Spaceman Slot Review about RTP, Strategy & Casinos

100% up to £100 + 300 spins
  • Spaceman RTP of 96.5%
  • Max win of 5,000x the stake
  • Immersive UI.
  • No Progressive Jackpot

On its way to being available for the general audience on 24th March 2022, Spaceman is a video slot from Pragmatic Play which is unlike any video slots you have played so far. Don’t let the title give you a false sense of familiarity because the game is not only about its overt theme of space exploration. Generally, Spaceman belongs to the category called Crash Game which, according to all honest submissions, is very much a fringe entity in the world of online gambling. Signs of uniqueness are all over the slot starting from the absence of reels or paylines or the assortment of slot features with which we are all too familiar.

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Where can players play Spaceman Slot for real money

There are many online casinos that offer real money Spaceman Slot. However, not all of them can be trusted. To find the top online casino, here are a few tips you can follow. 

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Basic Slot Details of Spaceman Slot Review

Developer:Pragmatic Play
Release Date:March 28, 2022
Spaceman RTP:96.50%
Max Win:5,000x
Theme:Space, Technology
Progressive Jackpot:No
Min/Max Bet0.20/100
Mobile Compatibility:Yes, Mobile & Tablet
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The superbly designed slot nonetheless utilizes a high RTP and a max win of 5,000x in its favor. Last but not the least, the fact that it comes from Pragmatic Play’s own studio helps a great deal in easing you into this new territory. Crash gambling, so far, has been coterminous with shoddy operators demanding that you deal in cryptos to reap the benefits of the games. Given Pragmatic Play’s certified status, now you can rest assured that you don’t have to risk such legal quandaries anymore. Pragmatic Play is licensed and regulated by The Gambling Commission in the UK and by MGA. They operate in at least 20 legal jurisdictions by dint of their enormous portfolio which contains more than 200 entries. You add to this mix the studio’s multi-language and multi-currency support and you know the mainstreaming of Crash gambling has been triggered.

Theme & Design

Spaceman Slot Look & Feel

The theme of Spaceman is pretty much on your face. It is built around space exploration which, I must admit, is not an uncharted land in the realm of online gambling. But you still can distinguish between games that belong to the same thematic universe by focussing on their manifest qualities. And this is where Spaceman walks on its own because the audio-visuals here are just too aptly rendered to ignore. The background replicates a night sky dotted with planets and stars. Against this busy background appears the figure of the Spaceman who looks akin to Eve from Wall-E. The figure takes a standstill position when bets are being placed and takes a flight once the round begins.

Ideally, Spaceman comes from a different universe altogether as I have said already. But there are nonetheless parallels that help you acclimatize after your initial exposure. One such factor is the slot’s multiplayer feature which is kind of generic to all Crash Games. Games such as these tend to allow multiple players to join in, Spaceman no exception, and thus make them kind of similar to live casinos. Spaceman also features a chat box where players can communicate while being in the game. The slot also draws from games like The Incredible Balloon Machine; Golden Hook etcetera as far as its core functionality is concerned.

Game Features, Symbols and Rules

Pragmatic Play’s Spaceman is a simple game to play. Games of luck generally are, given how little user intervention is allowed in them. Spaceman further trims down standard slot features owing to its Crash Games origin and that is what makes it slimmer. This gets reflected in the gameplay as well as not much is going on here too. The bottom end of the screen is where the control panel is located with all the game options on display. There is a thin title bar too at the top containing icons like Settings, Chatbox, Help, Volume etcetera. The screen doesn’t look glitzy at any time as shades of dark are used meticulously to simulate the nocturnal outer space.

The rules of Spaceman can be as simple as they can possibly get. At the start of each round, you have to fix your stake. Once you do that you click on the ‘Confirm Bet’ button. This will make the Spaceman take his flight upward. As the astronaut soars, you will notice that the multiplier is also soaring right next to him. Now there can be two outcomes depending on which you have to decide your next move. One, Spaceman will hit the highest payout and you will have your instant reward. Two, he can crash, making you lose the entire bet.

What options do they leave you with? You can sit back until Spaceman hits the highest cap and then gleefully fill your purse. Or you can be cautious and cash out in the interim without risking a potential crash. Interestingly, there is a third option for you too: Cash out 50%. The moment you opt for this you basically ensure that half of the wind gets taken out leaving the other half remaining in the game. You can thus walk the middle ground and minimize the risk while still staying open for exponential returns. The strategy here is to postpone cashing out for as long as possible. But since self-restraining is what we human beings are not particularly good at, Spaceman has on offer an option of Auto-cash out as well.

What are the Spaceman RTP & Paytable

Just as you confirm the bet amount at the beginning of the round, you fix the auto-cash-out amount as well. There is no denying the fact that fixing the auto-cash out necessitates that you assume the burden of choice once again but there are a few caveats here though. Manually cashing out while the round is still on is different from making a prior decision. In the first case, the temptation of the here and now is very strong unlike in the latter case. The second caveat is that you need to fix the range of auto-cash out and not a particular amount. And since that range can be stretched far and wide, from 1.01x to 4,999.99x, the burden of making a specific choice is not on you. The algorithm will take up that duty and will randomly opt out at any point in that spectrum.

