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  • Violet Nectar Free Spins
  • Nectar Burst Spreading Wilds
  • Changing the bet value would reset all the progress made
  • Free Spins round cannot be retriggered

Mystic Hive slot is yet another bee-themed video slot powered by BetSoft. Released on 20 August 2020, the game is a sequel to the popular slot The Hive. Undoubtedly, the provider has made all efforts to make Mystic Hive more entertaining and rewarding than the previous bee-themed slot. The unique characteristic of the slot is that it has reels that resemble a beehive. The 3-4-5-4-3 hexagonal reel set accompanies a bottle of nectar that gradually fills up to reward Free Spins. The slot machine has 30 fixed paylines and 5 rows that make 19 hexagon-shaped cells. The slot pays both ways and the paylines are aligned diagonally and horizontally.

It is a low-to-medium volatility slot and players can expect small-to-medium wins frequently. The game has some unique bonus features that can reward big payouts. There are 3 different types of fireflies in the game that bring mystical prizes in the form of stacking multiplier and free spin with Nectar Burst Spreading Wilds. The extraordinary features of the slot make the gameplay all the more entertaining. Besides all the fun and magic, the game is also rewarding and promises an RTP of 96.13%

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Basic Slot Details of Mystic Hive

Reels/Rows:Up to 5/Up to 5
Release Date:August 17, 2020
Mystic Hive RTP:96.13%
Paylines:30 (Both Ways)
Min/Max Bet:0,10/90,00
Max Win:243x
Theme:Magic, Potions, Mushrooms
Bonus Features:(Nectar Burst Spreading) Wilds, Violet Nectar Free Spins, 3 Mystic Fireflies, Nectar Meter
Mobile Compatibility:Yes, Tablet, Phone & PC

Introduction to the Mystic Hive Slot

Mystic Hive is a highly appealing slot machine that features a hexagonal grid instead of the traditional reel setup. All the action takes place in this mystic beehive. The sparkling symbols and the glittering fireflies invoke a mesmerizing effect. The game’s developer Betsoft is acclaimed for its mobile-optimized casino slots and interactive 3D games.  The provider is already known for its beehive themed slot The Hive that features a similar kind of hexagonal grid.  But this time the provider has used high-end 3D graphics and the latest slot technology to develop a stunning slot machine.  Mystic Hive can simply attract gamers with its unprecedented design, special effects, and music. 

The slot features some unique bet settings and a Collecting feature called the Nectar Meter that ensures a guaranteed bonus round if the player completes the collection. Also, it has 3 different types of dazzling fireflies that fly around the beehive to add more wins and random features throughout the session. The revolutionary slot has a cluster-like reel setting that resembles a honeycomb. There are 5 rows with each bearing a different number of cells. Wins can occur both ways when identical symbols land on any of the 30 paylines that fall diagonally or horizontally across the grid. Even though big wins may not occur quickly, the game has the potential to reward up to 243 times the bet. And this amounts to a max payout worth € 19440.

  • The game has a mystic beehive theme with glittering fireflies and mesmerizing soundtrack.
  • Mystic Hive is the 2nd slot in the beehive series and the provider has utilized high-end 3D elements to make the slot appear truly stunning.
  • Instead of the usual reel setting the game has a hexagonal grid where paylines fall diagonally and horizontally and players can win both ways.
  • Big wins occur as the player makes his progress through the game. The bonus rounds can yield mega wins. The max payout is estimated to be 243 times the bet.

Magical Theme and Storyline of the Mystic Hive Slot

Mystic Hive Slot Look & Feel

Mystic Hive Slot Look & Feel

Mystic Hive has a mystic-looking beehive theme with fireflies and a magical nectar pot. The slot illustrates a combination of nectar-dripping honeycomb and light-emitting fireflies. The mystic nature of the theme is beautifully demonstrated through multicolored fireflies that spawn around leaving behind a sparkling trail. The symbols in the game are colorful precious stones that add more light to the luminous design. Also, there is a glowing mushroom symbol that completes the night-time mystical scene.  The storyline revolves around the concept of bees collecting nectar. Players can win huge rewards when they patiently play until the bees fill the violet nectar pot. 

