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A Short Guide to Bitcoin Casinos

There are several casinos all over the world. Since traditional times, people from all regions have used to visit these casinos to enjoy the various casino games. But the people who lived far away from the casinos could not play those casino games easily. It was because they had to travel for a long time to reach the casinos.

With the rise of high-speed internet, the world started becoming a smaller place. The casinos which were generally land-based started their online versions. Online casinos can be accessed by anyone from any corner of the world. Moreover, the internet charges for playing at online casinos are almost negligible. Thus more and more people started playing at various casinos.

These people could gamble and bet on casino games through online mode. However, they had to use their bank details for depositing money in the online casinos. This is very problematic since there is a possibility of the bank not allowing any transaction to the casino. Moreover, it is a complex process that involves many steps. Thus many people had to face a lot of problems while depositing money in online casinos through their banks.

In 2008, the world saw a huge technological revolution with the invention of Bitcoins. It was open to the common public in 2009 and everyone can use it to make payments. Online casinos started catching up with the trend. They started accepting payments in their casinos through Bitcoins. These casinos are commonly called Bitcoin Casinos.

Cryptocurrency Casinos

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What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency. It is known as BTC. It is a type of digital money that can also be converted to cash through several intermediaries. It is a decentralized digital currency. Thus it is not monitored by any banks. So there are no extra transaction charges. Moreover, the transactions of Bitcoins are recorded in public ledgers. They can also be received through a process called Bitcoin mining. The main specialty of Bitcoins is that they can be converted to all types of currencies or assets anytime very easily.

They also have a lot of uses for making payments. Thus if you choose Bitcoin as your mode of payment in casinos, then you will not have to connect your bank account with the casino. Using Bitcoins for depositing money is the easiest and most hassle-free way to get the job done.

Bitcoins are frequently used in stock markets and other transactions between giant companies. They are also used by individuals who want to take their chances at various casino games. Several online casinos focus only on payments using Bitcoins. You can easily open an account and deposit money using Bitcoins without any issues. Moreover, many casinos prefer a joint method of accepting both payments through banks and Bitcoins. It allows them to get more players to their websites. 

What Are Bitcoin Casinos?

Bitcoin casinos refer to any online casino that uses Bitcoin as the mode of payment. Many online casinos are designed to serve Bitcoin payments especially. Many casinos offer both Bitcoins and other modes of payment. 

Thus the players can easily choose between the modes of payment they prefer. This allows a lot of players to play several online casino games without worrying about their payments. 

What Are the Advantages of Bitcoin Casinos?

These days’ Bitcoin casinos are found all over the internet. The huge rise of Bitcoin casinos is mainly due to the fact that it is the easiest mode of payment which does not require a bank intermediately. In the first place, when a casino accepts payments through banks, they have to pay a certain sum of money against every transaction made. Thus at the end of a financial year, the casinos have to pay a huge amount of money to the several banks they are tied up with.

But since Bitcoins are decentralized and have no banks to monitor them, the casinos do not have to pay any extra money to the banks. Thus the casinos save a lot of money which they can invest in making the casino gameplay more comfortable for the players. 

Moreover, payments done through Bitcoins are faster and do not have any complicated procedures like with other payment methods. The withdrawals are also very fast and the charges are very less compared to other mediums. 

Furthermore, when a player gambles their money, their bank account details are recorded by the banks. Thus there is almost no chance of anonymity. The banks can mark the customers who gamble their money and it can have legal effects too. 

However, Bitcoins are not regulated by any banks so anyone can pay using Bitcoins anonymously. There will be no records of the personal details of the person making the payments. Thus the players can safely deposit their money using Bitcoins and still they can maintain their anonymity. Therefore they are the best ways to make payments in online casinos.

Furthermore, the banks have a specific working hour. If the player wants to make a payment through the bank after working hours, he may face some troubles with the payment. But with Bitcoins, they will never face this problem. Since Bitcoins have no regulatory bank, you can use Bitcoins anytime you want. You will never have any transaction errors even during nighttime.

Why Do So Many People Play at Casinos Using Bitcoins?

More and more players are starting to shift to Bitcoin payments because it is hassle-free and has no risks. If a player wants to deposit money in online casinos using banks, then they have to fill up all their personal details. They will also have to add their bank accounts with the casinos. Thus is a very hectic and time-consuming process. 

However, if the player wants to make payments using Bitcoins, then they just have to enter their cryptocurrency account and their email IDs. Thus they can conduct transactions within a few minutes. 

Moreover, the players do not have to pay any extra charge to any banks or other platforms for transactions. They have to pay a very nominal amount which is almost negligible. 

Furthermore, Bitcoin casinos are new in the market while traditional land-based ones are there for many years. Thus the Bitcoin-based casinos give out many lucrative offers and deals which attract a lot of new players. Thus the players can play many different games for less cost. Moreover, there are very few land-based casinos that offer sports betting and gambling. But almost all Bitcoin casinos offer various types of online betting and gambling. You can bet on various sports outcomes without facing any kind of legal problems. 

How Do Bitcoin Casinos Function?

