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Money Train Real Money Slot's Wild West Gang Awaits You at Free Spins

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  • No theme, storyline, plot
  • No 3D graphics, animations, cinematic soundtracks
  • No theme, storyline, plot
  • No 3D graphics, animations, cinematic soundtracks

Quick Verdict 

Money Train slot with 40 fixed payline & Bonus Buy feature, this version of Wild West slot game brings some novelty and surprise. For starters, it comes with variable RTP, which makes it somewhat unusual, and then there are other things. Packed with action, it still is a decent offering from Relax Gaming.

Money Train Slot: A Small Intro

This game is a product of Relax Gaming, and the free demo is greatly rewarding. In our review, we won a big win, by betting $5 and winning $195 in the Bonus round. Unfortunately, this was just a dummy game and not real money. However, Relax Gaming is one such software house that focuses on making slot games that perform well. Money Train slot is one such example. It comes with a decent RTP, variable as we know now, and still holds up good. If you are a beginner, you should definitely give it a try.

Founded in 2010, Relax Gaming, the ‘X’ spelled like a dice, is a premium supplier of casino slots, bingo, and table games. It is a B2B gaming provider and manages all operations of its products for complete compatibility on the web and smartphones. Money Train slot is for example, compatible with smaller smartphone screens and works via the browser as well. Relax Gaming has a big portfolio of many successful and popular slots. Some of these are TNT Tumble, Snake Arena, Mega Masks, Wildchemy, and so on. Even, it has collaborative titles like Temple Tumble Megaways.

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Theme & Storyline of Money Train Slot Game

As a player launches the free demo, they are greeted with two big attractions of the game. Firstly, Stacked Symbols, and second, a maximum payout of 20,000x the wager. This is the beginning of the storyline and let the spins start. The theme is from that of the Wild West, as you can notice by now once the game has finished loading. The picturesque background, dry land, the carcass of an animal, and a dusty city at the horizon welcomes you to the town.

As you can now see that the theme is reflected in its art decor, such as symbols, the logo, the ‘Money Train’ with a bullet whole. And, of course, the train line or the railway tracks await the money train. Thus, the story unfolds.

As a player, you have to look for the money train, and take a look at the paytable. This comes with a list of important symbols. But, without any luck to do anything about it, you can increase your bets. You will have to choose between playing normal spins and purchasing a booster. In the Wild West theme, one recalls fondly of Lee van Cleef, John Wayne, and Clint, and you can feel almost the same vibe in Money Train slot. All the aspects retain their values.

Money Train Slot Look & Feel
Money Train Slot Look & Feel

Graphics, Sounds & Animation in Relax’s Money Train Online Slot

As you launch the game, that catchy theme music starts filling up the atmosphere. It is attractive and instantly lights up space. It is jovial and brings back memories of the horses, the neighbor of the running Wild, the blowing of the wind, and the sound of the windchimes. And, suddenly there is that gun exploding a bullet into the air in its dramatic Wild West style. You will do all this in the Money Train slot, and Relax Gaming has put the graphics, the sound engineer team, and animation artists to work.

●      Graphics

It is a bit cartoonish at times though the background looks flush and comic book style, almost like a 2D painting. There is an impression of depth with shadows, but it is definitely not 3D artwork. When the train arrives, you see a more sharp and modern artwork style, though the carriage looks definitely from the 70s and 80s. Money Train slot is impressive, in terms of color palette selection, details on the train, decorations. Even the background town, houses, and clouds, the windmill, and road, looks like a video game. The artwork in the symbols like the senior with the mustache and hat in the fiery background, all has a lot of details.

●      Sound

The theme song that plays constantly in the background is relaxing and has an energetic beat to it. It is not dull and adds agility. It will wake you up with a smile. May even watch a few clips from good, bad, and ugly. Money Train slot has the guitar music complementing its attire.

●      Animations

There are subtle animations like the running train, the carriage, the opening of the door, the spinning of wheels, and so on. The background in the Money Train slot is static and does not move, such as the clouds. Much because of this, it is not that lively.

Money Train Special Slot Features

When Relax Gaming made this slot, they definitely took inspiration from Wild West movies. Because of the train robbery is an influential scene from Charles Bronson’s movie ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’ from 1968. Even, Red Sun was an influential movie that had a similar nature. In Money Train, there are several bonus features, Wilds, and Free Spins all lying around. Even, you can purchase your way into a Bonus round and hope to make up for that lost money. As the whole theme has been executed to the finest detail, the bonus features are welcome.

