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  • Opal Fruits has a very high return to player of 96.75% which is more than most other online slots
  • The game has a clean interface and graphics which makes the uncomplicated and very easy to use
  • Sometimes, you will have to a long time before getting a big win and this makes the game monotonous

You may have played a lot of online betting games, but none like Opal Fruits slots. Even a child can play this game, it is easy to play. The game offers a smooth interface to everyone and you can play it easily online. You can bet small amounts in if you want or go for the big kill if that’s your preference. Its retro theme is sure to get you engaged and hooked in no time at all.

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Quick Verdict: Opal Fruits Slot

Opal Fruits is already a fan favorite amongst betters. People love this reel game for its smooth interface, attractive look, and medium to high volatility. Opal Fruits slots despite being a reel game is uniquely engaging and interesting. People have found that this game has a lot of winning potential thanks to its multipliers and reaction options.


Opal fruits slots is a big hit among the online gambling community. The game has a retro-themed 6-reel format that impresses everyone. You can win in any of the 5,625 ways of winning. This huge winning potential gives you the chance to bet and earn a lot. You can trim the size of your bet based on your risk appetite. While placing bets, you can choose anywhere between .01 coins and 20 coins. First, you choose the size of your bet and then you spin to see if you’ve won!

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Theme: Opal Fruits Slot

Opal Fruits Slot Look & Feel

Big Time gaming is the firm behind Opal Fruits and they have given it a spectacular look. Opal Fruits has lucrative features coupled with a retro look and a fruit theme. It’s uncomplicated playing mechanism makes it an instant hit among players.

If you want to play Opal fruits slots, you should know that this is a mindless reel game. It doesn’t force you to think too much while betting or playing. It allows you to play a relaxed game where you just need to choose your bet size. The developers have given it a retro theme with multiple fruits in the slots. It also has some special times which unlock many bonuses. It has 6-reels in total and multiple ways of winning.

Storyline of Free Opal Fruits

Playing this game is absurdly simple for you and you don’t need to think much. You can mindlessly keep spinning the reel while deciding your bet based on your wishes. Make sure that you choose your bet based on your risk appetite. Then all you have to do is keep spinning the reel. Every time you line up three or six of the same fruits, you win!

By lining up fruits, you will win the bet and also some in-game prizes. These end up causing reactions for you, and these reactions will end up winning you more prizes. You will see that winning symbols are changed for new symbols and you can then align them for more wins. Once you align them, again the same thing will happen until no new win lines align.  Opal Fruits slots is easy to play and offers high winning chances.

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Graphics, Sounds & Animation

In terms of graphics, you will find that Opal Fruits has clean and fundamentally basic graphics. It does not have any complex graphics since that will confuse you and distract you from the game. As mentioned, you will find that it runs on a retro theme revolving around fruits. You will hear sounds that are in line with its retro theme and give it a 1980s feel. The graphics and background of the game will take you down the memory lane to the era of arcades. The game appears to be based in space and gives off an arcade game vibe.

You will see that the tiles are all translucent and have a 3, 5, 5, 5, 5, 3 configuration. Also, you will see different fruits like plums, pears, grapes, and watermelons. Out of these grapes will reward you the most by giving you up to 50 times your bet. That is if you align six of them. You can play Opal Fruit slots on almost any handheld device despite its retro theme.

Special Opal Fruits Bonus Features, Free Spins, Progressive Jackpots ETC

You will find that Opal Fruits slots have a lot of features to attract users. It will offer you a lot of special features which make the game interesting and fun to play. These special features offer you higher winning chances.

●      Reactions

As you will see, the main setup of the game has 6 reels in total. You will also see two more reels above and below the main six reels. In case you create a winning alignment, the winning symbols disappear. The symbols on the extra two reels will now replace the symbols that disappeared. This is the reaction feature, and it allows you to create a chain of wins. The best part of this chain is that it will still be counted one spin.

●      Free Spin

If you can align the reels in a way that the word ‘Free’ is appearing using any tiles, then you are in luck. This will give you 10 Free Spins, which begin with an x1 multiplier and can increase. There is no limit to how much your multiplier can increase. To increase your multiplier, you just need to form reactions and combinations during your 10 Free Spins. If you reach a 10x multiplier, you also get 5 extra Free Spins.

●      3x Wild

These symbols can help you vastly increase your winning chances. They boost your wins by three and can substitute other symbols. It will be easier for you to make winning alignments using these 3x Wild tiles. Moreover, if you can get 3 of 3x wild tiles to align perfectly then you get a 1,296x wild multiplier.

RTP (Return to Player): Opal Fruits Real Money Slot

Opal Fruits slots have a very high Return to Player or RTP of 96.75%. This is extremely high for an online slot game. You can win up to 36,000x your stake at the maximum which is no doubt extremely high. To do this you need to use the Free Spins to bag a triple reaction. If you are still not clear, this means that you can win up to $720,000 in just one go. That is a massive win you can get just by playing this game. Moreover, you can earn a lot by accumulating small wins. From time to time, you will also be big. All these wins together with the generous 96.75% RTP give you the chance to become opulent.

Paytable for Fruits: Opal Fruits Megaways

The payouts that you get are multiplied by the stake. Out of all the symbols and fruits, the grapes will pay you the most. Aligning 6 grapes can pay you 50 times your stake or bet. This means a single spin with 6 grapes can give you a huge win and change your fortunes. Aligning a lesser number of grapes will give you an equal amount of winnings as the number of grapes aligned. That means 5 grapes will give you 5 times and 4 grapes will give you for times and so on.

