Tic Tac Take

Tic Tac Take Slot Review

100% up to £100 + 300 spins
  • Tic Tac Take RTP of 96.63%
  • Max win of 22,000x the stake
  • High Variance

Slated to release on 21st March 2022, the theme-based online slot Tic Tac Take is being offered by Pragmatic Play to bring back to life the old paper and pencil game Tic-Tac-Toe A.K.A. noughts and crosses. The 5 reels 3 rows slot comes across as having 10 paylines and a high volatility RTP, a surefire for slot-lovers indeed! As far as bonuses are concerned, Tic Tac Take steals the show via its fantastic Respin feature which triggers automatically and can be bought as well for 100 times the total bet amount. 

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Where can you play Tic Tac Take online for real money

There are many online casinos that offer real money Tic Tc Take Slot. However, not all of them can be trusted. To find the top online casino, here are a few tips you can follow.

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Basic Slot Details of Tic Tac Take

Developer:Pragmatic Play
Release Date:March 21, 2022
Tic Tac Take RTP:96.63%
Max Win:22,000x
FeaturesBuy Feature, Respins, X & O Symbols.
Progressive Jackpot:No
Min/Max Bet0.10/100
Mobile Compatibility:Yes, Mobile & Tablet
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During our testing, Tic Tac Take felt comprehensible which is kind of expected from Pragmatic Play, one of the behemoths in the iGaming industry which operates in more than 20 jurisdictions. There is multi-award-winning content that is fit for both mobile and desktop experiences. These include more than 200 certified HTML5 based slots, live casinos, bingos etcetera. Pragmatic Play supports 31 languages and all mainstream currencies. The company is licensed and regulated in the UK by the Gambling Commission. It also possesses a type 1 and types 3 gaming license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Theme & Design

Tic Tac Take Slot Look & Feel

Given how Pragmatic Play strives to breathe more life into the eternal pen and paper game that goes by the same name, it is quite understandable that Tic Tac Take packs a flamboyant aesthetic with glam all around. You can almost feel the disco vibe invigorating you as all you get here are vivid colors and gems of curious shapes and shades. You don’t need me telling what good that does to the underlying theme; it casts aside the low-key appearance of the original game and replaces that with more gilt. 

Players might be reminded of Star Pirates Code as many of the symbols from that game receive another spin here. Tic Tac Take may also bring to memory Starburst given their three counts of similarities. First, simple gameplay, and second, wilds accumulate in the middle three reels. Third, accumulated Wilds triggering Respins. What we found the best about Tic Tac Take is its three variations on RTP which helps give a measured gaming experience but more on that later.

Game Features, Symbols and Rules

As is noted already, Tic Tac Take wheels out a jaunty vibe that feels closer to the indoors of a disco club in full swing. What this description also says by not saying is that it is unlike many of those theme-oriented online slots that try to be gamified versions of real-life games of luck but fail miserably at that. The grid here functions against a backdrop that is abundantly pink-ish with the grid itself having glitzy colors to give shape to its contours. The entire screen uses illuminating colors which characterize the digits, the control panel, the gems and symbols as well.

One of the admiring things about the slot is that despite all the apparent magnanimity, the kernel still retains the simplicity of the original pen and paper game. The rules are therefore pretty simple here. As is said already, Tic Tac Take is 5 reels 3 rows game where 10 paylines can be mobilized to reap the benefits of the game. The winning combination here works from both ends, left to right and right to left. You are sure to receive a payout the moment you land three matching symbols in neighboring reels in these 5 reels set up. I will be letting you know about the payout vis-à-vis the symbols in a paytable format a little later.

What you need to know though at this point is that among the many symbols you encounter here, the star symbol functions as the wild which replaces any standard pay symbol. The wild appears once it substitutes ‘O’ or ‘X’ symbol, on reels 2, 3, or 4. As I already brought to your notice, despite all the audio-visual hullabaloo Tic Tac Take is still a simple game to play. It kind of figures therefore that the slot does away with special symbols and bonuses which are all too synonymous with online slots these days. 

Tic Tac Take up the temperature nonetheless by incorporating a special Respin feature. On condition that the ‘O’ and ‘X’ symbols come in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal formation in the middle 3 reels, that is reel 2, 3, or 4, the Respin feature auto-triggers itself. You thus receive 1 Respin for each line of these two symbols. And do note that the number of Respins awarded can go as high up as 8.

Okay, so what happens during the Respin? Things get really interesting here. During the Respins, the ‘O’ and ‘X’ symbols that triggered the Respin transform into Wilds as they get locked in their original positions. During the Respins, if you manage to land new O or X symbols, for each new line you receive 1 Respin yet again. This goes on until your Respins don’t return any new ‘O’ or ‘X’ symbols. Given how Respins can potentially change the slot outcome, Pragmatic Play chipped in the option to buy them as well. All you have to do to buy them is to part with an amount that is 100 times the total bet. The transaction appears beneficial as it triggers at least one guaranteed horizontal, vertical, or diagonal formation of ‘O’ or ‘X’ symbol and thus at least one guaranteed Respin. Mind you, I am saying ‘at least’!

What are the Tic Tac Take RTP & Variance?

Other good news about premium Respins is that their RTP is the same as the ones that auto-trigger themselves and that they remain onboard until you decide to deactivate them manually.

