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  • It is good to play, adds freshness, takes away confusing rules, scatters, Wilds, and so on
  • Unusual features and auto removal of low-paying symbols help players win big
  • A Totem Lightning Power Reels RTP of 96.03%
  • High Volatility

Totem Lightning Power Reels is an innovative slot without Wild, scatter or any kind of obvious gameplay slots have in them. Yet, it addresses a mega win of 7777x the bet and goes with a Totem Lightning Power Reels RTP of 96%, on the average side. This is by far, Red Tiger’s, daunting adventures into online gambling slot games. It is so unique and yet fun. In this slot review we will also discuss the paytable, look & feel, bonuses and more!

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Where can I play Totem Lightning Power Reels slot machine online?

Below we selected the best certified and licensed slot sites where you can play Totem Lightning Power Reels.

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Basic Slot Details of Totem Lightning Power Reels

Developer:Red Tiger Gaming (RTG)
Release Date:August 16, 2018
Totem Lightning Power Reels RTP:96.03%
Hit Rate:Medium
Min/Max Bet:0,20/10,00
Max Win:7.918,80x
Theme:Totems, Lightning, Jaguar, South America
Bonus Features:Bar Strike, Symbol Strike Bar, Reel Strike,
Mobile Compatibility:Yes, Tablet, Phone & Pc

Small Intro on Totem Lightning Power Reels

The company behind this game is Red Tiger Gaming, a well to do name and brand in the casino slot games market. They have made some of the most popular titles and have a lot of credit for bringing engaging games for players. Totem Lightning Power Reels is also one of those few that cross the barrier of standard features and twists. For example, it comes with Clone Symbols rather than Wilds. In short, it is unusual.

Red Tiger Gaming is a software house from Europe, but has been under the umbrella of its parent company, Net Entertainment, for some time. The company was founded in 2014 by bringing together top-notch developers across Asia and Europe and they have a wealth of experience already. IT is a leading casino game developer today and is spanning rapidly in the Asian continent.

  • Totem Lightning Power Reels is an innovative and unusual slot;
  • It is brought to you by Red Tiger Gaming, from NetEnt;
  • This is a Native-American themed slot for high rollers;
  • Totem Lightning Power Reels is available for free to play the demo at most online casinos;

Totem Lightning Power Reels’ Theme & Storyline

This video slot takes inspiration from Native-American lifestyle and themes on which countless movies and media appearances are available to date. It is yet another slot that takes the same path, of the Wild West and instantly reminds you of either Clint Eastwood & Lee Van Cleef. John Wayne and Charles Bronson are not far behind either. You can see the dusty landscape in the background behind the reels, but it is very limited because of the huge grid layout it spans.

Yes, the storyline unfolds with 8 reels and 30 paylines, to begin with. And, if that wasn’t enough, you have 6 rows too. That is a huge 48 symbols on the screen. However, the animation and styling make it very appealing, especially when the symbols disappear and reappear in the scenic landscape with valleys and hills revealing themselves. The powerful depiction of the theme, in an unusual way, makes it innovative in some ways, I guess. 

There are two distinct groups of symbols here, and the gameplay will be successful when you go on either path. In any case, you will have your own story and plot to follow, different wins too. But, the main features will remain the same. It adds a layer of interest to the slot already. 

Totem Lightning Power Reels Slot Look & Feel
Totem Lightning Power Reels Slot Look & Feel

Totem Lightning Power Reels: Graphics, Sounds & Animation

It is beautiful animation, especially during spins which is a general routine. The graphics, as in, artwork, is 3D style but not quite, takes comic book design cues throughout. The landscape, the Indian art decor is also 2D style 3D, again resembling old comic books, but the medium is fluidic and looks like a painting. Sound is good, in fact. Sir Paul McCartney’s song, “Playing the Pipes of Peace” seems instantly recognizable as if scoring from behind the reels. You also see elaborately carved Native American pipes. It is melodic, representative, and soothing, especially when focusing on the symbols, looking at the Paytable, changing your bets, and waiting for a big win of the Totem Lightning Power Reels slot. The calming pan-pipe music is a mind booster for many, in my opinion. 

On the right-hand side, there seems a leather parchment that has a bunch of greyed-out symbols. Those are 10, J, K, and Q. This is a part of its features. The color palette, moving clouds when the landscape comes to life, dust, and smoke as the symbols rocks drop from high above the ground, are all such minute details that make this slot alive, compelling and pleasant. The choice of symbols and colors are also very distinctive and legible, even on smaller screens. 

