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Jurassic Park Real Money Slot Review about RTP, Paytable and Casino Sites

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  • The sounds used to give an ASMR feel to the players
  • There are loads of bonus rounds
  • High volatility
  • Confusing payout system


Developed in 2014 by the software giant in gaming, Microgaming Jurassic Park slot was launched ostensibly to cash in on the craze for its namesake Hollywood blockbuster Jurassic Park. Inspired by Steven Spielberg’s film, this slot game offers a very creative and out of the box environment. In other words, the slot has some grand graphics and animations set against the backdrop of pre-historic jungles. Since the theme of this slot is around the Hollywood cult film, it is difficult to escape any gamer’s attention. In addition, with 243 paylines, the chances of a punter not trying his or her hands on it are very minimal.

Introduction to Jurassic Park Slot

Based on Steven Spielberg’s iconic film, Jurassic Park, this slot game was the first to use the Parallax Scrolling Effect. Played over 243 paylines, the Jurassic Park slot is set in a pre-historic jungle and has some unique animations to entice the players. In addition, with an abundance of free spin features, it gives punters innumerable opportunities to make a killing on every spin. The game transports you to the ancient, almost unreal world of dinosaurs. In other words, in this game, a player has to connive with these ancient animals and walk away laughing all the way to the bank. The developers of this game promise a supreme gaming experience and surely, the slot does not disappoint the gamers. Available on the Flash and Quickfire platforms this slot game is flooded with characters from the dinosaur era.

Theme of the Jurassic Park Slot

Fans of Jurassic Park will love the ample chances Microgaming offers them in this slot game themed around this pre-historic era Animal park. In other words, the Jurassic Park slot game has a plethora of symbols from that time zone. Therefore, the settings and the theme are both unique. They take you deep into a jungle for an adventure not to be missed by those with an appetite to experiment with different effects and distinct features.

In addition, this is one of the few games which have used Parallax Effects. In other words, this slot game has a graphic animation in which the background images move past the camera at a slower speed than the images in the foreground. Therefore, it creates an illusion of depth in a 2-dimensional image to give an immersive experience in a virtual world.

Finally, the dinosaur is the central character in the Jurassic Park slot game. The camera roves around the jungle from where a dinosaur may suddenly appear. In addition, there are creepers and vines dripping down from the top of the screen. The slot machine has enough space for the central character of the Hollywood film, T-Rex. Therefore, for a player, Jurassic Park comes to life once again through this slot game.

  • This slot game is themed around the Hollywood film Jurassic Park;
  • It has numerous characters which transport a player to the Jurassic Park era;
  • Jurassic Park slot game has used Parallax Effects very effectively;
  • Parallax Effects give depth to a 2-dimensional image;
  • In the Parallax Effect, the background image moves past the camera at a slower speed than the foreground image;
  • The unique visual effect gives the player an immersive experience;
  • Dinosaurs are the central character in this slot game;
  • Apart from all the characters from the Hollywood film, the forest setting adds to a surreal feel;
Jurassic Park Slot Look & Feel
Jurassic Park Slot Look & Feel

Graphics and Sound Used in Jurassic Park Slot

The stunning graphics promise to take a player back in time to the age of dinosaurs. The immersive animations draw a player into expeditions in a jungle with artfully created foliage around which the Jurassic Parkfilm characters play. Each free round has different themes, creating suspense unmatched in a slotting experience. In other words, the visual appeal invites players to experience gambling the new way. In addition, neither the video effects nor the sounds are repetitive. The Parallax Effects give a sense of depth unmatched in the gaming industry. And the visual magic takes place in every environmental animation on the slot screen. Even if the visuals are not moving, the unique effect gives them an animating feel. In other words, Parallax gives all the optical elements in the Jurassic Park slota feel of live scenery.

Finally, the sounds used in the game take their inspiration from the original track of the Steven Spielberg blockbuster. The audio effects are eerie and bring back to life the times and life of the dinosaur era. Not just the roar of T-Rex but even the simple click sound of the character called Velociraptor is amazing. The spinning of the wheels and the winning sounds make an ASMR effect. In other words, these sounds create a tingling sensation in the body starting from the scalp that moves down the neck and spine.

