Fortunium Slot

Fortunium Slot Game

100% up to £200 + 100 spins
  • Enjoy the different bonus features
  • Interesting gameplay features
  • Fortunium RTP of 96.47%
  • Slot might be confusing in the beginning
  • No Progressive Jackpot

Where can I play the Fortunium slot game online? What about the Fortunium RTP & the Fortunium Paytable? We will discuss it all in this Fortunium Slot Review. Scroll down to find out and select the casino which suits you the best!

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Where Can I Play the Fortunium Slot Game?

Below we select the best certified and licensed casinos where you can play this slot machine. Visit Slots & Casinos for more online casinos where you can play the Fortunium Slot game online.

Spin Hill
Spin Hill

Win up to 1000% Matchup Bonus

Jackpot Paradise
Jackpot Paradise

50% up to £200 + 50 spins. Code: 50FDB

Casino Elevate
Casino Elevate

Package up to £1,000 + 100 Free Spins


Welcome Package up to £200+ 100 spins


100% up to £50+ 20 spins! 2 more welcome deposits worth £150+ 80 spins.

Watch My Spin
Watch My Spin

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77% up to £77+ spins

Winner’s Magic
Winner’s Magic

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Basic Slot Details of Fortunium

Fortunium RTP:96.47%
Max Win:100.000,00
FeaturesWin Booster, Mystery Symbols,
Scatter, Free Spins
Progressive Jackpot:No
Coin size min/max:0.01/0.50
Max bet:125 (25 coins per line)
Mobile Compatibility:Yes, Mobile & Tablet


Microgaming publishes slots of various themes every year. One of the titles that the company published in 2018 was based on the steampunk theme. Microgaming is a reputed developer of casino games and has been building partnerships with other companies in this sphere. This particular video slot was in collaboration with partner Stormcraft Studios. 

Fortunium is that slot, one that showcases features of the science technology and science fiction theme of the 19th century. Indeed, there are many games that celebrate the science fiction theme of the steam engine era. The steam engine technology was invented in the 19th century and several related types of machinery. The theme extends to different explorers, countesses, lords and street fashion. Many slots center on Goth, vampire, and burlesque that are also representative of such eras.

This title is a production of Stormcraft Studios. It is also the first release that Stormcraft had in this category. This company is an independent venture which collaborates with Microgaming to produce epic games of different kinds. The strong distribution network and reliable platform of Microgaming make it ideal for Stormcraft to market their goods through this company. The design and gameplay aspects showcase top-notch technology features and herald a successful start of the company.

Stormcraft Studios released Fortunium slot game in June 2018. The game comprises an RTP that is slightly above average, about 96.47%. The matrix layout is about 5×5 and features a Betways spinning technology. The matrix plays out across 40 bet lines. The game features distinct bonus rounds. You as a player can look forward to symbol transformations and wild substitutions. The free spins make the reel movements add a rich feel to the game. 

Fortunium Slot Design & Theme

The genre of steampunk reflects a time when retro styles met future technology. It is a popular theme as found in many books of novelists such as H.G. Wells or Jules Verne. Their books, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea or The Time Machine showcase the Victorian era when the early science and technology advances were made. Many would be familiar with movies such as Wild Wild West, Sucker Punch which are also of the steampunk theme. This slot builds on that era and brings in visuals of that time.

A player will find a golden city’s landscape in the backdrop of this slot. The matrix is unique and is a 5×5 setup of reels with 40 paylines. The game comes with a city landscape of the golden era of steam engines and machinery. The title is easy to spin with money, even as low as 10 pence. 

You would think of a world of science fiction, retro style as you open the slot. The main lady character appears first, by the name of Victoria. She has gothic, golden attire with a gun in her hand. She is an explorer of the world while Maximillian is an industrious inventor. He has a robotic arm while the lady explorer has golden guns in her hands. The soundtrack in the backdrop reminds one of the machineries in operation. There are dramatic emphases as wins come about on the golden reels.

The initial base game opens with the city landscape in the backdrop. The matrix has metallic frames that adorn the horizontal reels. As and when a win comes about, a steam press roller comes in and reveals a screen with the information. When a bonus round comes on the backdrop is the blue sky. 

Fortunium slot game look & feel

Fortunium Slot Game Theme Design

The city that lies behind could be from several science fiction movies such as Star Wars. The sight is impressive and the reels remain within elaborate metallic frames. Every reel contains five symbols and one wins when any symbol type matches in three or more numbers from left to right. The playing card suits bring in smaller prizes while the theme icons bring in larger wins. The symbols can stack up, as much as five at a time and fill out a whole reel. The animations that appear at such times fill the screen of colors. Victoria’s symbols are one to look out for, especially as a stacked symbol.

‘W’ comes as a golden machinery piece, and when it appears it helps to pay out top prizes. It also brings the advantage of substituting the other symbols except the scatter. It can help fill any gap or help add to a win so that you get a higher pay-out. 

The win booster icon appears on the left-hand side while the right-hand side showcases the spin, volume and ‘Autoplay’ buttons. With free spins, you can see the free spins counter on the left-hand side. The right-hand counter showcases the total wins for you during these additional rounds.