The next highest payer in Opal Fruits slots is the watermelon. Aligning 6 watermelons will pay you twice your bet. Aligning 5 will pay you 0.7 times, 4 will give you 0.6 times and 3 will give you 0, 4 times your bet. After watermelons, the blue plums will pay you the highest. All 6 plums aligned pay you 0.9 times your bet while 5 plums will pay you 0.6 times. Lesser number of plum alignments will pay you even less. Pears will pay you the least among fruits. All 6 pears aligned pay you 0.8 times while 5 pears aligned pay you 0.6 times. Further, 4 aligned pears pay 0.5 times and 3 pears aligned pay 0.4 times

Paytable for Alphabets and Numbers of Opal Fruits Slot

In Opal Fruits slots, you will see 4 fruits, 4 alphabets, and 2 numbers in total. As the name Opal Fruits suggests, you are playing to align fruits to win. Alphabets and numbers are there as fillers to make the game more difficult for you. However, aligning alphabets or numbers will fetch you a little bit of rewards. Amongst both alphabets and numbers, the alphabets pay more.

Aligning 6 of the same alphabet will give you 0.6 times while aligning 5 alphabets will pay you 0.5 times. Moreover, aligning 4 alphabets will pay you 0.4 times and 3 alphabets will pay you 0.3 times. All the alphabets pay you the same, unlike fruits where different fruits pay you different amounts. So, it doesn’t matter if you align 6As, 6Ks, 6Qs or 6Js, you will still get 0.6 times the bet. Similarly aligning 5 of the same alphabets from any of the alphabets will pay you 0.5 times and so on.

Aligning numbers will pay you the least out of fruits, alphabets, and numbers. Like alphabets, all numbers will also pay you the same amount. Aligning 6 of the same number out of any numbers will pay you 0.4 times. While aligning 5 of a number will pay you 0.3 times, 4 of a number will pay you 0.2 times, and so on. Aligning just 3 of number pays you only 0.1 times. Thus, fruits pay you the most generally, followed by alphabets and numbers pay you the least. You can align your strategy accordingly based on the winning paytable. You will have to accumulate smaller wins as big wins may take time.

Opal Fruits Slot: How to Win/ Strategy?

When you are betting money, you play to win. You can adopt one of many strategies to win at Opal Fruits slots. You can bet small and keep accumulating small wins and the occasional big win. However, you will find that this is a slow and drawn-out process. You can aim to align the 3x wild tiles perfectly. This will give you a 1,296x multiplier reward which is a significant leg up. You can win up to 22,300x times the bet under normal circumstances.

Another good strategy is to spell out ‘Free’ in the 6 reels. This will give you 10 Free Spins. Triggering the Free Spins with a 4 scatter gives you 10 Free Spins with a 1x multiplier. Scatter means the gold tiles scatter that you see which spells ‘Free’. If you get a 5-scatter win, then you get 10 Free Spins with a 5x multiplier. Better still, a 6-scatter win will give you a 10x multiplier and 10 Free Spins. These Free Spins can give you huge rewards since you can earn up to 36,600x the stake in a Free Spin. Moreover, if you hit 10x multiplier in Free Spins then you get 5 more Free Spins. You can utilize the 5625 ways to win. Also, you can use the Triple Reaction game engine in your favor. Triggering reactions will further help you in more money.

Final Verdict

Overall, Opal Fruits slots is a thrilling game that is sure to attract anyone’s attention. It is a peaceful and mindless slot game that anyone can play without getting mentally taxed. It even has an Autoplay feature that makes playing the game easier. The game’s retro feel adds a touch of nostalgia linking it to the era of arcade gaming. Its uncomplicated and smooth graphics enhance its visual appeal. The game achieves what it set out to do, which is to provide uncomplicated entertainment and thrill. The vast betting spread allows you to comfortably bet within your risk zone. This further allows you to bet at a level at which it’s thrilling for you and not worrying. It is free of money-grabbing pop-ups and ads and it allows you to relive the arcade era.


There are several pros of Opal Fruit slots which even the haters cannot deny. These pros add to the fun factor which attracts people to the game on a daily basis. Its 5625 pay lines and Autoplay feature make it a winning game for everyone.

  • Opal Fruits has a very high return to player of 96.75% which is more than most other online slots;
  • The game has a clean interface and graphics which makes the uncomplicated and very easy to use;
  • It has a wide betting spread so you can bet as per your own risk appetite which keeps the game fun;


No game is perfect and even the spectacular Opal Fruits slots has some drawbacks. These however, are minor and the Pros outweigh the cons. Despite these minor drawbacks, you will enjoy the game thanks to its thrill and engagement.

  • Sometimes, you will have to a long time before getting a big win and this makes the game monotonous;
  • If you aren’t using the Autoplay feature, manually spinning the reel again and again can get boring;
  • It has a maximum bet of 20, so people who wish to play with higher stakes won’t enjoy this game much;


You may have some questions about Opal Fruits slots which you may want to be answered. The game is easy to play and you will get the hang of it in no time. However, in this section, we will answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

1.    How Much can You Bet on Opal Fruits Slots?

You can bet anywhere between 10 pence to 20 pounds in one slot. The rewards, of course, can be much higher based on multipliers or winnings. You can choose any amount in between this spread as per your risk appetite.

2.    What is the RTP for Opal Fruits Slots?

The RTP or Return to Player of Opal Fruits is very high and stands at 96.75%. However, the game is also more volatile so you can lose money quickly. That is unless you land some multipliers or winnings.

3.    What is the Maximum Pay Out for Opal Fruits?

In a single spin, you can win up to 22,300x under a normal spin. If you manage to bag Free Spins then the maximum payout in one spin can go up to 36,600x. This is a very high payout that you can get just in a single spin.

4.    Can Opal Fruits Slots be Played for Free without Betting Money?

You can play the demo version of the game for free if you like. However, the game is a mindless slot game which is no fun without the money. You will enjoy the thrill of the game only if you bet real money.

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