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  • RTP is above-average, but Feature Wins can be really huge
  • Only a single Free Spins feature, but very powerful
  • It lacks a storyline as in slots of movies and sitcoms, but it is not a necessity
  • Some may find it very simple without complex rules and features

Quick Verdict

Welcome the slot with ‘The Pillar of Magic’ and above-average RTP. Mystic and cryptic in nature, this video slot offers a 5×3 grid layout, and aptly calls itself Sacred Stones slot. If that weren’t enough, Free Spins help players win bigger rewards to support the fairly simple game.

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Small Intro: Sacred Stones Slot

Whenever we hear about a new above average RTP slot, there are several things on our mind. First, is it worth a good investment? Most basic and simple slots have those characteristics. They are meant for beginners and new players to understand the basics of slots and win rewards that translate to real money as well. In this video slot from Playtech, a household name in the market of slot makers and iGaming industry, you will find a mystery theme in the ruins of ancient structures. You will encounter the Stonehenge-like landscape and symbols. Playtech seems to have developed Sacred Stones slots for high-rollers, if you want to win more, though. Anything above the basic low-paying symbols needs a lot of spins and luck, so to speak.

In the world of slot and online casino games, Playtech is a popular brand. They claim to be the current world’s largest supplier of online gaming and sports betting software. They have operators all over the world as of 2022. This gambling company was founded in 1999, and also has a rich history to back their claim. From scratch cards, mobile games, online bingo operators, and sports betting, Playtech does it all. And, Sacred Stones is a prime example of their success. Their headquarter is located in the Isle of Man, while the company began its roots in Estonia. 

Some of their most popular titles in slots include Age of the Gods Series, Age of the Gods: Furious 4, Age of the Gods: Goddess of Wisdom, Age of the Gods: Roulette. Then, you have Big Bad Wolf, Captain Treasure, Golden Sands, Heart of the Jungle, and Sacred Stones (powered by BGO). If you take a nice look, you will find that all these games have a mythical and ancient historical theme. Sacred Stones slot is also another attempt to bring this alive through a simple slot. 

Theme & Storyline of Sacred Stones Slot

Sacred Stones Slot Look & Feel

Sacred Stones slot is also a slot that explores the theme of ancient ruins and mysteries behind them. Whenever it comes to the ancient hidden and lost cities, structures, the inevitable question is about lost treasures of those eras. It is all about gold, hidden maps, and things of immense value. So, this theme works pretty well with modern-day slots. These ancient ruins, in Sacred Stones slot, have been a source of wonder for thousands of years, and these long-lost cultures have mystical properties, magical items, and supernatural powers. This video slot is all about exploring these themes and designing a video slot.

The storyline in Sacred Stones slot also revolves around the same things. As a player, you will launch the game and then decipher a series of mystery symbols, and each has its own value, importance, and power. There is nothing like looking at a carving and wondering what would it mean, and what would this unfamiliar language be trying to tell us? In this plot, the players will travel and complete the journey as the story proceeds. They will experience the thrill of discovery, the revealing of symbols and bonus games when matching symbols form winning combinations, and much more. However, the RTP is above-average, and that means that players have to wait for a long time to hit anything of value unless, of course, you are a high roller. The idea of the story is to ask players to collect stones and fill up the fire lantern with 5 bars. When it happens, the real treasure is unlocked. 

Sacred Stones Slot’s Graphics, Sounds & Animation

The artifacts, mystical properties, carvings on stones are awe-inspiring. And, Sacred Stones slot is also able to build this storyline with a nice engaging graphics design, elements of contrast, and artwork. The music is very enticing alone and will seem like a fantasy ride and uplifting unraveling of hidden treasure if playing in the background. Even without looking at the screen, you can feel something thrilling and ecstatic. Finally, animations look so real and support the theme and artwork. 

●      Graphics

So, we take a look at the stones and carvings, meaning the symbols inside the main game. Sacred Stones slot is a collection of great artwork, brilliant and rich details like shadows and stuff. It is 3D art, and you can see the skies, alive and full of stars, the big pillar of magic awaiting the right adventurer, and the cryptic stones with hidden messages. It is a comic-book style artwork but is awe-inspiring when you look at the background artwork. In the night sky, and the chosen color palette, the developers and graphic designers at Playtech did a wonderful job in recreating the theme. 

