How to Play Live Blackjack at Online Casinos?

Play live blackjack for real money or for fun! After reading this review you know everything about blackjack!

Online gambling and online casinos didn’t exist for a very long time relative to the history of gambling. While games like roulette, blackjack have their origin in the 17th Century or even earlier, online forms came into being only after the 1990s when the internet saw a rise in society. Because computers became more affordable and reached households, the invention of the World Wide Web introduced us all to online casinos.

The first online casino software came from a brand we know today as Microgaming. They were the first to introduce the world’s first truly online casino in 1994 from their headquarters in the Isle of Man. Today, there are hundreds of online casinos, mobile gambling sites, betting sites all across the world. Several gambling associations regulate these companies allowing users from anywhere in the world to register and have fun.

Origin of Blackjack

There is not much difference between blackjack and live blackjack because this difference only arises when we take the internet into account. The game is formerly known as ‘Black Jack’ and ‘Vingt-Un’ is one of the global families of banking games, called ‘Twenty-One’. Because of this, Blackjack is an American member that comes with a deck of 52 cards. It is the most widely played casino banking game in the world today.

The origin of this game may date back as much as to Spain of 1601 or 1602. The first written account of ‘Twenty-One’ or ‘Vingt-In’ is found in the famous writing of Don Quixote. In his most famous memoir Miguel de Cervantes, the main characters find themselves proficient in the game of Twenty-One. The main objective of the game is to reach 21 points without going over while the ace values 1 or 11.

The next account comes one and half-century late because it comes from 1768 to Britain under the name ‘Vingt-Un’. ‘Twenty-One’ appeared only in the 1800s, some two centuries later than Europe where it was also popular as ‘Vingt-Un’. Today, the game is everywhere, and it’s probably the most popular in the US, UK, and Europe which are both in the internet casinos as well as in land-based ones. Because of this, playing live blackjack is something people look for online. And, we shall look at the rules, strategies, online casinos, methods of payment, etc that go into this.

Best Live Blackjack Casino Sites

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Playing Blackjack Online

As we have mentioned above Blackjack is an American version of blackjack or ‘Vingt-Un’. The rules and ways to play the game have also changed in the last 2 centuries following its introduction in the continent of North and South Americas. We shall talk here about the US version.

The objective of playing this game live is to enable interaction in real-time directly with the dealer. In this game, winning requires making the perfect score. In live dealer blackjack the goal is to get a higher total card count than the dealer without going over 21 because then, the count wouldn’t matter. The best hand in blackjack occurs when the first two cards dealt during the game adds up to 21. This is the best gameplay possible because of the value of the cards in a deck of 52. When playing this game at a casino the dealer always has the edge, so it is all up to luck and some strategies if you can make a win in your favor.

The rules of blackjack remain the same because of the fairness of gameplay.

  • Players each get two cards, face up or face down, which depends on the casino and the table. In the US version, the dealer also gets two cards, one exposed and one hidden.
  • The value of the cards all face cards like Jack, Queen, King is all ten. Aces may worth either one or eleven. A hand’s value is always the sum of all the cards.
  • Players may draw more cards to improve their hand’s total sum. During this, if the ace increases the total by more than 21, it becomes 1 in value. Because of this, it can work as ‘Soft’ or ‘Hard’.
  • When all the players have completed their hands, it is the dealer’s turn. But, if the players have received the blackjack, the dealer’s hand will remain incomplete.
  • Now, the dealer must show all the hidden cards and it must add to more than 17. Because if it doesn’t then the dealer can’t stay. In that case, when the player has a better hand than the dealer, it can result in several outcomes.

The game is not very simple yet one of the most favourites in casinos worldwide. Because of this, live blackjack is the top-ranking casino game online. Blackjack has over 100 variations of its rules and gameplay. Starting from the 1960s when casinos became a thing blackjack turned into a high-profile target for advantage players. Especially there are card counters who notice each card and adapt their wagers and devise winning strategies.

The above remains to date the standard rules of Blackjack. But casinos adapt their own variants as we just mentioned above. Because they want to have the edge and win at all times. We shall soon see how this matters and varies. The live dealer blackjack is exactly this: playing with a dealer at a casino table but from the comfort of your home through a computer screen.

Playing Blackjack at Casinos

At a casino table, the game is all different from how you might play at home with friends. This is simply because the casino has to adapt the rules in their favour making it as difficult as possible for the players to win.

  • There are usually 5 to 7 players at a table while the dealer faces them from the other end of the semicircular table. There are up to one or eight decks of 52 cards shuffled together.
  • When a round begins, up to 3 players can place their wagers in the betting box at a position. This is because there can be only 3 players at a position on a table.
  • The player who is at the front controls the decisions on hand and the other players play behind that player. The dealer consults directly with the controller.
  • Though any player can control the hand, it is forbidden for one player to play at more than one table at a time. Casinos also restrict a player to bet at more than one position on the table. All this is because it increases the odds in favour of the player which the casinos will never tolerate.
  • Cards usually dealt with using the two handheld decks from a dealer’s shoe or a shuffling machine. Single cards go clockwise from the dealer’s left and follow additional cards in each of the positions. The rules can vary slightly from here.

