bar of your computer when prompted. Alternatively, you can turn on this feature by simply clicking on the fast play icon at the top edge of the panel on your right. If you still find navigating this area a bit hard, head straight for the interrogative (?) icon. This acts as the game rules icon. Peruse everything that is in there and you are good to go.

By venturing into the Settings section, you can choose from a panoply of options such as Full-screen mode, big screen mode, energy-saving mode, ultra-late mode, to personify the experience.

Sound and Animation

The aural stimulations will especially steal your heart. A futuristic, instrument-generated track in continuum does well in keeping intact the out-of-the-world scenario. This is intercut by a machine-generated human announcer every time you hit special symbols or jackpots. Once you crack open the free spins mode, the track in the background catches tempo as the visuals of whizzing white lines of light past your cockpit windows tell you that your spaceship has picked up speed. This is plain awesome! Buttery smooth transition effects breathe life into the whole simulation.

Real Money Space Spins Special Slot Features

Wazdan’s real money Space Spins packs a handful of user-centric slot features:

·        Wild

Which are substitutes for all the other symbols save the scatter symbol? But that is not all. Wild comes with its own value and can generate winning combinations. 

·        Space Pile Feature

While you are in the base game, one symbol gets drawn randomly before each spin. This happens while you are using the free spins as well. These get to be the space pile symbol. And chance will see to it that during each spin, a random number of reels turn in an assortment of these symbols. Be hopeful because apart from the Scatter symbol, all other symbols can turn out to be space pile symbols.          

·        Scatter

Carrying no value of its own, it unlocks free spins. Collect 3 or more of these symbols anywhere on the reels and you receive those lucrative free spins. Note that you can activate a maximum of 25 free spins in this way.

·        Gamble Feature

By using this unique Wazdan feature you can double your wins 7 times in a row. Choose one among two given weapons that the game throws at you under the impression that you are under an enemy attack and keep gambling thus. In case the conservative in you kicks in, you can end the feature and take the wins with you any time.

Space Spins Real Money Paytable

The paytable, as is typical, lists winning combinations and payouts of each symbol. You can look it up by clicking on the exclamation (!) icon.

What are the Space Spins RTP & Variance

With respect to RTP, Wazdan, yet again, oozes consistency. Space Spins real money online slot comes with a fine Return to Player rate of 96.66%. Added to that, the three volatility settings of low, standard, and high ensure that you don’t feel queasy about escalating your bets. The game finally does away with any remote trace of user hesitancy by promising a staggering 1650 times to return to your original stake.

Winning Scheme 

Bent on cranking up your wins? Follow these strategies:

  • Use the fast play option as frequently as you can. Landing frequent wins are guaranteed.
  • You can additionally make full use of the autoplay option. It helps spin the reel uninterruptedly.

In Conclusion

Real money Space Spins by Wazdan casts you into open space on a hunt for treasured minerals. In line with the Wazdan pedigree, you get to relish a number of aggressive slot features here as well. The mainstays among these are wild substitutions, free spins, gamble, space pile feature, all of which are Wazdan’s unique offerings.

Boon and Bane 

Boons working in favour of this slot and its users are many:

  • Audacious Wazdan unique features.
  • Free spins.
  • Square RTP.

Bane, contrarily, is only one and highly perceptive in nature:

  • The matrix demands that amateurs spend some time with it before knowing it is an inch wide.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are smartphones enough to play real money Space Spins online slot?

More than enough. You can be a gambler too using your smartphone or tablet if these run on the major OS platforms.

  • Is there a way to try out Space Spins real money without paying?

Yes, you can indeed relish the game in the demo version that doesn’t charge you anything. Head to the Wazdan website and start spinning.

  • How to spin Space Spins with traditional currency?

Complete the registration procedure at a licensed Wazdan casino site. Then only you are allowed to play it using real currency.

  • What makes real money Space Spins online slot unique?

The uniqueness of real money Space Spins lies in various directions. Apart from the thematic tinge, wild substitutions, gamble feature, space pile option are what make it a standalone.

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