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  • It has a decent RTP
  • There are attractive bonus features
  • High variance level

Verdict on the Slot Game

The Rise of Olympus slot is yet another winner from the Malta-based developer of online casino games, Play’n GO. This slot prepares you for an adventure with Greek gods. In other words, this slot joins the long list of online casino games themed around mythology associated with the home of ancient gods, Greece. A player has to join hands with the powers of 3 Greek gods and unleash on an adventure to accumulate riches. Even though the Rise of Olympus slot has a high variance level, the decent Return to Player Percentage of 96 compensates for it. In addition, since it is available on mobile, players can carry the Greek gods in their pockets and use them to strike it rich anywhere, anytime.

Play’n GO has developed this slot game by paying a lot of attention to the graphics and animations. Therefore, from the first spin itself, this slot transports a player to the surreal world of mythological Greece ruled by gods and their unlimited powers.

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Game Details – Rise of Olympus

Developer:Play’N Go
Launch Year:2018
Theme:Greek Mythology, Gods,
Zeus, Poseidon
Betting Range:0.20/100
Max Win:10000x
Rise of Olympus RTP:96%
Bonus Features:Free Spins, Wilds, Modifiers,
Multipliers, Wilds, Wrath of the Gods
Slot Resolution:16:9
Paylines:1 (Fixed)

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Introduction to the Rise of Olympus Slot Game

The Rise of Olympus slot is a more masculine version of a similar cascading reels game, Moon Princess from the same developer. In this slot instead of cute girls, a player has to deal with strong superheroes, the Greek gods. There is Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades for the company. Each of them comes with a different variable and therefore, the returns on the bets placed on them also vary. This is a 5 reels and 5 rows slot game. In addition, since it is browser-based it can be played on the go. In other words, it is compatible with playing on a mobile phone apart from being available on a Desktop or a Tablet. The betting stakes here range from 20 pence to 100 pounds and this game falls under the high variance level category of slots.

Finally, with an RTP of 96, the Rise of Olympus gives enough opportunities to punters to play with high stakes and expect even higher returns.

  • The Rise of Olympus slot is a masculine version of the Moon Princess slot;
  • This game involves an adventure with the Greek gods;
  • Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon give players good company in the quest for riches;
  • The slot has 5 reels and 5 rows;
  • It has a mobile version and therefore can be played on the go;
  • The RTP of 96 compensates for the high Variance level;

Theme and Storyline

Rise of Olympus Slot Logo

This slot game is themed around the masculine powers of the three Greek gods, Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon. All three individually and combined help a player strike winning combinations. They are representative of not only the pre-ancient Greek era but they also have lots of hints of modernity. For instance, Hades, the Greek god of the underworld, wears a cloak of invincibility. Similarly, to go with the theme of the game, the medallion of Pegasus is the Wild symbol. For those familiar with Greek mythology, Zeus converted Pegasus into a constellation on his death. 

  • The Rise of Olympus is themed on pre-ancient Greece;
  • Symbols and characters from Greek mythology make up the slot;
  • The 3 Greek gods, Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon are the heroes in this slot;

Graphics and Sound of the Rise of Olympus Slot Game

The graphics and animations of the Rise of Olympus slot set itself apart from other similar games as it takes players through a journey of Greek mythology. In addition, even among Greek mythology themed slots, it stands out. In other words, the gods represented are not the classical, traditional types from the mythological period, but rather they have been created as superheroes with more than enough hints of modernity. The animations are dynamic and just one look is enough for you to realize the diligence with which developers have worked on creating the details of that period. The 3 gods depict perfectly what they represent. For instance, Poseidon, the god of the sea has flowing locks. Similarly, Zeus, the most powerful of them, are depicted as old and wise.

Finally, the soundtrack complements the stunning graphics. It starts slowly and as the player enters the game and proceeds deeper into the Greek world, the crescendo rises to go with the theme of mythology.

  • The Graphics and animations are stunning;
  • Greek mythology is portrayed innovatively;
  • Gods are depicted as modern superheroes;
  • There are a lot of details to create the ambiance of that era;
  • The music complements the visual aesthetics;

Special Features of the Rise of Olympus Slot Game

The Rise of Olympus slot comes with a couple of special features. Each has the potential to lure a player on its own. If triggered with a strategic game plan, these distinctive features have the power to make you roll in excitement all the way to your bank. In other words, the special features combined with the superpowers that the Greek gods possess have the ability to unleash a powerful winning combination.

●      Hand of God

The Hand of God feature triggers randomly on any non-winning spins. In this feature, any one of the 3 Greek gods, Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon will appear to help the player multiply his winnings. Hades has the power to transform a specific set of symbols into another set. In addition, 2 Wilds are added to the kitty if Poseidon appears. Finally, if Zeus appears on the reels, then he destroys 2 sets of any non-winning symbols.

●      Wrath of Olympus

This feature gets triggered when 5 of a kind winning combination lands with any one of the 3 gods. Each of the 3 gods, Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon take turns to bless the reel with their superpowers. In other words, the chance of activating the Free Spins increases with the Wrath of Olympus feature. 

●      Free Spins

The Free Spins are triggered when the entire playing area gets cleared of all symbols except for the Wilds. The Player has to then choose one of the 3 gods to multiply either the wilds or the Free Spins depending upon the god chosen. For instance, if a player chooses Zeus then 2 Wilds are triggered at the cost of 1 Free Spin.

Return to Player Percentage (RTP) of the Rise of Olympus Slot Game

The Rise of Olympus slot has a real money Return to Player Percentage of 96%. In other words, the average return players make over a period of time is 96 percent. For instance, if 100 players were to bet 100 coins, the average return each player will make will be 96 coins. A decent RTP of this kind compensates for the high level of variance this slot has.