Money Cart Bonus of Money Train

Once this feature triggers, the shutters come down the carriage, and the train drives away. Then, another carriage comes and this time it is only one. Then the shutters open wide and a set of reels come up. There are boxes that have multipliers. Behind the tumbleweed, they appear with Free Spins, and as they roll, more boxes may come up. If more boxes appear, the multipliers are added up. In case, there is a Wild symbol or the cowboy or cowgirl symbols appear, they award one or two each to each multiplier, and then they add up on top of the previous total. In a recursive way, this makes up a big win.

Money Train Online Slot: Payer or Collector

When the Bonus Game triggers, the player can make a choice independently. He can choose to go with Payer or Collector mode. These two are two different modes of the storyline that makes it unique from another player. Hence, depending on your choice you can make a big win and get a different set of multipliers.

Progressive Jackpot of Money Train Slot

There is no Progressive Jackpot in this game, but you can expect to win 20,000x the wager, which is a big deal. Because of this, it is a great game for beginners as well.

As the background music keeps playing without irritating, it is really an enjoyable slot. Money Train slot is a high volatility slot, but still has a bunch of features to help you win big.

RTP (Return to Player) in Money Train Slot

An important part of all slots is their RTP and many people leave an average figure for something higher. RTP for Relax Gaming’s Money Train slot is quite high, about 96.2% when you are playing regular spins. But, if you choose to upgrade by purchasing Bonus Feature, by pulling the lever, you have to pay 80x the bet at stake, so there is a catch. However, if you are lucky you can win really big because inside this bonus game, the RTP increases to a whopping unheard of 98%.

Paytable for Money Train Slot 2020

The complete list of all symbols, high paying, and Wilds are always readily available in this sheet. You can find it under the ‘Three Horizontal Stripes’ icon at the bottom-right corner of the screen. The Bonus Scatter Symbol is the Free Spins symbol. The Bonus Symbol is the Purple Box. The Wild is the pair of guns crossed with text Wild over them. When two Bonus Symbols appear starting from the left reel, 1, 3, 5th will take you to the Bonus round.

Then, there is the high-paying symbol set made of Senior, Indian, Man, Lady. In that order, they pay 10x for landing 5 symbols as the highest score. The card letters are even lower and useless. Then, there are the finest symbols that will land you huge wins.

The Masked Man, Masked Women stand for Payer and Collector symbols. Then, you have the Hat with Money, and Barrel of Dynamites, like the Persistent Payer and Collector symbols. You will find them only in the Bonus rounds.

How to Win/ Strategy for Money Train Slot?

It is best to get up to $5 bet and purchase the Bonus Feature and play the game. Regardless of this, the RTP is very low and volatile too because of which strategies won’t work much. When you do that the Money cart Bonus feature gets up and you get 3 Free Spins, to begin with. You can win lots of multipliers and replenish any money lost in previous rounds.

Final Verdict

In all, even with a Progressive Jackpot Relax Gaming made a great Wild West theme slot. The Money Train slot goes up to 98% RTP which pays out really well, and seeing this in action makes you go ‘Wow!!’ The ability to choose a Bonus round, buy it with coins is a great addition. Impressive graphics, fine background soundtrack, all is much appreciable. 

Pros & Cons

It has some downsides too even though a great slot. Players will love this for many reasons, while some may find it minuscule lacking features.


  • 98% RTP during bonus game is a great additional feature;
  • Players can buy the Bonus round with an 80x bet;
  • Nostalgic soundtrack that keeps playing in the background is a sure shot attraction;


  • Highly volatile and regular game pays really low;
  • Regular game RTP drops to 96%, a 2% margin is a huge loss;

Money Train Slot’s FAQs

1.    Is There a Progressive Jackpot?

No, Money Train slot from Relax Gaming does not have a Progressive Jackpot yet.

2.    What is the Highest Payout of this Game?

If players use the Bonus rounds, they can stand a chance to win up to 20,000x their bet.

3.    Which Symbols are the Best Symbols?

The masked man and masked women are the most interesting symbols and they do magic inside the Bonus rounds.

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