Hotline Slot Review

  • Decent RTP
  • Medium variance
  • No Progressive Jackpot;

Verdict on the Hotline Slot Game

The Sweden based giant in developing online casino games, Net Entertainment has created Hotline slot, a retro-style punter’s dream from the 1980s. Launched in 2018, the game is set in the city of Miami in an era when the Americans and Russians were joining hands to defuse the cold war. It transports players to the era when American society was in love with neon lights, guns, and fast cars. This was the period of Reaganomics, and when youngsters were still in love with bell bottoms. In other words, the Hotline slot is of a time in American history when style and fast life were indispensable to the young generation. In addition, it takes inspiration from a popular soap on TV from that era, The Miami Vive, as well as fast and furious Hollywood movies.

Finally, the slot has a generous Return to Player Percentage of 96.13. Therefore, anyone placing a wager on it can hope to receive decent returns along with fulsome entertainment.

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Introduction to the Hotline Slot Game

The Hotline slot has been developed by Net Entertainment, a company known for producing some world-class online casino games. The highly reputed developer of games has designed this slot with an eye on a generation of players who love the America of the 1980s. In other words, it has a retro-style look with an abundance of buzz. There are 5 reels in the game. In addition, a player can bet on 30 paylines. Net Entertainment has packed this slot with Free Spins, Re-Spins, Wilds, and Multipliers. There is nothing on the screen that does not remind you of the America of the 1980s. Therefore, you have neon lights, swaying palm trees, and fast cars moving around furiously.

Finally, players can place bets between 45 pence and 450 pounds and expect a Return to Player Percentage of 96.13. With medium variance, this slot has the thrills and fun that all lovers of retro style slot fancy.

  • Developed by Net Entertainment;
  • Set in the America of 1980s;
  • The slot is themed retro-style;
  • It is played over 5 reels;
  • Players can place bets on 30 paylines;
  • There are abundant Multipliers, Free Spins, and Wild features;
  • Betting ranges from 45 pence to 450 pounds;
  • It has an RTP of 96.13 with a medium variance;

Theme and Storyline of the Hotline Slot Game

Hotline Slot Look & Feel

Hotline Slot Look & Feel

Retro-style is the theme of the Hotline slot. Set in Miami, it is reminiscent of America of the 1980s. The screen is full of symbols from that period in American modern history. In other words, there are cars moving around furiously on the streets dotted with palm trees. The game is lively and fast-paced. It draws its inspiration from the TV show of that period, The Miami Vice. The entire slot revolves around 2 undercover detectives who are out to catch Kitty Weiss, a jewel thief. Weiss is on the run with a diamond necklace and a ring. The 2 detectives, Quinn and Rivera are on her hot pursuit.

This slot has many special features like Free Spins and Multipliers. In addition, it has a Hotline Bonus Bet feature, in which a player can place multi-level bets. Finally, the music and graphics used to create the theme take players back to the 1980s reminding them of movies where cops moved around with swagger and a gun on their hips.

  • The slot is themed retro-style;
  • Set in Miami of the 1980s;
  • There are 3 main characters in this slot game;
  • There are 2 detectives on the hot pursuit of a jewel thief;
  • The screen is abuzz with palm tree-lined roads, cops strutting around with a swagger;
  • In addition, there are fast cars and neon lights;
  • Finally, the music used in this slot too is from that era;

Graphics and Sound of the Hotline Slot Game

The graphics and sound used in the Hotline slot is from America the way it was in the 1980s. Each symbol and animation is reminiscent of a country that was breaking out from the hippie culture and moving on to create a world order where the cold war with Russia was coming to an end. Developers at Net Entertainment have given a retro look to the slot. Therefore, there is class, as well as nostalgia in this game. Inspired from TV soap from the 1980s, the characters and symbols create an ambiance of a classy, retro Miami. The game is played on the streets of this beautiful American city during sunset.