  • The Rise of Olympus has an RTP of 96;
  • This is a decent RTP for a slot game;
  • The RTP of this slot compensates for the high variance level;

Real Money Paytable of the Rise of Olympus Slot Game

The Rise of Olympus real money slot delivers decent payouts if played smartly. In addition, if you have lady luck shining on you, the returns on your wager could end up broadening your smile with each spin. Symbols in the reels include bolt, trident, and harps. The highest paying symbols are represented by the 3 Greek gods, Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon. The most lucrative symbol is the Wild which gives a 50 times return on the beet placed if 5 of them land in a sequence. It is represented by the golden Pegasus. A win is registered when 3 or more symbols land either vertically or horizontally. In other words, the Rise of Olympus is a cascading slot. Therefore, symbols are dropped on the grid to create winning combinations.

  • Rise of Olympus real money slot delivers decent payouts;
  • Greek gods, Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon are the highest paying symbol;
  • Trident, Harps, Helmet, and Lightning Bolt are the low paying symbols;
  • Golden Pegasus is the Wild symbol and the most lucrative with 50 times the wager return;

Strategy to Win the Rise of Olympus Slot Game

Like all slot games, it is difficult to predict the winning combinations in the Rise of Olympus slot as well. In other words, the algorithms that run the machines make it virtually impossible to predict a win. For instance, if you bet 100 coins on a spin and land the highest payout, there is no way to guess with certainty when to punt another 100 coins for a similar return. However, there are some basic rules that you must follow to maximize your payouts. These rules are to do with your smartness. Therefore, play the game smartly, wager with a plan, and the winnings are guaranteed.

●      Play the Free Mode Version

Try your hands at a casino that offers a Free Mode version of the game. This will help you to reach a comfort level with the machine before you actually start punting with real money. In addition, the Free Mode version also gives you an opportunity to understand the features of the game. Each slot comes with some distinctive features. Therefore, it is critical you get your hands on them easily before parting with your money.

●      Be Miser with Your Bets

The Rise of Olympus is a high variance slot game. Therefore, if you do not play it smartly, it will run away with your bankroll. In other words, be careful with your bets. Place your wager only that much you can afford to lose. Do not splurge when the going is not good. Set a limit to your losses and exit when the strategy is not working.

●      Study the Payout Frequency

Slots have a general tendency to payout in an approximate frequency. Therefore, make a note of the payout drill and wager accordingly.

●      Strike the Free Spin Rounds

It is in the Free Spins round that the real action takes place in the Rise of Olympus slot game. The Free Spins offer a massive potential of up to 5000 times your stake. Therefore, this is the round you must focus on. In other words, if you trigger the Free Spins, there is a strong likelihood of you laughing all the way to the bank. 

Final Verdict

The Rise of Olympus is an exciting, adventurous slot game from Play’n GO. The developers have created a world, where players have to undertake a journey with the Greek gods to unearth the riches. In other words, it gives players an opportunity to witness the might of the Greek gods. With plenty of bonus features and a decent RTP, this slot is a sure lure for punters, both beginners as well as veterans. It has a paytable that offers huge potential and combined with the powers of the superheroes from ancient Greece, the payouts are very lucrative. In addition, the layout of the screen, graphics, and animations are very attractive. The music complements the aesthetics.

Therefore, all in all, the Rise of Olympus slot is a winner. Finally, if you love Greek mythology, and have a fancy for gods from that era, just go and play this slot from the library of Play’n GO.

  • This is an exciting and adventurous slot game;
  • There are plenty of bonus features here;
  • It is enticing for both beginners as well veterans of punting;
  • The attractive payouts combined with the aesthetics are enough to lure all kinds of players;
  • If you have a fancy for Greek mythology you will immediately fall in love with this slot;

Pros and Cons of the Rise of Olympus Slot Game


  • Very attractive graphics;
  • Depiction of Greek gods as modern superheroes is an out of the box idea;
  • The music complements the animations very well;
  • It has a decent RTP;
  • There are attractive bonus features;


  • Cliched theme;
  • High variance level;

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Rise of Olympus Slot Game

1.    Who has Developed the Rise of Olympus Slot Game?

The Rise of Olympus slot game has been developed by Malta-based developer, Play’n GO.

2.    Does the Rise of Olympus Slot Game have a Mobile Version?

Yes, since the Rise of Olympus slot is a browser-based game it can be played on a mobile phone.

3.    What is the Technology Used for Developing the Rise of Olympus Slot Game?

The Rise of Olympus slotis based on the HTML5 technology.

4.    What is the Theme of the Rise of Olympus Slot Game?

The Rise of Olympus slot game is themed around Greek mythology.

5.    How Many Reels does the Rise of Olympus Slot Game Have?

The Rise of Olympus is a 5 reels based slot game.

6.    What is the Return to Player Percentage of the Rise of Olympus Slot Game?

The Rise of Olympus slot game has an RTP of 96.

7.    What is the Variance Level of the Rise of Olympus Slot Game?

The Rise of Olympus slot game falls under the category of high Variance level.

8.    Does the Rise of Olympus Slot Game have a Free Spin Round?

Yes, there are Free Spin rounds in the Rise of Olympus slot game.

Finally, the Rise of Olympus Slot Game in Brief

  • Developer: Play’n GO;
  • Launch Year: 2018;
  • Theme: Greek Mythology;
  • Reels: 5;
  • Betting Range: 20 pence to 100 pounds;
  • Maximum Payout: 5000 times in the Free Spin round;
  • Free Spins: Yes;
  • RTP: 96;
  • Volatility: High;

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