Play Live Casino Games Online Like Never Before

Online casinos have grown extensively in the last year because of severe restrictions on land-based operations. Even from the legal side, casinos that operate from specific geographic locations had started their online operations long back. So, offering live casino games such as Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat, and soon became the bread and butter for the online market in the past few years.

With the advancement of technology that brings great internet connectivity and good quality data transfers possible, the iGaming industry is steadily moving forward. The advantage of having an online presence substantially increases the chance to tap into markets that are geographically unreachable. For example, Gambling Regulatory Licensing Associations registered in Malta, the Isle of Man, or Romania allow people to play online slots from anywhere in the world.

Because of online media consumption, online browsing, online casinos started offering online live games as well. It is still one of the biggest investments because of the nature of marketing and outreach. For example, several big land-based casinos slowly started adopting the new technology. Because of this, various companies started delivering software for B2B operations, casino software to run online.

  • Location-Free: It is one of the best factors because it helps online casinos (the land-based ones too) to go live from their locations. And, engage customers online from the other corner of the world.
  • Scalability: This allows these online casinos to hold a live lightning roulette game on a table while allowing a lot more players. For example, up to 100 people can bet on the table game (if rules allow) online, which was not possible physically before. Or, have dozens of more tables than physically possible. 
  • Real Money: The players can bet real money online just as they would physically but without ever leaving the comfort of their home and safety.
  • Super HD Streaming: It is one of the biggest factors because that allowed players to enjoy the roulette rooms, the various actions on the table in a crystal clear and immersive atmosphere.
  • Dedicated Software UI: It is the basis of all the experience because this allows more players to register online. For example, allowing a multi-camera setup allows players to view the movement of the roulette ball from different angles, zoom in, and more.
  • Low Cost: It has significantly dropped because of which everyone with a smartphone and internet connectivity can register, bet online. This reduces all logistics costs and hassles.

Thus, you can play live online casinos today from almost all major casinos that you know of, just because it is possible with technology. The technology, especially the internet on the palm with smartphones, was not that advanced some 5 years ago. Yet, online casinos in some forms were available through websites that were accessible through your desktop computers. But, the whole experience of Live Baccarat and Live Roulette is now available at your palm and fingertips.

Best Live Casino Games Bonuses

Most of the time only slot players get rewarded with big welcome bonuses. We found some online casinos that a very generous for live casino lovers with some excellent live casino welcome bonuses.

First deposit bonus
100% up to £100 + 300 FREE SPINS
New UK players only, Wagering 40x B, 18+ T&C's Apply BeGambleAware
64 games
5.0 rating
Welcome package
up to £1000 + 100 spins
New customers only, Wagering 40x B, 18+ T&C's Apply
68 games
3.0 rating
First deposit bonus
100% up to £100 + 100 Spins
Min. £20 deposit. 1st deposit only. 100% match bonus. Bonus amount need to be wagered 35 times.
102 games
4.5 rating

Playing Live Casino Games

If you love casino games, then online live casinos are the best for you. Because the games are streamed online in real-time, you can play live games, just as if you were physically present. Here real dealers shuffle the cards, deal and interact with you, and you can talk to other players as well. The entire experience revolves around real people and real objects. It is all possible because of the internet and your smartphone, and the mobile-friendly casino software. Check out the tons of videos available online on YouTube, for example, to see how this works.

Playing Live Casino Games is not like playing on an app such as a video or computer game on your smartphone. Though the medium is similar, there are real people on the other hand. You see a real dealer dealing your cards, spinning the roulette wheel, and stuff through live streaming. This is more like watching a live football match but interactive. This interactivity makes the games more fun and exciting.

You can find a host of games today online. Here is a small list of the most popular live casino games.

  1. Live Baccarat
  2. Live Speed Roulette, Speed Blackjack
  3. Live Hold’em
  4. Live Roulette
  5. Live Lightning Roulette, Double Ball Roulette
  6. Live Poker
  7. Live Craps
  8. Game Shows

Just to make a point that there are dozens and dozens of online casinos and they shall have their own specific offerings. For example, one casino may be offering 10 Live Games with different variants of blackjack. And, another might offer 10 variants of roulette. You can choose the one you like and go ahead.

How Can You Play at Real Money Live Casinos?

These games are something like the thumbnails of videos. Just like clicking a thumbnail starts playing the video, here you can launch a Live Baccarat game.

  • The Live Casinos will show players a list of games on their menu.
  • On clicking a game it opens a new pop-up window because of convenience.
  • Players can watch and just view any game table without sitting down or placing a bet.

It is all free and open to browsing; looking around because that is what one would do in a real casino. Playing games in a Live Casino is nothing different, inexperience. But, the interface is through the internet and modern technology. But, one must not be worried about things like security, player’s protection, and fairness of the game because there are strict regulatory authorities that establish and license authentic casinos. Thus, players can always check and verify a platform before registering with them.

Playing Live Baccarat

The Live Baccarat delivers a world-class Macau-like, Vegas-like gaming experience at home. Safety and convenience are the basis of all this and online gameplay makes it easy for players. Because there are no restrictions on time or location and everything is at your fingertips, players can focus more on winning and having fun than booking a ride to the casino. Most 2024 online casinos offer this game for sure. But there are a couple of variants like Speed Baccarat and Baccarat Squeeze that are also popular.