Let me now elaborate on Tic Tac Take’s variations on RTP. The facts are simple; the Volatility is pretty high here, around 96.63%, which is a cause for elation because chances of winning big are thus made a reality here. But what Tic Tac Take also does is that it offers two more RTP rates, 95.54% and the lowest, 94.57%. And since these are beyond user control, the rates are bound to fluctuate as they are built into the mathematical model that runs the slot. In the base game, therefore, you will do good in preparing for a low hit frequency, 1 in 6.49 on average. What you should nonetheless keep in mind is the fact that the scenario can change at any time. You can thus compensate for missing features on Tic Tac Take like Multipliers, Free Spins, Bonus Game, Scatter et al.

The Tic Tac Take variance is high.

What symbols to look out for in the Tic Tac Take Paytable?

Now let’s take a quick glance at Tic Tac Take’s paytable:

Rainbow Gem100102.5
Purple Gem507.51.5
Green Gem2551
Yellow Gem51.20.5
Blue Gem51.20.5
Red Gem51.20.5

As is evident then, the payout is the highest with 5 Rainbow gems adjacently placed. One gets 100x the bet amount in that way. This enables a maximum win of 2,200x. The payout changes to 10x and 2.5x as one hits 4 and 3 of the Rainbow gems respectively. The Purple gem follows next with 50x, 7.5x, and 1.5x payouts respectively. When you move on to the Green gem, the returns are 25x, 5x, and 1x. As you move further down the table, you will encounter the three lowest-paying gems. The Yellow, Blue, and Red gems are identical in their values. They yield 5x the bet while 5 in number and 1.2x and 0.5x while 4 and 3 in number in that order. 

Tic Tac Take allows fixes the minimum and maximum bets at 0.10 and 50 respectively and with the benefit of both-way wins; it ensures that you are in good hands.

Tic Tac Take Paytable


There are 10 paylines in the Tic Tack Take Paytable. Check them out below,

Pros and Cons

I admit that the pros and cons will differ from player to player given how differentiated an audience the online slot gaming industry has already created. Notwithstanding that, let me make an attempt to list down my version of it.

Differentiated RTPToo glitzy in appearance
Toned-down Features
Option to play with real money
Moderate payouts


You know this section will be a retelling of sorts of everything that preceded it, especially the Pros and Cons of Tic Tac Take as I have viewed them. While it is true that the perceived pros and cons of a particular slot game depend largely on the set of criteria an individual player places to judge that game, it is also true that one single player can approach a game from different criteria at different times. It is in this latter spirit that I have organized the favorable aspects of Pragmatic Play’s Tic Tac Take.

The slot is ideal for those who are still novices in the arena of online slots or who are trying to shed the baggage and enjoy the simple pleasures of a theme-filled video slot. The exclusion of an array of features and bonuses, a variegated highly volatile RTP, moderate payouts, all point in this direction. Contrarily, the only con that caught my attention is an outcome of my own subjective aesthetic sensibilities. While one must agree that online slots tend to utilize high-end tech resources to cast themselves aesthetically captivating, Tic Tac Take’s design, in my opinion, goes against the simplicity of the game. It is also too glamorous for my taste, a point which I cannot just brush under the rug.


  1. What are the key features of Tic Tac Take?

Although the slot is thin when it comes to game features, there still are a few of them one can root for. For example, the Respin features the availability of Wilds, both-way wins, and the option to cash in real money.

  1. What is the RTP of Tic Tac Take?

It is curious that Tic Tac Take offers three different RTP, 96.63%, 95.54%, and 94.57%. All in all, the Volatility is pretty high here.

  1. Can I play Tic Tac Take for real money?

Yes indeed! Tic Tac Take, like most of the Pragmatic Play’s slots, can be played for real money. The minimum bet allowed here is 0.10 with the maximum being 50. 

  1. Which bonus type is available for Tic Tac Take?

Tic Tac Take’s charm relies on its simplicity. Hence, bonus options are pretty limited here. You won’t find free spins, multipliers, or scatters here. What you will find are Wild and Respin. Respins do trigger themselves automatically. But you can also choose to buy them and unlock your ways to even greater wins.

  1. Where can I play Tic Tac Take?

Kindly note that this is an upcoming slot from Pragmatic Play which is set to release on 21st March of this year. You can check out Pragmatic Play’s official website to play the game upon arrival.

  1. Can I play Tic Tac Take on mobile?

Yes, you can. The game is developed by Pragmatic Play which is famous for its mobile-friendly portfolio. Tic Tac Take is similarly optimized for a superb mobile experience.

  1. What are the winning combinations on Tic Tac Take?

Refer to the paytable above to know about the winning combinations on Tic Tac Take and the turnovers. The game uses 6 gem symbols with 3 premium and 3 lowest-paying symbols among them.

  1. Is Tic Tac Take free?

Pragmatic Play promises free access to Tic Tac Take once it gets released.

  1. How to play Tic Tac Take for real money?

The procedure to play Tic Tac Take, or for that matter any Pragmatic Play offering is very simple actually. All you have to do is register with Pragmatic Play for free by visiting their website and following the steps. After completion, you will have permission to include your banking details to start playing with real money.

  1. How many symbols are there in total in Tic Tac Take?

Tic Tac Take utilizes a total of 9 symbols. The Rainbow gem is of the highest value, followed by two mid-value gems, Purple and Green. Three low-paying gems come next, Yellow, Blue, and Red. Three other symbols are ‘O’ and ‘X’ which are standard symbols and the Rainbow star that acts as Wild.

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