  • Stunning graphics are used in this slot machine;
  • The visuals and sounds take a player back to the era of dinosaurs;
  • Immersive graphics give players the adventures of a jungle;
  • Each free spin round has different themes;
  • Neither the visual effects nor the sounds are repetitive;
  • The Parallax Effect gives a depth unmatched in the gaming industry;
  • The soundtrack used is inspired by the original track used in the Steven Spielberg film;
  • Sound effects are eerie;
  • The audio experience creates an ASMR effect on the body;

Play Jurassic Park For Real Money

Where can I play Jurassic Park slot machine online?

Below we selected the best certified and licensed slot sites where you can play Jurassic Park.

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Special Features

The Jurassic Park slotmachines offer a variety of special features to entice new players and retain old gamers. This game offers 5 free spin rounds. Every free spin round has unique visual effects and a soundtrack. Each is triggered when a player hits 3 mosquito fossil symbols. Hitting 3 to 5 of these symbols reward a player with 12 free spins. The free spin rounds need to be understood well before a player starts punting on this slot machine.

1.    T-Rex Round

The first time a player gets a free spin, the T-Rex spins round is triggered. It opens the possibility of turning the entire reels wild. In other words, this feature offers a tremendous chance to increase winnings. During this round, a huge T-Rex appears overwhelming the screen with loud roars and huge teeth. 

  • T-Rex opens up the possibility of a big win;
  • In this round, T-Rex appears with loud roars and huge teeth;

2.    Velociraptor Round

Velociraptors turn wild symbols at random. These Jurassic Parkcharacters appear from the jungle hissing and jumping. They give the players a chance to either multiply or split the wild scatters.  For instance, the random multipliers in this round give the player a chance to multiply his winnings 4 to 6 times. In addition, the Velociraptor can opt to divide the wild symbols into 2.

  • Velociraptors turn the wild symbols randomly;
  • This character appears jumping and hissing from the jungle;
  • The wilds can either be multiplied or split in this round;

3.    Brachiosaurus Round

This round is an important feature in this slot game. This feature gives players a multiplier with every spin ranging from 2 to 6 times of one’s winnings. These multipliers appear randomly during the spins.

  • In this round, a player gets multipliers with every spin;
  • The multiplier will appear randomly;

4.    Triceratops Round

In this round, a player will experience a huge Triceratop appearing on the screen and turning the entire reel wild. Therefore, this round is also called ‘Running Wilds’. In addition, in this round, a wild gets added to the reel per each spin. In other words, a player receives 12 more wilds during this round.

  • A huge Triceratop appears on the screen;
  • It turns the entire reel wild;
  • Also called the ‘Running Wilds’ round;
  • A wild is added to the reel with each spin;

5.    Dilophosaurus Round

This is the fifth and the last of the free rounds in the Jurassic Park slot. In this round, a small, green-colored dinosaur appears from the jungle to split a wild randomly by spitting on it.

  • Green colored dinosaur appears on the screen;
  • The dinosaurs spit on a symbol turning it wild;

6.    T-Rex Feature

Apart from the above mentioned 5 free spin rounds, the Jurassic Park slot also has a bonus round feature. Called the T-Rex Alert Feature, this mode gets activated after T-Rex is spotted in the deep jungle. The sighting of the T-Rex triggers an extra wild red sign scattering countless wild symbols throughout the screen. The exact number of wilds triggered is 35. In other words, the chances of a win soar if a player gets this bonus round. A punter can register the highest win in this round as the winnings can go up to 6000 times the wager.

  • 35 wilds get triggered in this round;
  • T-Rex sighting triggers wilds in the jungle;
  • Returns to a player can be up to 6000 times the amount wagered;

Return to Player Percentage of Jurassic Park Slot

The Return to Player for a layman is the percentage of the wager that a gamer gets in return on average. This varies from as low as 75 percent to as high as 99 percent in different slots. The Jurassic Park slot has an RTP of 96.67. In other words, a player punting on this slot has a very high chance of winning. Compared to some of its peers, this is way too close to the top limit than a lot of others. For instance, Super Nudge has an RTP of 74.9 only.