  • Graphics and Sound take players back to the America of the 1980s;
  • Developers have created Miami city as it was during that period;
  • Inspired by a TV show, The Miami Vice which dominated the small screen during that time;
  • The animations and sound have a retro feel to them;

Special Features of the Hotline Slot Game

The Hotline slot has an abundance of special features to lure players across all genres. Therefore, along with good payouts in the base game, players have the opportunity to register lucrative winnings if special features get activated.

●      Hotline Bonus Bet Feature

This feature is central to all the action that takes place in the Hotline slot game and can be triggered by the player at will. In other words, a player can choose to activate it at his own will. Either 1 or 2 or even 3 Hotlines can be kicked in depending upon the stake. For instance, on activating 1 Hotline, players play with 15 coins per level. 15 coins are added with each Hotline thereafter. The Hotlines open up the chances of triggering Wilds and Re-Spins.

●      Re-Spins Feature

An expanding Wild triggers the Re-Spins feature. This happens when a Wild lands on an active Hotline. The number of Re-Spins you get will depend upon the number of Wilds landing on active Hotlines.

●      Free Spins Feature

The Free Spins come rarely. But when they do they can be very rewarding. To trigger the Free Spins, a player needs to land 3 Scatters on reels 1, 3, and 5. The Scatter symbols activate 7 Free Spins.

●      Wilds

The Red Ferrari car is the Wild symbol in this slot. When it lands, it substitutes all regular symbols. In addition, if a Wild lands on an active Hotline, it expands to cover the entire reels. Therefore, this feature opens up possibilities of huge payouts.

●      Scatters

The picture of the sunset with Scatter written is the Scatter symbol. If the Scatter symbol lands on reels 1, 3, and 5, a player gets Free Spins.

Return to Player Percentage of the Hotline Slot Game

The Hotline slot has a Return to Player Percentage of 96.13. The Return to Player Percentage is defined as the average returns registered on punts over a period of time. For instance, if 100 players place a wager of 100 coins over 1 month, the average return calculated in this case would be 96.13 coins. In other words, the Return to Player is the definition of the calculation of the average return on punts. Any slot with a Return to Player Percentage of more than 96 is considered a safe bet for players. In addition, this slot has a medium variance.

  • The Hotline slot has an RTP of 96.13;
  • This is a good and safe RTP for slots of this genre;
  • In addition, the variance level is medium;

Paytable of the Hotline Slot Game

There are 5 reels in the Hotline slot. In addition, players can place bets on 30 paylines. It has 6 regular symbols, which include Kitty Weiss the jewel thief, and 2 detectives chasing her. Further, there is a necklace, a ring, and a crown of jewels stolen by Weiss. Payouts are earned if 3 or more matching symbols land on adjacent reels, either horizontally or diagonally. The pieces of jewelry are the Lower Paying symbols. The other 3 symbols are pretty high paying. For instance, Kitty Weiss, the jewel thief is the Highest Paying symbol. Landing 5 of Weiss earns a return that is 200 times the bet placed. Finally, the 2 detectives, Quinn and Rivera give a payout of 120 and 80 times the punt if 5 of them land in a sequence.

  • This slot has 5 reels;
  • Players can bet on 30 paylines;
  • There are 6 regular symbols;
  • Kitty Weiss, the jewel thief is the Highest Paying symbol;
  • The 2 detectives are next in order in terms of returns;
  • The pieces of jewelry are the Lower Paying symbols;

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Strategy to Win the Hotline Slot Game

A regular at online casinos will understand and vouch for the fact that it is not enough to depend just on luck to expect a good payout. In other words, to register good returns on bets placed, you need to combine the luck element with a smart play strategy. Therefore, do not ever count your lucky stars before placing a wager or curse your charms if you are losing at the slot. In addition, what you need to do is play with skill and hope it combines well with your luck in order to log in good returns.

