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  • Good for high-stake gamblers, not so for small casual bet players
  • High volatility, so high winning amounts
  • A Diamond Vortex RTP of 96.20%.
  • Medium to high volatility, so less frequent pays.

Diamond Vortex slot is a fancy and iconic game from a reputed brand. It comes with 7 columns and a hexagonal grid layout. It’s a fun but risky slot because of the medium to high volatility, and bundles of features like Transform, Rotate, Consume, and a terrific max win of 5000x the bet. In this slot review we will also discuss the Diamond Vortex RTP, Paytable, Bonuses, Look & Feel and more!

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Where can I play Diamond Vortex slot machine for real money online?

Below we selected the best certified and licensed slot sites where you can play Diamond Vortex.

Basic Slot Details of Diamond Vortex

Developer:Play’n Go
Release Date:August 20, 2020
Reels/Rows:Rings & Zones
Diamond Vortex RTP:96.20%
Paylines:Cluster Wins
Min/Max Bet:0.20/100,00
Max Win:500000
Theme:Gems, Space
Bonus Features:Rings & Zones, Rotate Feature, Sticky Wilds, Core Wilds,
Multipliers, Transform Feature, Free Spins, Bonus Symbols
Mobile Compatibility:Yes, Tablet, Phone & Pc
Slot Resolution:16:9

Diamond Vortex Slot: Small Intro

Speaking about software providers etc, the Diamond Vortex slot comes from the house of Play’n GO. This is a household name actually with its roots in the early days of online gambling, somewhere around 1997. That is, some 20 years back, and Play’n GO has turned into a leading supplier of slot games today. Further, they have a huge presence in the offline casinos and online gambling industry. They also came to fame because of being one of the first suppliers of mobile gaming software by delivering mobile-friendly video slots as early as 2007. This was after their re-establishment in 2005 following which they started dedicating most resources towards online mobile-based or app-based slot games. 

Diamond Vortex slot is a new slot that was released just recently. You can find a complete list of all their latest slot games on the homepage itself. Madame Ink, Helloween, Rabbit Hole, Feline Fury are some of the currently listed releases of this year. Diamond Vortex slot is a slot that comes with 7 reels and 7 rows, with cluster pay paylines capable of satisfying the high roller gamblers as well. It is a game with the theme of a space-living deep world with nebulae and stars. 

By developing their games, with more releases per year than anyone else, Play’n GO is a dedicated supplier of video slots. They also have an award-winning backstory to support it all. Online gaming is a recent phenomenon, but it started well in advance. First, it was all Adobe Flash, and now companies have shifted to HTML-only or a combination of both. Play’n GO also supports all leading browsers like Safari, Firefox, Edge, Explorer, and Chrome, while also supporting mobile development platforms like Android, Linux, Apple, and Windows. 

From Gold Volcano to a smaller 5×5 Moon Princess slot, this brand has an extensive portfolio and genre of games. There are so many themes here. Play’n GO is located in Location Växjö, Kronobergs Lan, Sweden, and operates globally.

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Space Diamonds Theme & Storyline

Diamond Vortex Slot Look & Feel

Diamond Vortex Slot Look & Feel

Online slot Diamond Vortex slot is a product of Play’n GO and similar to their other games of the year, it has a nice atmosphere, stunning modern graphics, and lots of audio-video elements. These help improve user experience and gameplay. The theme takes players on a journey to outer space, in the far reaches of the stars and beyond. The place where are Diamond Vortex waits for them to devour planets, worlds and accumulate their riches. This is the main theme and storyline of this online game.

Play’n GO promises plenty of surprises, a nice take on standard features, to keep the players on their toes at each moment of the game. If you are brave enough to face the vortex, you might stand a chance to make 100x, 1000x the bet. The innovative hexagonal grid system complements the storyline here. Because the power of the vortex comes from the worlds it consumes, the grid fills with crystal giving you a chance to win rewards in every direction of reels. All the rules and features are completely explained on their official site, so even if you don’t find the free-to-play demo, you can still have a good idea of the game. 

However, if you wish to test it, go directly to their official site and click on ‘Play Game’ and get a hands-on demo. You can play it online via the browser without any registration or any other hassle. To learn how they make this game more immersive and engaging, let us look at the following section. 

Graphics, Sounds & Animation of Diamond Vortex Slot 

The Diamond Vortex slot has plenty to talk about and the graphics, appearance, UI, sound, and video are the first impression of any game. So, being a product of Play’n GO, we talk about them in depth in this section. Since the company has been for a long time, they have witnessed a significant change in online digital graphics, style of artwork, animation software, and trends. This is a slot of 2020 and therefore should comply with the modern trends.

