Roshtein Twitch Streamer: The Casino Guru

Roshtein Real or Fake?

Every casino gambler has heard the name of the popular casino guru, blogger, and live streamer Roshtein who comes from Sweden. His real name is Ishmael Swartz and he is an active streamer in the live streaming platform called Twitch. Twitch is an American live game streaming platform where the top casino gamblers broadcast their games and wins. Roshtein is also very active on YouTube and he shares all his popular gambling videos on social media platforms and has a huge number of followers who regularly check his games for tips and tricks for easy wins.

So many players avidly follow his casino gambling videos both for fun and also for learning how to play the casino games like a professional to win lots of money. If you have never heard of Roshtein then you have come to the right as in this short article you will get to know all about his life, how he became a popular casino gambler and whether all his videos are real or fake.

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Who is Roshtein Twitch Streamer?

Roshtein was born in Sweden and the world came to know about his love for gambling in 2015 when he live-streamed his gambling videos on the popular live game streaming platform called Twitch. He is not only a casino lover but also loves to play football and actively supports the Swedish football team. His main occupations are playing casino games and live streaming the videos for his fans and followers. He makes lots of money from sharing his videos on Twitch where thousands of followers actively watch the videos to learn something. The first video that he uploaded in 2015 was an unedited one and since the video quality was low it did not garner many likes. But since then, he has learned a lot about editing his videos so that his fans will love them.

Casinos That Are Frequented by Roshtein

Roshtein loves playing at various casinos from all over the world but he has some casinos where he frequents more than others. He also has tie-ups with many casinos and they offer him deals to play in their casinos so that the casinos will become popular using the name of Roshtein. So the casinos that have just started their business and are not very popular hire Roshtein to come to their casinos. Thus Roshtein goes to these new casinos and plays gambling games. He also live-streams his videos which not only makes him popular but also the casinos in which he is playing.

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Roshtein and His Casino Adventures

In his early years, Roshtein had worked hard in the gambling dens to find out the best strategies to win the games and he did not become famous before 2015. He usually starts betting with low amounts like €10 and slowly increases his bet amounts. In 2015 he managed to win €5000 and just after some time he won another €900 which made his name permanent in the big books. Since then he started getting more and more fans and followers and his videos started becoming more popular. Now it is estimated that his every video gets around 16 to 17 million views every month and he also engages in interactive sessions with his fans to answer their questions.

His favorite types of casino gambling games are slot games with a high variance that has high stake values and special features. He loves to play the slots that have high RTP rates but also takes his chances with the other low-paying games to satisfy his fans and followers. His favorite slots are the Fruit Party that has a traditional theme as well as modern slots like Dog House and Book of Dead. He loves to play slot games that have multiple special features like high-paying wild symbols, lots of bonus rounds, high-value multipliers and scatters symbols. His highest win in a single casino game is €1000000 in the slot game Book of Shadows and he has won the biggest multiplier in the game El Paso Gunfight which was x35.581.

Roshtein and His Social Media Popularity

Every professional casino gambler follows some strategy to win the gambling games. So it is not possible to win big money in the casinos without some tricks and tips. Twitch is one of the leading live game streaming platforms where gamers from all over the world upload their gaming videos so that other people can watch them and learn some good strategies. So many casino players avidly wait for the gambling videos in Twitch to learn about new strategies and this is where Roshtein made his fortune.

Roshtein extensively uploads most of his casino gambling adventures in Twitch so that his fans can have some fun while watching the videos. He has uploaded around 380 videos that have gathered millions of views and thousands of likes. Roshtein wonderfully edits his videos so that the viewers can enjoy the game as well as learn lots of tricks and strategies. He not only uploads his gambling videos but also chats with his peers and also his fans and followers. His rock star-like appearance with long hair and shady sunglasses has made him extra popular among his fans.

Roshtein also has a YouTube where he uploads live videos of some of his gambling adventures and he also has thousands of fans on his YouTube channel. The number of fans on his YouTube channel is less than his Twitch followers. This can be attributed to the fact that YouTube has strict gambling rules and so Roshtein can upload selected videos. It is a great channel to watch and know his previous gaming strategies. He also uses Twitter and his account has around 34000 fans. He does not upload his live gambling videos on Twitter and uses them to make his fans and followers aware of the latest and upcoming gambling sessions in the future.

Roshtein was also active on Facebook and his profile had around 9000 followers but since 2019 he has ceased to post anything on Facebook. If you want to know Roshtein not only as a gambler but as a person then you should check his Instagram profile that has around 75000 followers. He frequently uploads pictures from his traveling experience with picturesque backgrounds focusing on nature. He also uploads videos and pictures about his preparation session before a gambling round.

Although Roshtein is a professional casino gambler he has lots of other qualities that make him famous and popular. Many people have won big money once or twice in casinos but they do not have the popularity gained by Roshtein. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that have made him popular.

He Is a Great Strategist

Although winning casino games requires lots of luck, it is not enough. You need to follow some good strategies to figure out how to win the gambling games. Further, different casino games require different strategies to win. Roshtein is a master strategist and he has practiced for several years before gaining popularity. He has a deep sense of understanding of how every casino game works and so he can form unique strategies that help him in winning big money.

He Can Make Good Videos

Roshtein is mainly popular from his live stream gaming videos that have millions of views. The main factor that helps him in getting such a huge number of views is that he is a wonderful content creator and makes good videos. He always edits his videos in such a way that his viewers will have lots of fun while watching them. In the videos, he skips the boring parts and only concentrates on the exciting wins and gambling sessions. Also, he has great video editing skills and you can see it in all his high-quality live streaming videos on Twitch.

He Can Interact with His Fans

The main thing that sets him apart from all other celebrity gamblers is that he can interact with his fans and followers in a friendly manner. He never gives the impression of being someone greater than his followers and he always acts as if his fans are his friends. He interactively creates his videos and he can communicate with his fans effectively. So it helps a lot in maintaining a good profile among his fans which is one of the secrets of his popularity.

Roshtein: Is He Real or Fake?

There are many speculations about Roshtein being a fake gambler and although many people have issues none of them has been proved. Most of his fans said that it is out of jealousy and envy that other people think Roshtein to be fake. Roshtein has worked very hard for more than 5 years in trying to understand how gambling games work. This has helped him a lot in gaining experience which he uses to win gambling games. So although some people may believe him to create fake videos no evidence proves it. On the contrary, many videos show Roshtein playing gambling games with good strategies to win the matches.

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