●      Play Virtual Money First

Initially try your luck with virtual money at a Free Mode version of the slot. In other words, lock your real cash inside your wallet till you are comfortable with all the features of the game. Place bets with real cash only after you have explored the game well and are sure of the way the slot is played.

●      Budget Your Loss

Set a limit to how much you can afford to lose. In other words, budget your time and money at the slot. Be careful not to be reckless with your punts if the going is not good for you. Withdraw just the right time before your losses start mounting to a point of regret.

●      Learn to be Content

If you are having a good day with bets at the Hotline slot, don’t show greed for more. Finally, know when to withdraw lest the trend reverses.

●      Be Patient

Have the patience to earn a payout and don’t be reckless with bets in the rush to earn the jackpot. In other words, give yourself time to receive a good return. Study the slot academically. In addition, research the game for payout and landing patterns. Finally, start placing bets only once you have understood the nuances of the slot well.

Final Verdict on the Hotline Slot Game

If you love the America of the 1980s, the Hotline slot is the one for you. It has been designed such that it appeals to both veterans as well as beginners. For instance, the retro theme, the Miami ambiance, and inspiration from The Miami Vice, the popular TV show, lures in old-timers. In addition, for the newcomers to this world, there are many attractive features to entice them. For those who love life as it was in the 1980s, this slot will surely fancy them. Even if you do not win big, the lure of that period is enough to keep you hooked to this slot. Moreover, with a decent RTP and medium level variance, there is no way you are turning away from it. Finally, if you love action, go for this TV detective inspired slot machine from Net Entertainment.

  • The retro theme is appealing;
  • Those who love America of the 1980s will fancy this game;
  • It has an appeal to both old-timers and beginners at slots as well;
  • Finally, the lure of the 1980s is enough to keep players hooked;

Pros and Cons of the Hotline Slot Game


  • Retro theme;
  • The lure of the 1980s;
  • Graphics and Sound;
  • Decent RTP;
  • Medium variance;
  • Mobile version;
  • Many special features;
  • 30 paylines;
  • 3 Hotlines feature;


  • The theme may not appeal to all genres of players;
  • Frequency of payout;
  • No Progressive Jackpot;

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Hotline Slot Game

1.    Who has Developed the Hotline Slot Game?

The Hotline slot game has been developed by the Sweden based giant in the online casino industry, Net Entertainment.

2.    What is the Theme of the Hotline Slot Game?

The Hotline slot is based on a retro theme. 

3.    Does the Hotline Slot Game have a Mobile Version?

Yes, there is a mobile version of the Hotline slot game.

4.    What is the Return to Player Percentage of the Hotline Slot Game?

The Hotline slot game has a decent Return to Player Percentage of 96.13.

5.    What is the Variance Level of the Hotline Slot Game?

The Hotline slot game has a medium variance level.

6.    What is the Betting Range in the Hotline Slot Game?

In the Hotline slot game, players can place bets ranging from 45 pence to 45 pounds.

7.    How Many Symbols are There in this Slot Machine?

The Hotline slot has 6 regular symbols.

8.    What is the Highest Paying Symbol in the Hotline Slot Game?

Kitty Weiss, the jewel thief is the Highest Paying symbol in the game. Landing 5 symbols can get a maximum payout of 200 times the bet placed in the base game.

9.    Does the Hotline Slot Game have a Progressive Jackpot Feature?

No, the Hotline slot game does not have a Progressive Jackpot feature.

Finally, the Hotline Slot Game in Brief

  • Developer: Net Entertainment;
  • Launch Year: 2018;
  • Theme: Retro;
  • Mobile Version: Yes;
  • RTP: 96.13;
  • Variance Level: Medium;
  • Betting Range: 45 pence to 45 pounds;
  • Maximum Payout: 60000 coins;
  • Reels: 5;
  • Paylines: 30;
  • Free Spins: Yes;
  • Wilds: Yes;
  • Scatter Symbol: Yes;
  • Progressive Jackpot: No;

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