·       Graphics

The game does not look like a traditional slot at the first glance. There are no reels and rows alignment you would generally expect. Instead, you see small hexagons arranged in a bigger hexagon. It looks like a compound surrounding a castle of the future space colonies. The background has purple nebulae with faint stars and galaxies. Finally, press on the ‘Menu’ and ‘Other Settings’ rest at the bottom. The UI is neat and easily navigable with a lot of empty space or void on the screen. Somehow, it goes with the space theme. 

·       Theme Music & Sound Effects

The theme music is subtle and effective. As the font and artwork above have the futuristic look, so does the music. It plays in the background keeping the slot alive even when you are not doing anything. The sound can be muted if you prefer. Then, there are tons of event-triggered sound effects that play during the spinning of reels, any major wins, and other things like triggering a feature. There is nothing so spectacular or cinematic about it. It is just decent. 

·       Animations

The symbols, icons, and other elements of graphic design are very simple. The animations are also very standard. You should not expect anything spectacular here that is the primary attraction of a game. It is all event-triggered. There are some motion and a sense of life in the slot but overall, you do not see a lot of it here. Since animations are for bonus games and other characters, you shall find it pretty immersive, interactive, and user-oriented. 

Overall, Play’n GO did a nice job with the Diamond Vortex slot keeping things neat and tidy till the very end. 

Diamond Vortex Special Slot Features, Free Spins, Progressive Jackpots Etc

The Diamond Vortex slot keeps things neat and tidy on the screen and rules simple enough for all to follow. Here we list all the essential features, a brief overview of the paytable, where you can find them elaborately. Play’n GO’s the official site as well lists them in great depths. Rotate, Consume, Core & Sticky Wild, Transform are some of the best winning features of this online slot. We shall look at them now. 

·       Cluster Wins

Diamond Vortex Slot Cluster Wins Feature

In this online slot there are no paylines from left to right. Instead, players have to land symbols ajacent to each other. The more symbols that are connected to each other the bigger the win. The largest cluster combination consists of 35 connnected symbols.

·       Free Spins & Bonus

The best part of any slot is their Free Spins feature. So, lets us begin with the same here as well. If you land a Bonus Symbol inside the hexagonal Zone, then you will trigger the Free Spins feature of this game. This is the vortex and each Bonus Symbol (check paytable to identify it) then lands inside the zone with award 5 Free Spins. So, that means, landing 3 inside the zone means, you get 15 Free Spins. This is a phenomenal way to make some money without any cost or betting anything.

Diamond Vortex Slot Free Spins Feature

Remember that during the Free Spins feature, Core Wild will not reset and will just keep growing and growing till the spins are over with. And, Spots will not return back either till the spins is over. That means, when you combine them, you are looking at a very big reward potential, even more than Transform Feature.

On top of that, Free Spins Re-Trigger them. So, keep the bet as high as possible. 

·       Transform

Now, each of the 3 Rings that make up the hexagonal grid has its own zone or boundary, and its own Spot. Zones are those static and remain in place throughout the game. But, Spots are those that always stay inside the Ring but move around in the same Ring for example, when it rotates. They ultimately return to the original position in the next spin. 

So, if you land a Spot in a Zone, this triggers the Transform feature. Every symbol within the Ring will transform into the same high-paying symbol. So, 3 Spots means it will transform 3 Rings all at once. 

·       Consume

This happens when the Wild comes into play and makes its way all the way up to the central Ring. Then, it gets sucked into the Core Wild, the vortex of the Diamond Vortex slot. This increases its power by 1x, and the multiplier increases the payout of the wins till the end of the spin. This is a simple but stunning animated feature.

·       Wilds

Wilds & Bonus Symbols are very useful throughout the game. The Core Wild is the one that sits in the middle of the grid the whole time. The 2nd type of Wilds is the Wild Crystals or Sticky Wilds. When they land on the grid during the spins, they tie themselves to a Wild Crystal and form a winning cluster. This will stick to the grid and when the rings rotate takes it along with them. One can each time, the Wild moves one ring closer to the center, the vortex of Diamond Vorex.

Progressive Jackpot?

There is no such official mention of the same by Play’n GO. 

What are the Diamond Vortex RTP (Return to Player) & Variance? 