  • From the bean-shaped table and the cards dealt face down, this is not a simulation but a real deal.
  • Because the player deals exactly just like in real baccarat, the player must try to beat the dealer to win. This can be done by having a hand-value closest to 9.
  • The game is played using 8 decks of 52 cards. Before starting each deal, the player can place a bet or wager on whose hand will win. For example, in some casinos, players can even bet on the banker’s hand.
  • When the game is live players can watch a detailed scorecard on their smartphone screens. This has a list of previous results and a record of streaks and trends.
  • If you win then your balance amount is transferred to your casino’s account. You can later withdraw this through dozens of payment methods.

In short, playing Live Baccarat is nothing different than playing a real game at a land-based casino.

Playing Live Blackjack

The goal of real money Live Blackjack online casino games is to allow players to engage in a seamless experience. As technologies advance further even VR or Virtual Reality gaming is possible. But, a game of Live Blackjack is comparable to none because you actually interact with real people. The game is streamed online using a high-speed internet connection and with a regular smartphone, you can play this game from anywhere across the world.

  • The objective of live online blackjack is to get a higher total card count than the dealer. But, one must be careful not to cross 21 because that leads to a disqualification.
  • The best hands in a game of Live Blackjack are when the first 2 cards combine to form 21. But, because you are playing against a live dealer, there may be up to 7 more players on the same table.
  • You can check the various statistics and choose a table where the minimum bet is not more than 5% of your bankroll.
  • Play one hand at a time and check the results and trends because there is a scorecard on your smartphone screen that will help you down the road.

Because the physical space and infrastructure do not apply when in live-streaming mode, a lot more people can play together at the same time. In Live Blackjack you can play the same game that you play in a real land-based casino physically, so use all your skills. Because of being at home on your couch, you are in a relaxed atmosphere. So, use your intuition and strategies to turn the profit higher.

Playing Live Poker

Among real money live poker games, the Texas Hold’em is a popular variant among major online casinos. Because of this popularity, you also have dozens of apps on Android’s Playstore and iOS Appstore. Despite the live poker games sharing the same rules, the live games do vary in some aspects. For example, excessive limping or constant table talk is different from regulars. But, at the same time live poker games are usually a lot easier to win and beat than the land-based ones.

  • Your goal at live poker is to come with the best card combination of all the players. To do this you can either bluff or cause others to fold.
  • Because most players are online and don’t want to spend the whole time folding, they often engage in excessive limping. So, try punishing limpers as much as possible.
  • By playing looser against a limper, you can actually raise the bet and take advantage of the extra money.
  • Try with preflop and post flops by using the button aggressively. With a wide range of hands that can easily play post-flop, players can devise strategies. For example, because aggressive 3-betting is not possible in live poker, there is no worry about squeezing from the blinds.

In Live Poker three are several things that you can do to improve the chances of winning which are not possible online. For example, you can choose your pace of gameplay, or stay quiet without letting bad players realize that they are playing bad. Secondly, Tanking in Live Poker has become fashionable these days and artificial taking can be used reasonably to balance your response time. There are tons of advice for Live Poker gameplay online and be sure to read about them or watch videos to learn before you play.

Most major online casinos offer real money Live Poker games these days. There are additional offers, bonuses, and promotions where you can start with little risks. These are to bring in new customers and are often helpful for beginners. Further, several casinos try to spice things up with their slight little variations that make this game truly special.

Playing Live Roulette

The goal of playing Live Roulette is similar to standard roulette that you play in a land-based casino. Further, Live Roulette has two other variants that are extremely popular. These are Live Lightning Roulette and Live Double Ball Roulette. In order to win in a game of roulette, players can bet on a pocket of the number on the wheel. If the ball rests on this slot or pocket at the end of the spinning, then the player wins a ton of cash based on the Multiplier effect. It is usually 29x in regular games but can vary from one casino to another and also from one variant to another.

  • There are 37 pockets with 0 in the Green color. The other numbers from 1 to 36 have either Red or Black colors alternately, with even and odd numbers.
  • Usually, online roulette uses a random number generator but a Live Roulette game uses a dealer. You can choose to allow the dealer to spin the wheel.
  • Players can choose the type of bet such as Split, Corner, Inside, Outside, etc just like a real casino game. During the Live Roulette, players can chat and talk with the dealer.
  • In the Double Ball Roulette, the only difference is in the presence of an extra ball. Because of this, there are some differences in payments.
  • Similarly, in Live Lightning Roulette, there are additional chances of winning with the help of Lucky Numbers.

Players can read a lot of these topics and watch videos online to get further acquainted. A game of Live Roulette is much different than playing online because there is no simulation. The game is fair and not rigged. There is no involvement of a computer. The only tech investment comes from live streaming equipment, multi-camera setups that allow players to see all the action in crystal clear audio-video playback. The user-friendly interface allows players to control actions, interact, and immerse themselves in the game.


To conclude the take on Live Casino Games, the year 2024 was all about them. Several casino platforms have come up with better interface, UI for players, mobile-friendly software. With the help of a browser, you can launch these games online. Players are flexible in terms of time, location of the casino, and their choice of device. There are no hassles of moving around and the safety of your home.

Further, reliable payment methods, safety, real money wins, and integrity of authentic authorized casinos make these moments worth enjoying.

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