  • The Return to Player Percentage is the average return to a player per spin;
  • Jurassic Park slot has an RTP of 96.70;
  • This slot has a very high RTP, very close to the top bracket;

Paytable in Jurassic Park Slot

The Jurassic Park slot has 5 reels over 3 rows with 243 paylines. In other words, a player can wager on 243 fixed lines. The maximum bet a player is allowed is 15 UK Pounds. Though this is not a high maximum bet, it, however, is as much as the average maximum bet allowed by Microgaming slots. In addition, a player can win up to 95000 coins in the jackpot round.

At the bottom of the screen, there are 3 buttons available. Each has a different role to play. The first button gives a player the choice to pre-set the number of spins. In other words, it takes the player to the auto-spin mode. The second button, also called the Stats button opens up a menu with the basic history of the spin results. Finally, the Settings button takes the player to the main settings of the game including all the betting options.

Finally, the 4 main characters of the movie deliver the highest payouts. They generate a return of 2500 to 4000 coins by striking a winning combination over them. In addition, the dinosaur symbols give 600 to 1500 coins.

  • Jurassic Park slot is a 5 reel, 3-row game;
  • It has 243 fixed paylines;
  • The maximum a player can bet is 15 UK Pounds;
  • 95000 coins are the maximum number of coins a player can win;
  • The slot machine has 3 distinct buttons at the bottom of the screen;
  • Each button has a different role to play;
  • The first button lets a player play in auto-spin mode;
  • The second button gives details about the history of spin results;
  • The third button will take the player to the main settings menu;

Jurassic Park Casino Sites

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Spin Hill

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Jackpot Paradise
Jackpot Paradise

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Casino Elevate
Casino Elevate

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Watch My Spin
Watch My Spin

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Winner’s Magic
Winner’s Magic

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Strategy to Win Jurassic Park Slot

The Jurassic Park slot comes under the category of high volatility according to gaming experts. In other words, the chances of hitting a big win are less as compared to slots that have low or medium volatility. Having said that, it is important to note that with the number of free spin rounds and special features it will be a surprise if a player fails to land a big win. In other words, if played smartly, a player can walk home with huge payouts.

  • Try your luck with the free versions first;
  • Set a loss limit;
  • Study the bonus rounds frequency;
  • Punt in short bursts;

Final Verdict on Jurassic Park Slot

In conclusion, anyone with a penchant for pre-historical characters and storylines will love this slot game. It has kept alive the interest Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park aroused in young minds about archaeology and paleontology. Finally, the Jurassic Park slotgame combines both human and reptilian characters into an action-filled atmospheric punting game.

Pros and Cons of Jurassic Park Slot


  • This slot machine has an ocean of atmospherics;
  • The graphics are stunning and the characters visually appealing;
  • The Parallax Effects create a 3-dimensional feel;
  • The sounds used to give an ASMR feel to the players;
  • There are loads of bonus rounds;


  • Confusing payout system;
  • High volatility;

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Jurassic Park Slot

1.    Is the Jurassic Park Slot Based on the Hollywood Movie by the Same Name?

Yes. It is developed on the characters that have played a part in the movie.

2.    Is this Slot Game Available as a Mobile App?

Unfortunately, there is no mobile version of this game. The game though can be played on a smartphone.

3.    Is There a Jurassic Park Free Slot?

Yes. For players who do not want to risk their money on this game, there is a free version available.

4.    Does the Jurassic Park Slot have a Free Spin Round?

Yes. The Jurassic Park slot has 5 free spin rounds.

5.    Does the Jurassic Park Slot Offer a Jackpot?

Yes, there is a jackpot on offer with a payout of 95000 coins.

Jurassic Park Slot in Brief

  • Theme: Jurassic Park;
  • Developer: Microgaming;
  • Paylines: 243;
  • RTP: 96.67;
  • Free Spin Rounds: 5;
  • Maximum Win: 95000 coins;

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