The The Diamond Vortex RTP depends on the casino, but as per Play’n GO it is estimated at 96.20%. This comes with High volatility high rollers some fun. The higher the RTP, the better is the game, but factors like volatility hit rate also are vital for the return of a slot. 

The Diamond Vortex RTP, in this case, means, if a user played millions of spins, for every £100, he can expect a minimum return of £96.20, at the end of all the spins. RTP is thus a mathematical estimate that is based on tens of millions of simulated spins. It alone does not guarantee everything but is still a good measure. 96.20% RTP keeps is well above the average mark for any modern 2020 slot. 

What symbols to look out for in the Diamond Vortex Paytable?

At pplay Real Money Slots we always take a look at the paytables of online slots before spinning for real money. The Diamond Vortex Paytable contains some important information for players. For example: the symbols, variance & payouts. Check out the Diamond Vortex Payatble below,

Diamond Vortex Paytable High Symbols
Diamond Vortex Paytable Low Symbols

The Diamond Vortex slot has plenty of high paying symbols such as the Bonus, Wild, Crystals, and so on. You can find the paytable by clicking on the ‘I’ button on the bottom left corner. It is quite noticeable. There are different types and colors of crystal and minerals. It is various types such that green, red, blue, and so on. Lower pays are all 4 single pieces of chunks in various colors. Higher pays constitute 4 large quarts of these chunks. Their values range from 10x t 100x for 35+ symbols. 

Always make sure to read the paytable because it contains useful information about the game, more so for an innovative game like Diamond Vortex by Play’n GO. 

  • There are 8 main symbols in the Diamond Vortex Paytable.
  • Furthermore there are two Wild symbols & a Bonus symbol.
  • The Wilds substitute for all 8 main symbols.

How to Win/ Strategy for Play’n GO’s Diamond Vortex Online Slot?

The Diamond Vortex slot has plenty to talk about in terms of features and opportunities to let players win big rewards. But, at the same time, there is no guarantee of devising any strategies for the same. As the volatility is 7/10, it is medium to high, so any records of payouts will not last las enough number of spins. The active pay line changes rapidly. 

But, if you are a high stake roller, Diamond Vortex is a great online slot for you. Just keep the bet as high as possible, for as long as possible. In every 100 spins, there will be a bonus feature trigger and a high stake reward for sure.  

Keep the bet as high as possible because the Free Spins feature is the jackpot-winning reward here. 

Final Verdict

The Diamond Vortex slot has plenty to talk about from stunning graphics, nice UI, a lot of empty space on the screen. Everything is legible, intuitive, and fine-looking. The sound and animations are decent as well. IN short, Diamond Vortex does not break or make any records; it just makes a good impression. With a medium to high volatility, an innovative hexagonal grid system instead of rows and columns, cluster pays instead of paylines; Play’n GO has put sincere effort into bringing something new to the table. The result is well appreciated. The Diaond Vortex RTP is 96.2 percent. With a max win of up to 5000x there is enough to be happy about and lots of surprises along the way to the far reaches of the galaxies. 

Diamond Vortex Slot’s Pros & Cons 

Diamond Vortex slot is a product of Play’n GO and just like any other vendor, this also has its target audience. That is why there are some pros and cons to the video slot.


  • Good for high-stake gamblers, not so for small casual bet players.
  • High volatility, so high winning amounts.
  • A Diamond Vortex RTP of 96.20%.
  • The innovative hexagonal grid system, instead of rows and columns.


  • Not beginner-friendly.
  • Medium to high volatility, so less frequent pays.

FAQ’s of Play’n GO Diamond Vortex 

  1. Is there a Progressive Jackpot in the Diamond Vortex slot of Play’n GO?

There is no official declaration of any jackpot network with this slot.

2. What is the maximum payout of the Diamond Vortex slot game?

Play’n GO base game maintains a max payout of 5,000x the bet at stake.

3. Is the Diamond Vortex slot available on mobile devices?

Yes, Play’n GO has official support for mobile-friendly gaming on both iOS and Android devices out of the box.

4. What is the Diamond Vortex RTP?

The Diamond Vortex RTP has been theoretically estimated at 96.20 percent. This is above average. At Play Real Money Slots we always try to play online slots with an RTP of 96 or higher.

5. What does the Diamond vortex Payatble look like?

The Diamond Vortex Paytable consists out of 8 main symbols. The Higher paying symbols are the bulky gemstones. There are 2 Wilds. The Sticky Wild and the Core Wild. The Highest paying symbol, the Pink Bulky Gem, pays out 100 times for a 35x cluster combination.

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