●      Soundtrack & Theme Music

As with other slots of this nature, Sacred Stones slot also comes with theme music. It keeps playing constantly in the background. When you listen to it, it almost feels like a galactic journey and journey through space and time. You don’t have to look at the screen to feel excited to see what happens next. It grows the curiosity within you. It is peaceful, energetic, and mysterious. Besides that, there are complimentary sound-effects such as reel spins, falling off rocks tabloids, burning of the fire lanterns, and so on. 

●      Animations

This is the last piece of making Sacred Stones video slots real and alive. For example, the sky is always alive with stars, comets, and meteorites moving all the time. You can see fireflies hovering on the ground. When the matching symbols come together they will disappear like a supernatural spell into thin air, and burn up a bar in the stone pillar besides. Then, the rock tabloids fall, strike with each other, and form a new group. When the bonus games begin, as in our case, the animations and the long-running storyline unfolds, the music track amplifies and becomes epic, and you feel like watching a movie scene.

Sacred Stones Special Bonus Features, Free Spins, Progressive Jackpots Etc

When testing Playtech’s Sacred Stones slot in Free Demo online, we encountered a Mega Win of 20Euros with 0.01Euro bet. This occurred during a feature win, within just 10 to 15 spins on the reels. This is how a lucky winner can be. And, this is how someone can win really huge surprise rewards in this slot. But, not everyone is lucky, and understanding the symbols, features, payouts, etc helps a lot. Anyways, the RTP stands the same, and the variance and volatility also make a lot of difference. 

●      Signs Matter

The Sacred Stones slot is one of the latest releases from the software house that encompasses a very simple idea. When The Magic Pillar fills up with the burning lanterns, a feature game begins. It can reward players with Free Spins or Free Games. It can be 5, 10, or 15, and even more. Each of the symbols is represented by a different rune, and they are difficult to describe or name, except the colors. For more information, look at our paytable section. There is only one special icon in this slot, and this is a large multicolored rock, a pentagon-shaped rock with a different unique trait. It works as a Wild and substitutes other symbols. 

●      Wild Symbols

The Wild symbols can appear on the three center reels, and help make the winning paylines active when they appear. So, just like other paying symbols, they will explode and take part in the winning combo. This means, space is emptied, and new rocks will fall in the place to fill it up. Usually, when this happens, new winning combos form and another burning lanterns/bar are added to the Magic Stone Pillar. 

As the slot keeps track of each such explosion, if you manage to trigger 5 or more, in consecutive spins, the Magic Stone Pillar becomes active. It turns and reveals the Free Games feature. 

●      Free Games or Free Spins

In this slot, there are Free Games and not spins. Sacred Stones slot is a novel slot with a nice little feature, in this manner, it is a great way for beginners to learn about slots, and get interested in playing some of them. The rewards give you real cash. When the Free Spins begin, you can land even more Wild and matching combos, which will trigger even more Free Spins. In our test, we received 5 more Free Spins, and then 10 more Free Spins, recursively during the Free Games feature. Our feature win was more than double the actual win from the main game. 

In all, these Free Spins can grow up to 50 Free Spins, if you are extremely lucky. 

●      Progressive Jackpot

This game does not have a traditional jackpot sum but has a lot to win for the right player. The simple and but explosive Free Games feature and Magic Stone Pillar makes a huge difference. If you are a high roller and wait for a while, the bonus feature can give you a big win.

What are the Sacred Stones RTP & Variance?

The RTP of Sacred Stones slot is above-average, and this means just above 96%. In the world of slots, in 2022, 96% is considered fair and worth investing time and money. The RTP of any slot is a way to find out if the payouts will be quicker, consistent, or real. A higher RTP is a good sign and a low RTP is bad. For high-rollers, this may not be a big problem, because eventually, the rewards will roll out.

