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  • The graphics design, color palette, elements, 2D style artwork reminds of classic movies and modern-day video games
  • RTP is great, Massive Wilds is wonderful, and Bonus Features are more than enough for a jackpot
  • If you want a higher RTP game in the range of 97%, this is not it
  • Some may not like the crispness and simplicity of the slot

Quick Verdict

Developed by Quickspin, this video slot is one of a kind. If you like an above-average RTP slot, which comes with a jackpot too, this is it. Sticky Bandits slot is from a reputed software house and a lot of great things including Free Spins, Wilds, and Scatters. It is a modern-day slot, in all sense.

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Small Intro on Sticky Bandits Slot

Playtech is a software house that has a reputation for great slot and sports games for online casinos and gambling sites, and Quickspin is a subsidiary of the same. Some of its popular titles, via Quickspin, include Ghost Glyph, Artemis & Medusa, Vampire Senpai, Nero’s Fortune, and Sticky Bandits. They release up to 13 slots per year, have 6 prototypes at all times, and keep working on 30 concepts at any given time. Their headquarters belong in Sweden while their parent company, Playtech is based in the Isle of Man. 

Quckspin has also released a sequel to this popular slot Sticky Bandits: Wild Return with a lot more fun, innovative features, and great graphics and gameplay. Sticky Bandits slot is a slot that comes with 30 paylines, in default mode, and offers a lot for both ends of the spectrum. That is, if you are a new player, you can test it with small bets like 0.15 per payline while high-rollers can give it all with 90 coins per betline. The gameplay is fantastic and you can always check with your peers, change the coin size, turn the reels, and enjoy the rewards. 

For most parts, this is a modern-day slot with amazing detail to graphics, design, and seamless gameplay across all types of devices, and payouts. 

Sticky Bandits Slot’s Theme & Storyline

Sticky Bandits Slot Look & Feel

Just dive deep into the cacti-strewn landscape of the Wild West. Remember those Hollywood movies from the 80s? This is a recreation of the same. The theme is based on the Wild West, their lifestyle, the iconic characters, guns, blazing bullets, cowboys, and trains. Sticky Bandits slot is a reprise of the old theme which has inspired hundreds of slots to this date. In a small roller coaster ride, thrilling minute by minute storyline, dynamite, and explosions, this slot takes you where no one else can.

Talk about the theme, and the massive Wild symbols, the hazy villains of the Wild West flashes your mind. Whether it was Charles Bronson or Lee Van Cleef, they did their job well. Now, this slot takes the same themes, storylines, and plots and makes up a great rewarding video slot. Quickspin’s developers have put a lot of effort into details of soundtracks, artwork, old movie-style poster graphics, and more. The same theme and storylines repeat here with the plot of a train heist. Sticky Bandits try to rob a train and will do anything to get their job done. From dodgy action to drama, you will find it all in this slot version of the famous themes of the US.

Sticky Bandits slot is a simple 5×5 slot, with 5 reels and 5 rows. It was released way back in 2018 and people loved it a lot. That is why Quickspin came with a sequel, the Wild Return. 

Graphics, Sounds & Animation

Speaking of the animations, graphics, and artwork, and background music, Sticky Bandits slot leaves no stones unturned. If you have played Wild West theme slots, you pretty well know that creating a unique and memorable tune is a big task. However, they have done it this time and have done it well. The art is comic book style, with 2D style digital design. There are notes from classic handmade posters and it looks just like that, visually. The audio cues are enough to help you get interested in the slot.

●      Graphics

As a player launches the game or just watches the trailer on the official site of Quickspin, you can notice the graphic design. It is rich and brilliant. There are a lot of hues from a color palette of the desert and bring together comic-book style design, colors, elements, character design, and stuff. In fact, you will feel like playing a 2022 video game on your smartphone. IT is rich in detail and flush with the colorful landscape of the countryside of the Wild West. You can see fields, dusty roads, hills, and cacti. The crisp and bright artwork is inspiring enough to watch the trailer a dozen times over. 

●      Soundtracks & Background Music 

During the trailer alone you can discern some three to four pieces of cowboy theme music. There is a main background soundtrack that keeps playing when the game is on, but then there are several others. Some of the event-triggered music and some for effects alone like big wins, explosions, bonus feature trigger, and reel spin, the formation of Wilds, and so on. The background score is really melodic and catchy if you say. You will love to listen to it several times, and as it plays in the background it almost feels like a new trailer of an upcoming movie of John Wayne. There is a lot of energy in the Sticky Bandits slot, and Quickspin has done a tremendous job with the theme music. 

●      Animations

This is last but not least. From the spinning of reels to launching the game itself, the intro, and the storyline have lots of OS minute and subtle clips. It feels alive and every inch active. When you get a Wild, the reels burn ablaze. When the Scatter appears, the music changes, and the reels go crazy. The moment you win a big prize, coins splash all across the screen, and a beautiful cut scene plays for a few seconds or so. The animations go hand in hand with the graphics design and take all the elements of the color, movie scenes from Wild West Hollywood blockbusters, and convert them into animations.

In short, the Sticky Bandits slot from Quickspin is all great in this section.

Sticky Bandits Special Slot Features, Free Spins & Progressive Jackpots

A medium to high variance Western Spaghetti theme slot comes alive here. Sticky Bandits slot packs some of the explosive bonus features you would expect in any slot. It comes with exactly 2 Bonus Features, and they are more than enough to let players win the massive jackpot sum of over 2000x the bet. However, it does not come so easily. The Massive Wilds Feature is an event trigger in many aspects. The Free Spins Feature is a slow and steady racer. As reels are set against a backdrop of the cacti-sticky desert, robbing the train isn’t going to be that easy player.