Graphics, Sound, and Animation of the Slot

Mystic Hive is a fine example of how graphics can work wonders with a slot machine.  Betsoft has loaded the game with special effects apart from smoothly animated 3D fireflies and a bubbling pot of violet nectar. The image of a pot full of honey is the Wild symbol. During the Free Spins, special Nectar Burst Spreading Wilds occur that spreads to other cells and shower the player with riches. The dazzling diamonds, glowing mushroom, and the nectar pot that shimmers with a mysterious glow are all rendered with great perfection.  The low-paying symbols and the slot machine controls have honey dripping all over. All these mystic elements are beautifully cocooned in a dreamy purple-hued night-time background that completes the magical theme.

The soundtrack of the game is yet another highlight of the title that is worth mentioning. It has an absorbing background score that simply grows on you as the fireflies buzz around throwing light across the screen. The game has limited animation except for the spawning fireflies and the spreading wilds.

Special Bonus Features of the Mystic Hive Slot

1.    Mystic Fireflies

There are 3 types of fireflies that can appear randomly on any spin. These fireflies hover around the beehive and sometimes vanish after a few spins. Also, they trigger different rewarding features during the base game.  

·       Green Firefly

Mystic Hive Slot Green Firefly Symbol

When a Green Firefly appears it brings along a storm of more fireflies. For the next 5 to 7 consecutive spins, the feature would summon a new firefly. Thus, it can help the player in earning bigger wins and collecting more nectar. 

·       Yellow Firefly

A Yellow Firefly applies a stacking multiplier if a winning combination aligns with it. The multiplier value awarded is equivalent to the number of Yellow Fireflies present on the screen +1.

·       Red Firefly

A Red Firefly is the most-rewarding one as it adds a small amount of nectar to the nectar pot every time it appears. The player wins a Free Spins round once the nectar pot is filled. Note that, whenever a new Red Firefly appears, the ones that are already present also generate nectar along with the new one. This helps the player in filling the nectar pot faster. 

All the above Firefly features turn more rewarding with each spin that has the same bet value. Any firefly that appears on the screen would move clockwise with each spin. They may also spawn randomly every time you spin the reel.  There are 18 positions where a firefly would halt. After a set of 3 to 18 spins spawned fireflies tend to disappear.  The rest of the fireflies remain until the player changes the bet value. But if you have more fireflies you can win more multipliers or generate more nectar whenever a new firefly arrives. But if you change the bet value the game resets the entire progress made. This means all the fireflies would vanish and the nectar meter would turn empty. 

2.    Violet Nectar Free Spins

Mystic Hive Slot Violet Nectar Free Spins Feature

The slot has a Violet Nectar Meter to the right side of the grid. The meter has 12 levels and every time a Red Firefly appears and spawns it fills the meter by 1 level. At this time, if there are more Red Fireflies, each of them adds 1 level. Note that, even previously spawned Red Fireflies contribute to the nectar meter if they are present on the screen when a new one spawns.  When all the 12 levels are completed the nectar meter triggers 5 Free Spins.

3.    Nectar Burst Spreading Wilds

Mystic Hive Slot Nectar Burst Spreading Wilds feature

Nectar Burst Spreading Wilds occur only during the Violet Nectar Free Spins. During the round, you would get 1, 2, or 3 Wilds of this kind. The nectar from these Wilds bursts out and with each spin similar Wilds appear on nearby honeycomb cells. These Wild symbols substitute for all the other symbols in the game and thereby trigger multiple wins. The Wilds keep spreading until all the 5 Free Spins get over. Thus, the feature can generate huge payouts during the Free Spins round.

What are the Mystic Hive RTP & Variance?

 The RTP or the Return to Player is expressed in the percentage format and indicates the overall payout capacity of the game.  It is the aggregate return a player can generate from a game after playing several sessions. As per the provider, the Mystic Hive RTP percentage is 96.13%. This means players can expect to recover 96.13% of the entire money they spent on the game. However, the individual returns from a single bet or a series of bets may be higher or lower than this given percentage. In short, you should not compare this theoretical RTP with the returns you get from a single session.  The game exhibits low-to-medium volatility spins and the wins are more frequent as you play continuously without changing the bets. The highest possible win on a single spin is 243 times the bet. 

The Mystic Hive variance is high.

What symbols to look out for in the Mystic Hive Paytable?

