Roulette Blockbusters: Live Roulette, Lightning Roulette, & Double-Ball Roulette

Having derived from the French word meaning a ‘Wheel’, live roulette is a casino game that is famous across the world today. The wheel has numbers on its edges and slots for each number while a ball to slide over it. Because of its construction when the ball stops sliding, it will always land on anyone’s slot. If you guessed it right, you are the winner.

This simple configuration and easy-to-understand rules laid the foundation of a grand game. This is the only game after cards because of which online and offline casinos still exist today.

Roulette Big Win
Roulette Big Win

A Brief History of Roulette

The reason they call it the French Roulette is that it originated in France. The earliest form of roulette was Live Roulette as you can imagine. In 18th century France, people would gather and Blaise Pascal introduced a perpetual motion machine. The Live Roulette we know today is a hybrid of this machine and an Italian game of 1720, the Barbie.

Paris was the hub when the game was at its peak in 1796, approaching the next century. An early description of how one must play the game, its rules exist in a French novel ‘La Roulette’ that describes an act referring to this lifestyle.

The game went through several innovations, modifications over the centuries. It is from 1843’s German spa casino that introduced the single zero style roulette wheel to the earliest forms of American Live Roulette. It spread across Europe and the US because of its popularity among casinos, gamblers, and merchants. It became the most popular form of entertainment until the Germans abolished it in the 1860s.

Because of these versions of roulette, you can find them in three types today, depending on the sequence.

  • Single-zero wheel
  • Double-zero wheel
  • Triple-zero wheel

The layout, with numbering, the grouping of odds and even numbers, the American and French styles, and so on, Because of all these styles and different versions, Live Roulette is a diverse game despite common origins.

A fun fact is that California recently passed a law legalizing another form of Live Roulette. Because this roulette uses cards instead of wheels and slots, it is really a departure from the original concept. This was passed in 2004 as the California Roulette.

Best Live Roulette Casino Sites

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Live Roulette in Europe and America

As it is never seen before, players enjoy today’s Live Roulette such as Live Lightning Roulette and Live Double Ball Roulette because of their simplicity. The most popular, authentic and interesting form of Live Roulette is available online these days because of which online casinos are taking up huge profits. In the year 2020, most offline casino operations moved to online-only fashion.

Because Live Roulette has multiple variants in contemporary style, the largest number of generic, VIP, as well as live dealer tables, it attracts a larger audience. It is also hugely popular because of dedicated tables that provide optimal control of online gaming. For example, Dual Play Roulette is most entertaining because it is a combination of both land-based Live Roulette and online players playing together at the same time. This brings the feeling of connection and staying in the loop. Because they are on the same premise, looking at the same wheel spinning in front of their eyes, they feel physically present. But, this popularity also meant that some of the variants will become more popular than others.

There are few such types of Live Roulette that made it big. These modern-day innovations helped further bring in larger crowds because they brought back the excitement.

  • Live Lightning Roulette
  • Instant Roulette
  • Live Double Ball Roulette
  • Speed Roulette
  • Live Immersive Roulette

All the above require unique licenses to operate because of which you can be sure that they are not the same. And, if any casino offers them online, they have licenses to operate all the above. They all have unique ways of engaging the gamblers and attracting more players. Because of their engagement, the remaining percentage is also more than traditional Live Roulette.

But a world-class roulette does not come by that easily. To deliver a real world-class Live Roulette experience, you need strong backing from casino software developers and game studios. For example, the multi-camera view brings immersive gameplay because of which players feel closer to the action. It allows them to view the spinning wheel and the rolling ball from different angles because of this type of setup. When the movement of the ball is streamed live to your smartphone, you are part of the game. Further, with modern casino software, players can choose between different types of views, and make use of a rich set of features.

These features are the foundation of the success of line Live Roulette because otherwise, all this would not have been possible. Let us look at a couple of them below to see how 2020, two centuries later, has changed things.

  • Extensive statistics, for example, help players find the best spots to bet on. This is useful because it gives more confidence in betting.
  • ‘Autoplay’ is an amazing online feature available during Live Roulette. It is helpful because now players can rest assured and enjoy the game instead.
  • There is a possibility of chatting and holding conversations with other players sharing your table as well. This makes it more interactive, immersive, and real.
  • Finally, online Live Roulette means that you can use the basics of computing like saving your bets, gameplay, and reviewing them later.

Playing Live Roulette

A standard game of Live Roulette comprises the basic rules sharing similarity with the original concept from 18th century Europe. It is the base game and instantly recognizable if you are familiar with it.

It consists of a wheel with pockets and the wheel contains 37 of these pockets or slots. The players can choose a combination of these pockets such as in, out, or more. A round of live online roulette means the dealer will take care of the gameplay. The dealer will spin the reels, and the ball will rest in one of the pockets. If the bet is correct, you will win a reward.

The online simulated roulette games also work similarly because they all work on the same rules. But, depending on the casino, they may have a few dissimilarities to keep the game fresh and unique to their casinos. For example types of roulettes, winning amounts, gaming interface, and the difference between online and offline gaming.