●      Massive Wilds Feature

Players can benefit greatly from Sticky Bandits slot’s this feature alone. The 2 Wild symbols are represented by the ‘Train Heist’ villains. They both act as the Wild and Bonus Symbols, respectively. Therefore, they will replace all the other symbols and substitute them for others, except the Scatters. But, this is not it. There is more to it. The Massive Wild Symbols, the two villains that you can also see in the trailer are 2 reels wide and can span over the complete rows. The train is the Bonus Symbol, and don’t forget that. This appears only on reel 1, though both Wilds and Bonus Symbols award different payouts. 

●      Free Spins Bonus Feature

Whenever it comes to Free Spins, players go crazy. If you can win a lot without even spending bet money, how cool would it be? The Free Spins Bonus feature in Sticky Bandits slot, from Quickspin, is played whenever the Bonus Symbol appears on the reels. That is, specifically on the first reel only. And, with that, a Wild symbol should appear on the 2nd or 4th reels. Only then, the conditions are met and the player shall be awarded 7 Free Spins. The positions of the Wilds that trigger the spins will remain intact during the Free Spins too and for the entire duration of the feature as well. 

This means that it can come recursively. If a Wild covers reels 2 and 3 entirely, any Wilds coming on others will stick too and this can result in massive wins. 

●      Progressive Jackpot

While the above-average RTP is great, some only look for jackpots. In Sticky Bandits, as you read above, there is an immense potential to win huge real cash during the Massive Wilds and Bonus Spins rounds. This alone serves more than any jackpot you can imagine. So, traditionally there is no Progressive Jackpot.

What are the Sticky Bandits RTP & Variance?

RTP is a measure of how well a slot game is doing online. That is, if the RTP is higher, the payouts are good. In the opposite case, it does not work so well. Sticky Bandits slot is a slot with an average RTP or slightly more than the average. With an RTP of 96.5%, it barely crosses the golden 96% mark. In some cases, it has also been reported that it can go as high as 96.58%. Because this is only a hairline higher, it does not mean much when playing for real. 

The RTP is a mathematical estimate based on an infinite number of spins, and during actual gameplay, one cannot calculate the same. So, if you are good with medium to high variance slots, the Sticky Bandits slot is a great choice. 

What does the Sticky Bandits Paytable look like?

The paytable is a single sheet, used to be, where you find all the relevant information about the slot. For example, the Massive Wild feature, and what it does, is there. Similarly, a high-paying symbol of a slot, low-paying symbols, the payouts, and how the paylines work, is all there. Before even you hit the SPIN button of a slot, you should read this completely. 

Sticky Bandits slot has a decent size paytable. The Train with ‘Bonus’ text on it is the Bonus, as you can tell. The two cowboy characters are villains robbing the train and are the Wilds. Then, you have the usual symbols on a card like Q, A, J, K, etc which worth nothing. It is useless if you keep winning matching symbols of their groups. The high-paying symbols include the cowgirl or the heroin, the cowboy with the revolver, the moneybag with the coins, and so on. So, just read the paytable by clicking on the Info button and learn how well they pay.

When you learn more, you can choose to improve your gameplay.

How to Win/ Strategy for Sticky Bandits Online Slot?

Quickspin is a proud promoter of their Achievement Engine that triggers events for players within the game and gives them tasks to complete. If you are successful, then you can win cash prizes and coins. Sticky Bandits slot is a title that uses this engine underneath, and players can make use of this strategy to improve their chances of winning high prizes. 

Further down the line, you can take note of the trends. Since this is a low to medium variance slot, you can see the trend and choose to bet higher and lower depending on the same. That way, you can focus on winning higher and improving your chances. 

Quickspin Sticky Bandits Slot: Final Verdict

On a final note, the Sticky Bandits slot is a great looking, sounding, and functioning video slot. The animations, the soundtrack, the artwork behind the reels are all amazing. The attention to detail is really worth appreciating. When it comes to paying back, The RTP is above average, about 96.58%, and is still worthy of playing with real money. Especially, when you trigger the Bonus Features, the Massive Wilds, the winning streak breaks loose. Players can win big rewards and massive wins if they bet sensibly. 

Pros & Cons of Quickspin’s Sticky Bandits Slot

Sticky Bandits slot, just like other slots, has its merits and demerits. It is good for some people while other players will dislike it for the same.


  • When it comes to Wild West themes and slots, only a few do it as good as this;
  • The graphics design, color palette, elements, 2D style artwork reminds of classic movies and modern-day video games;
  • RTP is great, Massive Wilds is wonderful, and Bonus Features are more than enough for a jackpot;


  • If you want a higher RTP game in the range of 97%, this is not it;
  • Some may not like the crispness and simplicity of the slot;

Sticky Bandits Slot FAQs

1.    Is There a Progressive Jackpot in the Sticky Bandits Slot?

The Wild West slot from Quickspin does not offer any Progressive Jackpot. But, its inhouse 729x reward on a single spin is more than welcome.

2.    How to Trigger the Bonus Feature in Sticky Bandits Slot?

You can wait till the Wilds appear on the reels, and it will automatically trigger. You cannot buy it with coins if you meant that?

3.    Is it a High Volatility Slot?

No, the Sticky Bandits slot is not a high volatility slot. It pays well and consistently if you bet the right amount.

4.    What is the Highest Payout of the Sticky Bandits Slot?

The highest payout or maximum payout is not officially released. So, Quickspin would only be the one to really explain this answer.

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