If you are curious to know the underlying RTP of the slot, let me tell you that during our testing it came to 96.5% which is high. Another good thing we noticed is that Spaceman doesn’t come with any artificial Volatility which means that outcomes here don’t register drastic changes. It is beyond all doubt that the game has under its hood provable fair game mechanics which licensed developers like Pragmatic Play is bound to offer. Players who are still keen to probe deeper can get acquainted with the SHA-256 algorithm to analyze the decrypted strings that Spaceman religiously reveals at the end of each game round.

Owing to Spaceman’s extreme reliance on luck this is for certain that the slot is not for everybody. I will even venture to say that it will deflect most of its initial takers given how mercilessly it teases one’s temptation threshold. But the game is nonetheless valuable in my opinion because it has all the potential of enjoying a limited cult following. There will always be partisans who will enjoy the fact that, for example, Spaceship can crash out at 1x making all players lose the bet. Parallel to that nihilism will remain their optimism over the fact that the game has a high RTP and an array of multipliers among other things.

It is for these sorts of gamblers that Spaceman is built and marketed I guess. Players such as these who love high-stakes games will have a field day with Spaceman as the latter allows real betting as well. The base bet here is €/£1 and the maximum bet is €/£100 per round. And what is the highest win here? I know I am repeating myself. It is worth it. The max win is a mammoth 5,000x the original bet. Hence, I think that Spaceman has all the central planks it needs to persuade pro gamblers all around, especially the ones who like to explore new stuff.

Pros and Cons

The kernel of a value assessment of Crash Games like Pragmatic Play’s Spaceman is I think a humble acceptance of their generic limitations. I say acceptance because it is these limitations that typify the genre and give it its unique identity. With that in mind, let me just enumerate the Pros and Cons of Spaceman as they unfolded in my case.

High RTP of 96.5%.For a limited audience only.
Max win of 5,000x.
Auto-cash out feature.
Cash-out 50%.
Auto bet.
Absence of artificial Volatility.
Option to stake real money.
Flexible bet limit.
Apt UI and Gameplay.

Now the table makes it amply clear that once you sympathize with the framework of Crash Games these are the only Pros and Cons that you can think of vis-à-vis Spaceman. And it is because I sympathized. I don’t want Spaceman to cut loose the only con it has because then it will lose its own uniqueness.


Okay so the conclusion that I arrived at is this, Spaceman, as developed by Pragmatic Play won’t appeal to a lot many gamblers out there. And even if it does, it is only temporary. Players who have already had a taste of it and quit it might get back to it only sporadically. This they will do simply out of the need to change the scene every now and then. On the other hand, the video slot will enjoy a limited number of loyal fans no matter how many times their aspirations take an abrupt downturn playing this game.

This curious popularity will largely stem from the game’s generic marginal status. True, the mere existence of the slot indicates a process in mainstreaming Crash Games. But even after the completion of that process, titles like these will have their own unique, marginal niche. And it is also beyond doubt that Spaceman will enjoy a hallowed position there. Because believe it or not, people who do engage in games of luck have zero tolerance for boundaries and oftentimes approach their games as if the latter were games of skill. And you rarely need me telling you that it is only the wily and skillful ones who are going to flourish playing Spaceman.


  1. What are the key features of Spaceman?

Given how Spaceman is not one of your standard reel slots, the game is not exactly feature-rich. It uses instead the few core features that characterize all Crash Gambling Games. For example, Cash out, Auto-cash out, Cash out 50%, Multipliers, Auto bet etcetera. 

  1. What is RTP of Spaceman?

Spaceman has an RTP of 96.5%

  1. Can I play Spaceman for real money?

Certainly, you can. The minimum and maximum bet amount here is €/£1 and €/£100. Do note that you have to place the bet before the beginning of each game round.

  1. Which bonus type is available for Spaceman?

Due to its Crash Game origin, Spaceman doesn’t feature bonuses the way normal reel slots do. So you would not find features like Wild, Free Spins, and Scatter here. The only bonus type we are already familiar with which the game uses is Multipliers but that too in its own unique way.

  1. Where can I play Spaceman?

Spaceman is going to be released on 24th March 2022. You can then get a hold of the game on the official website of Pragmatic Play.

  1. Can I play Spaceman on mobile?

Pragmatic Play makes mobile-friendly slot games, Spaceman being no exception. As long as yours is a smartphone running on Android or iOS, the game will play without hiccups. 

  1. Is Spaceman free?

Yes. Like most of the titles from Pragmatic Play’s portfolio, Spaceman is free to play.

  1. How to play Spaceman for real money?

Spaceman comes in two versions, one demo version and the other the pro version. If you want to play the game with real money you need to opt for the latter. You will need to register with Pragmatic Play, enter your banking details, and voila!

  1. How trustworthy is Pragmatic Play?

Pragmatic Play has licensed operations in more than 20 legal jurisdictions. Its UKGC account numbers are 46683 56015. It has an MGA license as well for Type 1 and Type 3 gaming. The license number is MGA/B2B/317/2016. Check out their official website to get a grip on their popularity.

  1. Does Spaceman have an autoplay feature?

Yes, it does. Using the Auto bet feature players can stake the same bet size for a fixed number of future rounds.

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