With every win, you will enjoy the clatter of golden coins that descend on the screen. The visuals of the playing card and other symbols on the reels are also of vibrant colors. These combine with the high paying icons of Victoria and Maximillian who appear tall and prominent from time to time. 

Symbols in Fortunium Slot

The science-fiction theme that Fortunium brings forth ensures excitement. The features pack in a lot as is evident from the different symbols and bonus features. The main lady character Victoria has gothic attire to flaunt while Maximillian stands tall with mechanic gear on him. There are other symbols as well such as airships, complex weapons, and a treasure chest. These symbols have well-defined design details and are distinct. 

The different symbols and their significances are as follows:

  • Basic card symbols are diamonds, spaces, hearts, and clubs;
  • Theme-based icons are plasma guns, treasure chests, airships, and the two main characters;
  • Victoria and Maximillian are high paying and appear as stacked symbols;
  • Wild icon comes with the word wild and helps replace other symbols besides the scatter;
  • Mystery symbols appear in the mystery reels;
  • Scatter is the green orb; as three or more of the same come on the reels they activate free spins;

Fortunium Slot Game Bonus Features

You will find several interesting features that unfurl as this title spins on:

Mystery symbols

This is a feature by which any symbol can be transformed, including wild symbols. This feature comes up when the mystery reels come on during the bonus rounds. As these symbols land on reels, they open and reveal different symbols. These comprise of low or high paying icons including the wild.

Win Booster

This is another feature that is offered as an option by the side of the reels. This option allows you to play 50% more for every spin. It also helps you to maximize wins as it removes low-value icons from mystery symbols. However, to use this feature you need to pay 50% more for the spins. This feature is optional but helps to add on high-value symbols to the bonus rounds. As a result, one can see more cash coming into their wins.

Free Spins

This is a feature that comes with the scatter. As three or more of the same appear on the reels they bring on the free spins. These comprise 10 rounds initially and add on Mystery Reels as well. As a player, you can find up to five of Mystery Reels added on every free spin. If you can trigger about 4 to 5 scatters this can provide 2 to 3 Mystery Reels on the additional spins.

Fortunium Slot Bonus Rounds

The main rounds provide new experiences in this slot:

Mystery Reels

This is an aspect that makes the free spins different here. When you get free games with the onset of the scatter, they also bring on Mystery Reels. These come with Mystery Symbols. You will find gold or blue-colored question marks that land on the lines. This helps turn symbols into super-stacked ones. This helps bring about more win possibilities. You can also choose the Win Booster feature; it will draw in more of your wager and provide high-value symbols. During this feature, the wild comes as stacked icons. 

Fortunium Slot Free Spins

As the green orb comes on the reels it is the scatter that can bring on Free Spins. Additionally, the symbol also pays out no matter where it lands. Three, four or five of the scatter can bring about the Free Spins. You will get 10 free games initially. They also come with the Mystery Reels. If three scatters come about you will find one Mystery Reel at play. It fills the reels with ‘Stacked’ icons and helps you make more wins. Four scatter symbols bring in two of such reels while five are equivalent to three Mystery Reels. If the scatter comes on during the free spins there is an additional round added. 

Playing the Game

There are different steps to follow if you wish to wager real money on Fortunium slot. The first consists of understanding the different functionalities and rules. Once you have understood the layout of the game, you can then proceed to place wagers on the same. The spins bring about the bonus rounds and payouts accumulate in one’s credit account accordingly. 

Getting Started

To familiarize oneself, it is best that you go through the paytable details and understand the gameplay features. These are listed under the Settings tab. Here one will find necessary information about the different reels, how they provide wins, an explanation of the bonus features and so forth. 

Placing Bets

When you wish to place real wagers on the lines that can be done with the following steps:

  • The Fortunium Slot matrix comprises of 5 rows and 5 reels along with 40 paylines;
  • You can choose to place bets on each line between the minimum and maximum bet amounts;
  • These range between 10p and £125 per spin;
  • You can choose the number of paylines they wish to spin;
  • There is another option that you can opt for, that of autoplay; under this feature, you can choose the number of spins you wish to put the game on for; these rounds will go on uninterrupted and showcase wins accordingly;
  • Max bet is another option for players; you get to place a maximum bet here which increases your probability of winning the highest prize money as well as a chance to land the mega jackpot;

There is a coin symbol on the right-hand side of the matrix that offers betting options. You can start spinning with real cash from 10 pence only. You can raise values in coins from 0.01 to 0.5 and place bets maximum of 25 coins for every line. This leads to a maximum wager of 187.5 for every spin. 

Spinning the Reels

Once you have placed the bet you can then activate the spins on Fortunium Slot. The rounds come about in the following ways:

  • The reels will initially move and come to a stop if three or more of any of the icons appear; these could be the card symbols or the theme-based icons;
  • If the wilds appear, they help form winning combinations and you will find your win credits increase;
  • As three or more scatters come on, the bonus round of free spins gets active;
  • During the free spins the mystery reels come about; here you can use the win booster button as well;
  • As more scatters come about during the free spins they retrigger more rounds;

What symbols to look out for in the Fortunium Paytable?