Placing a bet on a Live Roulette table is also simple because all you need is to pick up a betting amount. The amount you choose must be higher than the minimum bet allocated for that specific table. Then, players must decide which bet they wish to make because there are often different types. Then, the live dealer shall acknowledge and deliver the physical ships. In an online Live Roulette game, the dealer does so physically but you can see it through the camera on your device. Because players can bet for real money, it has grown in popularity.

Often the live dealer can be in any part of the world while you are at the comfort of your home. They physically spin the wheel and the ball slides. Just because you are in front of a computer or smartphone screen, doesn’t mean it is not real. Everything is identical.

The standard Live Roulette is available at all online casinos that offer roulette. The other variants may or may not be available because some of them are unique to only a specific casino. Because roulette involves real money that you can win or lose, the risks are high. So, RTP or Return to Player is a good way of making a decision. We show this via an example below.

Playing Lightning Roulette

This is a thrilling and more charged version of the standard Live Roulette we explained just above. Play it as a usual roulette because this is the same with minor changes. Here live dealers will take you closer in the Live Lightning Roulette. With fantastic video, electrifying sound effects, and figures, the Lightning Roulette ramps up the excitement among players.

Playing the Lightning Roulette is the same as standard because there are 37 pockets – 0 is for Green, and 1 to 36 is divided between Red and Black. It follows all the rules of standard roulette. ‘Lucky Numbers’ are what make this game Lightning Roulette. Because it is unavailable in the standard format, it is different in its game mechanics and rewarding scheme. For example, the game can generate up to 5 lucky numbers in each game round, besides the usual ones. And, they come with multiplier effects ranging from 50x, 100x, and up to 500x. Some casinos may have 10 lucky numbers as well. This makes them super-charged and extremely exciting. If you are a high-stake betting champion, go for Lightning Roulette. The odds are also great because of the additional chances of winning big.

  • To get the lucky payout, the ball must land on the lucky number.
  • These lucky numbers and their respective multipliers are random and change in every round.
  • Random number generator is an industry-standard algorithm for fair usage.
  • Both the lucky numbers and their multipliers come from the same generator.

One must note that Lucky Numbers and payouts refer straight to Straight Up bets. And, non-multiplied Straight Up bets will always pay the standard 29x reward. And, all the other bets like Corners, Splits, etc will also pay the standard values.

Thus, the optimal RTP or Return to Player of Lightning Roulette is pushed to over 97% because of features like Split, Shift, Corner, etc. Lightning Roulette can rack up the RTP at 97.30%. So, make sure to check with your online casino about the RTP to know how they payout. This can help you decide which variant of Live Roulette is best for you and worth risking your real money.

Lightning Roulette
Lightning Roulette

Playing Double Ball Roulette

While playing the above two versions are great and exciting, the current variation is also nothing less. This is because it comes with its own set of features. As the name suggests, the difference between the main Live Roulette and the Double Ball Roulette is that there are two balls instead of one. In the first layout of the game board, the betting table is fairly standard though.

One can immediately recognize the setup of Double Ball Roulette because of two balls on the wheels. Now, two balls improve the chances and odds for the player. That is, in a way two rounds of wheel spin are combined into one. This casino game is based on European Roulette, and there is a single zero on the wheel. The numbers 1 to 36 are there in the same way and players must choose their preferences.

This game also has both Inside Bets, Outside Bets to choose from but also something else. Players must not forget that each bet has its own payout rates because of which they are independent and like two separate wheel spins. If you are betting on the Inside Bet, there are two chances to win with smaller payouts. But, if you place your bet using Outside Bets, both balls need to land on the same and only then the big rewards are yours.

For example, in some of these Double Ball Roulette games, the rewards can crank up to 1300:1 the payout. This outshines the standard roulette by a huge margin because of which the Double Ball Roulette is increasingly becoming a popular choice among high-stake gamblers. When you are ready for the live dealer, you can bet between a range from as little as $0.25 in some casinos to as high as the table’s demand. Select the SPIN button, and there you go. And, others may choose for the live dealer to spin the wheel automatically for you.

In short, the Double Ball Roulette is the most exciting version in some aspects if you want to dabble with real money.

Why Online Live Roulette Grow in Popularity So Fast?

Live Roulette is around for the last two centuries and is still played in much of its original form. The online revolution and the internet have allowed it to go into people’s homes, computers, and smartphones across the world. There is no limitation of location or time because of these innovations of modern life in, 20th century.

  • 200 Frames, HD Video: It allows for crystal clear visibility, realistic gameplay, and the sense of being present at the venue physically.
  • Scalability: It is an important t factor because online roulette tables and audiences are not restricted by the size of the table, the space inside the roulette room, and so on.
  • User-Friendly Interface: It has made players engage without hassle, and all credit goes to internet, website, and app developers.
  • Live Streaming: It is an important aspect because without this there would be no fun. Because it happens live, players feel like active participants rather than passive viewers.
  • Betting for Real Money: Different versions like Double Ball Roulette and Lightning Roulette brings new excitement and improved odds for the new generation of players.


Live Roulette is one of the oldest casino games that still exist among us in society and still brings customers and loyal audiences worldwide.

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