Since Bitcoin casinos are taking over the gambling market, it is very important to know the basic features of Bitcoin casinos. Every online casino player should know how Bitcoin casinos work. Thus it will help them in making calculated and intelligent decisions while playing in the Bitcoin casinos. 

Although there are many forms of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is the most favourite among both players and casino operators. This is because when paying using Bitcoins, you do not have to add another bank as a middle person. 

Bitcoin transactions are very simple and any person can conduct payments easily. They function in the same way the traditional land-based casinos do with some slight differences. At first, after you register at any Bitcoin casino, you will be provided with a wallet. You can easily transfer your Bitcoins to the wallet to facilitate payments. Many applications let you transfer Bitcoins easily.

Thus after you transfer some money to your wallet in the online casino, you can easily play gambling games. You will be able to bet using the Bitcoins you have stored in your wallet. You will never have to connect your bank or the main place where you have the Bitcoins stored with the casino. Thus it is much safer than performing transactions with other methods. 

So if you lose any money while playing the gambling games, then it will be deducted from your wallet in the casino. Moreover, if you win any money from the games, then it will be deposited in your wallet in the same way. After that, you can transfer the money to your main account if you do not want to play anymore. 

How to Know the Details about Bitcoin Transactions in Casinos?

Every new invention or technology is looked at with suspicion and fear at first. This has continued from the early inventions to the modern ones. Similarly, in the case of Bitcoin casinos, many people are afraid of using Bitcoins for making payments. Most people think that just because Bitcoins are not something tangible and they cannot see it, there is a chance of fraud.

Thus many people are suspicious that Bitcoins are highly dubious and it can lead to heavy losses. To counter this kind of misconception, there are many information zones or portals on the internet. The sole aim of these portals is to provide information to the general public about the workings of Bitcoins in various casinos. They not only tell you about how the different casinos use Bitcoins but also about the conditions for playing the various casino games using Bitcoins.

Thus you can get all sorts of information in the portals. You can easily email these portals your queries and problems. They will give you detailed and accurate information about your queries. Therefore you can easily solve all the difficulties by just contacting these portals.

Therefore you can easily get over your fear of using Bitcoins as payment methods. Moreover, you will always find detailed information in the Bitcoin casinos about their terms and conditions. Thus there is almost no chance of fraud if you pay using Bitcoins. 

What Kind of Games Can You Play in Bitcoin Casinos?

Bitcoin casinos are new in the market compared to land-based casinos. Thus they offer a variety of special features and bonus deals for the players. Thus you can play many high-paying casino games at Bitcoin casinos. Moreover, the Bitcoin casinos offer huge welcome bonuses and other promotional deals that are very profitable for the players.

Thus the players can choose from a variety of games at Bitcoin casinos. Some of them are as follows:

·       Poker, Blackjack and Roulette

Poker, roulette, and blackjack are the most popular casinos games ever. Therefore they are also available at Bitcoin casinos. You can play several versions of these card and board games at the Bitcoin casinos. The variants in the Bitcoin casinos offer more payouts than other casinos to attract new players. 

·       Online Slots

Online slots are also very popular among casino players. Thus Bitcoin casinos offer them also. You can find many different slot games with high RTP values. The RTP or return to player percentage is the amount of money the player can expect in return for depositing a certain sum of money. Thus high RTP slot games will have higher payout values. 

Thus the Bitcoin casinos offer the biggest online slot games that will pay you a lot of money. Moreover, these Bitcoin casinos also focus on jackpot slot games. 

·       Live Casino Games

Live casino games are the biggest attraction in every Bitcoin casino. Many online casino players do not like playing games on the computer. Moreover, they want to play against real-life players. The live casinos offer real-time gaming to their players. In a Bitcoin casino, you can deposit some money in Bitcoins and then play live casino games. You will play against real-life players from all over the world. The card games will also have a live dealer who is present in the real casino. Thus in Bitcoin casinos, you can easily get a real-life casino experience while sitting comfortably in your home.

When the world started shifting to digital modes of transactions, many people were uncomfortable with the procedures. They felt that they should not connect their bank details through their computer as it can lead to huge losses. 

However, with time these people got accustomed to online transactions. Similarly, a time will come when people will be completely comfortable with using Bitcoins as their preferred mode of payment.

Since many countries regard gambling as illegal, you cannot play casino games from that country. However, in other places, it is completely legal to play at the various casinos. Similarly, using Bitcoins is restricted by some organizations but in most places, it is completely legal.

Moreover, in the Bitcoin transaction, the details are highly encrypted. Thus your transaction details are completely safe from third parties. So if you use Bitcoins to play at online casinos then you will never face any legal troubles. It is a completely safe and secured method of payment. 


In 2009 people started using Bitcoins but it was done by a handful of people. Now, many digitally advanced countries have shifted to the online modes of transactions and Bitcoin is one of their most important methods. Thus the various casinos had no other choice than to shift to Bitcoins as their mode of transaction.

Bitcoin casinos offer many extra features and bonuses when compared to traditional casinos. Although some people are concerned with the safety of these Bitcoin transactions, still many people are using them as they are completely safe. Thus start your casino gaming career with Bitcoins and have a lot of fun.

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