At Play Real Money Slots we always check out the paytable before spinning for real money. The Mystic Hive Paytable contains information like: symbols, payouts & paylines. Check out the Mystic Hive Paytable below,

Mystic Hive Paytable

(This Mystic Hive Paytable is based on a bet of 1.50)

The paytable of the slot describes all the bonus features, special symbols, and payouts. It briefly explains the function of Mystic Fireflies and how Red Fireflies can induce Violet Nectar Free Spins. Also, you can read about the normal Wilds and Nectar Burst Spreading Wilds that trigger multiple wins during the Free Spins. The symbol payouts are in currency and alter with the bet value chosen. Further, it contains the diagram of 30 different paylines along with details on how the wins are calculated. 

Undoubtedly, reading the paytable can help players in understanding how the game works and what symbols can trigger the biggest payouts. You can check out the paytable by accessing the free version of the game which is available at all the Betsoft casinos.

  • The Mystic Hive Paytable contains 9 main symbols;
  • From high to low they are: sphere, mushroom, purple gem, red gem, blue gem, ace, king, queen & jack;

Mystic Hive Slot Paylines

There are 30 paylines in the Mystic Hive Paytable. They pay out both ways. Check them out below,

Mystic Hive Slot paylines

Strategies to Win the Mystic Hive Slot

  • Mystic Hive works like a real beehive. The results get sweeter as you work your way through the session placing one bet after the other, just like the bees collecting nectar over time. This is because; with each spin, you attract more fireflies to the hive and these fireflies serve as modifiers that can enhance your wins. 
  • Do not change your bet value often. Changing a bet would reset all the progress you have achieved. So choose an average bet value which is neither too low nor too high and continue with the same bet till the end of the session or until you win a Free Spins bonus round.
  • Go through the Paytable and Rules section thoroughly to learn how this unique slot works. This is essential to understand the pros and cons of the game so that you can bet more strategically.
  • Play the free version of the slot before you place any real money wagers. Try placing big bets to know the kind of results you can get and the nature of hit frequency you can expect.

Final Verdict

Mystic Hive slot is a rare kind of slot machine that features a hexagonal beehive instead of the traditional reels. The enchanting theme and graphics make it a highly entertaining casino game. There are Mystic fireflies that add multipliers and bring the nectar to activate the Free Spins bonus. The Free Spins round has only 5 spins but players can expect guaranteed wins thanks to the Nectar Burst Spreading Wilds. The unique feature of the game is that the chances of winning bigger payouts tend to increase as you place more bets. Thus, the provider has truly incorporated the beehive concept wherein the bees that collect a small amount of nectar eventually end up making a big hive full of honey.  The highest win you can expect from the game is € 19440 which is possible if you are playing with the maximum bet of € 90. 

Pros and Cons


  • Stacking Multipliers.
  • Storm of Bees.
  • Violet Nectar Free Spins.
  • Nectar Burst Spreading Wilds.
  • Red and Yellow Fireflies reactivate multiple times.
  • A Mystic Hive RTP of 96.13%.


  • Changing the bet value would reset all the progress made.
  • Free Spins round cannot be retriggered.


  1. Can I play the Mystic Hive slot for free at online casinos?

Yes, you can play Mystic Hive slot for free at any online casino that offers the fun version of the title.

  • What is the best strategy for playing the Mystic Hive slot?

Playing with a single bet value until the Nectar Meter is full and you win a Free Spins round is the best strategy for playing the Mystic Hive slot. Changing bets can hinder your progress and reset the spin meter.

  • What makes the Mystic Hive slot a popular choice for gamblers?

The unique theme and the nectar collecting feature of the Mystic Hive slot make it a popular choice for gamblers. The Nectar Meter levels up gradually as you place each bet of the same value. And the game triggers a high-paying Free Spins round when the Nectar Meter is full.

  • How volatile is Mystic Hive slot?

Mystic Hive slot is a low-to-medium volatility game where wins are fairly frequent.

  • What is the Mystic Hive RTP?

The Mystic Hive RTP has been theoretically estimated at 96.13 percent. This is slightly above the accepted average of 96. At Play Real Money Slots we always try to play online video slots with an RTP of 96 or higher.

  • What does the Mystic Hive Paytable look like?

The Mystic Hive Paytable consists out of 9 main symbols. The Card Suits are the low paying symbols. The highest paying symbol, the sphere, pays out 10 times for a 5x combination. There are 30 paylines in the Mystic Hive Paytable. They pay out both ways.

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