Because the objective of the game from the player’s point of view is to win money by creating a combination of cards whose total does not exceed 21 and is higher than the dealer’s total, it is called bursting or breaking. Alternatively, there is also the term standing meaning not taking a card at any time during the game. You will hear about terms like double wager, split, and surrender.

Before you play live blackjack at an online casino you must know these in advance because you will be completely lost otherwise. Then, betting and losing would be of no use because you can’t enjoy anything. Wikipedia is a good place to get some idea about the game. Then, there are several online sites that teach it to you besides YouTube videos and so many other sources. ‘Blackjack’ or ‘Vingt-Un’ is a game of wit and skill meant to enjoy rather than gamble, so play responsibly.

Types of Live Blackjack

Today most online casinos offer a different variety of games with slight variations in the rules. This adds freshness and some uniqueness to their offerings as well. Because of this sheer range of ideas and over 100 rule variants as we just saw above, blackjack can still offer something new. There are over hundreds of online casinos today that offer real-time live blackjack as a standard offering, besides offering other games like video slots, roulette, and so on. Some casinos specifically offer cards, blackjack, and other similar games. Based on the year 2020’s reviews we list below the top live blackjack casino games.

Usually, the tables are in two sections at a casino that is Low-Stakes Tables vs VIP Tables.

The top 5 blackjack variations according to the Telegraph, the famous daily newspaper from the UK, are as follows.

  1. American Blackjack
  2. European Blackjack
  3. Vegas Strip Blackjack
  4. Blackjack Perfect Pairs
  5. Blackjack Switch

1.    American Blackjack

It is the most widely accepted format online casinos and even live blackjack games. They refer to American Blackjack often as the Classic Blackjack, which means that the rules we discussed above for the standard gameplay apply very close to this variant. In this variant, the dealer gets their hole card, which stays face down all the while, before the player makes a decision on the hand. Because of this, it is very close to the classic game.

2.    European Blackjack

It is the one where just the opposite takes place. Because the dealer gets their hole card after the player has made its decision regarding the hand that is an added edge to the house. Also, in general, there are several more restrictions in the European Blackjack to favour the casino than the player.

3.    Vegas Strip Blackjack

It is one where the name comes from the stretch of South Las Vegas Boulevard that is famous across the world for its casinos and hotels. This variant of blackjack is native to this region and is very recognizable as well, in other parts of the world. Its short nickname or abbreviation is ‘The Strip’ as the common street name. It is quite common at online casinos as well because of the same reasons.

4.    Blackjack Perfect Pairs

It is the form of blackjack that is recognizable because of its side bet. The side bet is so popular that the game has its own name because of the variant as Blackjack 21+3. As players often receive a Perfect Pair as a side bet before the cards are dealt. If their first 2 cards are of the same value or face value, they have a pair and they will win their side bet.

5.    Blackjack Switch

It is a game where the man feature is how the layers can play their hands. What sets apart Blackjack Switch is that players get two hands to play separately because of which they have the option to switch the hands in between the game. They can swap the second card that they receive and improve the odds of winning. To learn more, read about it online because it also has other restrictions.

In short, if you want to play live blackjack there are several variants. The top of the bunch is in the above list and most major online casinos may offer some or all of these variants. In any case, expertise in a couple of them is more than enough to enjoy a game of blackjack and placing wagers at a casino. A live dealer game makes it even more interesting because it takes away the restrictions of location and time.

Where Can I Play Live Blackjack? What Are Its Benefits?

The reason why dealer blackjack is increasingly becoming a popular alternative is because of its benefits over land-based casinos. While high-speed internet is capable of relaying the same game from a land-based casino to your smartphone or computer, the need or necessity of logistics has reduced. Because of this players can log into their account at their favourite online casino and join in a live streaming game of blackjack. Using HD streaming, multi-camera view of the table, dealer’s hands, online chat, etc. players can interact in the same way as before, but with the safety of their homes. Because they don’t have to travel they can log into a live dealer all the way across the ocean thousands of limes apart. They can switch and change tables immediately. They can deposit and withdraw money directly to a bank account using dozens of payment methods. That is, live casinos are a mix of both worlds.

You can check online at your browser and type ‘Live Blackjack’ and look for the best-reviewed sites depending on your country. This will help you avoid any local geo-location rules or restrictions, pay in your local currency, and enjoy all the benefits. But, you can also use VPN to log into casinos from the US, UK, and Europe.

Summary – Play Blackjack Online

Playing Live Blackjack online at casinos with a live dealer is a totally different experience. It’s like video calling your friend rather than playing with a computer. This is the next big thing casinos can offer. A live dealer is not the same as virtual reality; it is a real person and all real people. Thus, live blackjack is everything you love but with the added convenience of location, travel, and so much more. Check it out today and play the most popular casino game of cards.

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