Before Playing Fortunium Slot we advise to check out the Fortunium Paytable. A Paytable is very important information because it could change a players betting behaviour.

Fortunium Slot Paytable

*It is £ with £1 as the bet amount. If you choose to play this game with money wagers, you are sure to see fair returns from Fortunium Slot.

  • The Fortunium Paytable consists out of nine main symbols, a Scatter, a Wild and mystery symbols;
  • The Wild substitutes for all other symbols except the Scatter;
  • A minimum of three Scatter symbols is needed for free spins. During free spins, a scatter symbol ads one free spin;
  • The Victory and Maximilian symbols could stack five high;
  • There are 40 paylines;
  • Paylines pay out from left to right. Scatter pays every way;
  • Three or more of any symbol that appears on the reels provide wins;
  • If you choose to spin with win booster button it will take away low paying icons and replace the same with high paying symbols in the mystery reels;
  • There is a modest wagering range to place bets; the minimum stake is 10 pence per line. However, this increases to 15p per spin when you opt for win boost;
  • If you opt to place the maximum bet on all paylines, this is equivalent to £125 for all spins; with this, the maximum jackpot to win is 200,000 coins;
  • More about the Fortunium RTP below the paytable;

What are the Fortunium RTP & Variance?

RTP stands for return to player. The Fortunium RTP is 96.47%.  As a result, returns are above the industry average of 96% which also ensures a good probability of wins. The game provides a flexible wagering range, varying between 10 pence and £125. If you wish to use the Win Booster option you increase your wagers on all lines by 50%. This can take the maximum wager up to £187.60. Even if you opt to place a minimum wage you can still see modest returns from this game. If you are a high roller, you stand to win the maximum payout here which is 200,000 coins. The game includes a medium variance, ensuring that you see returns often with higher stakes or with frequent spins. What does this Fortunium RTP mean? Imagine that £100 is wagered by players. From this £100, £96.47 is returned to players as winnings. These RTP percentages are average numbers calculated over all players playing Fortunium Slot all around the world.

The Fortunium variance is medium.

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Playing Fortunium Slot on Mobile Devices

This software is optimized for playing on mobile devices. That makes it as easy to play on smaller screens as on desktops. You can spin the reels on iPhones, iPads, Android phones or tablets. The golden city of opportunity opens up as smoothly as on a desktop when you load it on your mobile device. It is the first release of Stormcraft Studios and the Victorian city landscape looks great on the screen. That is because the grid of 5×5 fits well on a mobile screen, especially when you play it in portrait resolution. The cityscape looks impressive and so do the symbols. 

Once the matrix opens up, you have the option to use the win booster button. As a result of this function, you can increase the bet amount on the lines. If you opt for the minimal value of 10 pence per spin, it will increase to 15 pence for each line with a win booster feature. The advantage it provides is that it helps you to see increased win possibilities. There are several mobile casinos where this title is available.  

Conclusion to Fortunium Slot


  • Enjoy the different bonus features;
  • Interesting gameplay features;
  • A Fortunium RTP of 96.47%;


  • Slot might be confusing at the start due to all the features and the 5×5 grid;
  • No progressive Jackpot;

Final Verdict of Fortunium Slot

This slot is a great introduction from Stormcraft. It offers smooth streaming software that works well on desktops as well as on mobile devices. The theme of steampunk will enthrall you and you are sure to enjoy the different bonus features. That is because they are intriguing and might confuse at first, especially those who are used to playing simpler slots. The Fortunium RTP of 96.47% is above average with a medium variance that promises good returns from this game. Microgaming is the major brand behind this software and you can rely on the software and gameplay quality. It promises fair RNG principles in the game along with interesting gameplay features. The Fortunium slot machine is available for spins at reputed casino sites like Mr. Play, Regent Casino & Kassu.


1. What is the Fortunium Slot RTP?

The Fortunium RTP actually consists out of two numbers. They are 96.47% & 96.37%. The Higher Fortunium RTP is achieved using the Win Booster function. The Lower RTP percentage is for the base game.

2. What does the Fortunium Slot Paytable look like?

The Fortunium Paytable has nine main symbols. Beyond those there are A wild, A scatter and mystery symbols. Three scatter symbols activate 10 free spins. During free spins a scatter symbol ads one free spin.

3. Is it required to download Fortunium Slot in able to play it?

No, Fortunium Slot can be played in browser on on mobile and tablet devices without downloading it. These slots are called instant play games. Most games featured on Play Real Money Slots are instant play games.

4. What does the Fortunium Paytable look like?

There are 9 main symbols in the Fortunium Paytable. from high to low they are: man, woman, treasure chest, zeppelin, gun, spades, hearts, diamonds & clubs. The Scatter and the Wild symbols are actually the highest paying symbols. There are 40 paylines in the Furtunium Paytable.

5. what is the Fortunium Variance?

The fortunium variance is medium

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