Sacred Stones slot has the maximum RTP of 96.15% in most online casinos, but this is subject to change. Because, online platforms and casinos can shift the RTP higher or lower, you must always check and verify with your casino before playing. An RTP is a useful measure. If the RTP of a game is 96%, it means that for every $100, the player bets, they can expect a maximum of only $96, provided that they played enough number of spins. 

Real Money Paytable for Sacred Stones Slot

Sacred Stones real money slot is one of a kind. It is simple and straightforward with basic rules and without anything complex. Hence, the gameplay is suitable for beginners. You can bet from as low as 0.01Euros up to 1 Euros. With 20 paylines, this yields a betting total of 20 Euros to a maximum of 20 Euros per spin. When the reels spin, it is difficult to make out one sign from another. But, their colors can reveal a set of low-paying symbols apart from the high-paying set.

For example, look at the paytable, by clicking on the ‘Info’ or ‘I’ button on the left corner of the screen. A paytable is an essential sheet with all info about a slot such as features, rules, etc. Because it is readily available throughout the game, take note of it. So, for example, teal and blue stones offer the smallest prizes and are worth nothing. While green, yellow, orange, and purple runes with magic carvings bring to players, the biggest rewards. The high-paying symbols include Red and Pink stones. The one with the red rectangle offers up to 1000x the bet if you find 5 of them on the reels. 

This is why, even without a jackpot or Progressive Jackpot, Sacred Stones slot has a potential of huge wins. 

How to Win/ Strategy for Playtech’s Sacred Stones Slot Powered by BGO?

Sacred Stones slot is a medium to low variance slot with HIGH volatility. The RTP is above-average. When we take all this into account, devising any strategy or planning any moves, won’t be useful for long. As we go past a few spins, the internal reward system will reset, and the strategies will not work. However, as the betlines and wager limits are very low, offering a maximum risk of 20 Euros per spin, high rollers can wait for up to 15 spins, to trigger the Free Games feature. In this feature, there is a high chance to win big and even mega wins. 

So, if you are a beginner, you can adjust the bet at your best limit while high-rollers should always keep it at the maximum, or just below maximum. Wait for the Feature Spins and the magic Stone Pillar to fill up.

Sacred Stones Slot: Final Verdict

Playtech’s Sacred Stones slot is a simple and mega-win video slot. From mysterious and enticing epic music tracks, the fine details of the sky, the symbols, and other graphic design elements, and the animations, at last, you will find lots of things to like here. In this slot, you have the chance to make up to 1000x the bet, that is, 20,000 Euros is just a single spin. The Free Games feature is the highest paying feature, a single and lone feature of this slot, when it triggers the RTP increases drastically and you win something in almost every spin. This is not only inviting but lucrative for beginners and high-rollers alike. Even with an RTP of 96.15%, the maximum, it strikes the right chords in making a successful video slot, which also pays well.

Pros & Cons of Sacred Stones Slot

When a new slot arrives in the online casino market, it has its merits and demerits. In much the same way, the Sacred Stones slot also has its benefits and lackings. We discuss them here in brief.


  • Amazing graphics, intensive and compelling theme music, and decent animations;
  • RTP is above-average, but Feature Wins can be really huge; 
  • Only a single Free Spins feature, but very powerful;
  • Simple and straightforward wins, rules, and easy for beginners;


  • It lacks a storyline as in slots of movies and sitcoms, but it is not a necessity;
  • Some may find it very simple without complex rules and features;
  • It is best for high-rollers as well;

Sacred Stones Slot: FAQs

1.    Is the Sacred Stones Slot a Progressive Jackpot Slot?

No, this slot does not offer a Progressive Jackpot through any online casino or gambling gaming network.

2.    What is the Maximum or Highest Payout Per Spin?

The highest payout in Sacred Stones slot is 1000x per spin. This is for the highest-paying symbol, which if lands 5 on the reels, the payout triggers.

3.    What is the Highest-Paying Symbol in the Sacred Stones Slot?

Among all these different runes and different symbols, the rock tabloid with the red rectangle is the highest-paying symbol. It pays 1000x if 5 appear on the reels. 

4.    What is the Variance and Volatility of this Slot?

The Sacred Stones slot from Playtech and powered by BGO comes with low to medium variance, and high volatility.

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