As a part of the gameplay, you can mute the sound and also find the night sky color palette. This comes alive when you visit the Menu.

1.    Reel & Symbols Artwork

Symbols in the slot have a meaning to them; they are masks, crows all in the form of Indian shapes. They resemble masks as you might have seen on the TV, decorative and colorful, red, yellow, and green. All use earthly materials and colors to decorate their stuff. There are four such symbols such as, Crow, Tiger, Wolf, and Crab. 

2.    UI & Menu Bar

As the screen space is pretty limited to just the symbols with a big grid, the UI seems cluttered. But, when you start playing, you can notice that nothing comes in the way. There is abundant space and reading the instructions is fine. You can see your balance alright and the spinning wheel is also aptly available. The small animation on top with the Logo is cool too. It is fluent and responsive, nevertheless. 

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Totem Lightning Power Reels Special Slot Features, Free Spins, Progressive Jackpots Etc

Most of the heavy-lifting is left out for the player and yet with its special features, one can increase their chances of winning significantly. For example, knowing the availability of Free Spins, Bonus Games, and so on is quite helpful. As obvious by now, Totem Lightning Power Reels is a totally unusual piece from Red Tiger and it is devoid of any of those, even Scatter Symbols. But, how does it fill the gap? Let us look here for the same. As you shall soon see, this slot removes low-paying symbols repeatedly and improves chances of winning more.

1.    Tumbles & Lightning

When the SPIN button begins, you are in the slot of lands of Indians, and the reels will actually not spin but in a much unconventional way, they drop down very hard. They go totally out of the view and start dropping one above the other, with a proper Physics Engine. It looks cinematic as in. The special features are available in its Paytable, and we shall list them out here.

Lightning is a great feature and whenever it strikes, good things happen. It is a new way of triggering a bonus, removing low-paying symbols and initiating Symbol Clone, or creating several clones of high-paying symbols. 

2.    Symbol Strike Bar

Totem Lightning Power Reels Slot Symbol Strike Bar Feature

Remember the leather parchment we found above? Well, this is useful here now. On the top, you can see the removed heading meaning that those symbols are not going to appear on the reels when playing. What it does is these low paying symbols are mostly removed for a better payout. Low-paying symbol wins result in the symbol being removed so that you don’t get the same low-paying symbol appearing again and again on your rocks. Then, they are gone and new higher-paying symbols fall in place. This is a great feature of Totem Lightning Power Reels, unheard of anywhere till now. 

3.    Progressive Jackpot

This slot, unfortunately, the game does not have a progressive jackpot. In usual slots, the entire network of a gaming provider accumulates money to pay the winner. But, here you have the 7777x big strike to take away home. 

What are the Totem Lightning Power Reels RTP & Variance?

Often a deciding factor on playing a slot falls on its RTP, a numerical score. It tells players if a game can pay them well? If they should bet their money? What chances do they have? RTP stands for a return to player and the higher the score is, the better it is for them. The Totem Lightning Power Reels RTP is estimated at 96.03% at most casinos, and it can differ. From one casino to another, the RTP can fall by up to 2% or more in some cases.

An RTP of 96% means that, if a player made a wager of £100, they can expect a maximum of £96 only. It is an estimate of total gameplay and not just the session you are playing. So, in general, your payout is usually much lower in every bet. In the case of the Totem Lightning Power Reels RTP the slot pays out £96,03 for every £100 wagered by players online. Of course, this is an avarage number calculated over all players playing Totem Lightning Power Reels Slot online all over the world.

  • A 96.03% RTP with 8×6 grid layout is a big deal for players;
  • It is a good place for high rollers, but beginners may find it frustrating;
  • Totem Lightning Power Reels is unusually smart by removing low-paying symbols for better wins;

Totem Lightning Power Reels Casino Sites

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What symbols to look out for in the Totem Lightning Power Reels Paytable?

At Play Real Money slots we always take a quick loo at the paytables before spinning for real money. The Totem Lightning Power Reels Paytable contains information like: payouts, paylines & symbols. Check out the Totem Lightning Power Reels Paytable below,

Totem Lightning Power Reels Paytable high paying symbols
Totem Lightning Power Reels Paytable low paying symbols

A Paytable is a big thing for players because it has all the valuables of the game. In here, you shall find the biggest and highest-paying symbols. As we all know, there are two sets of symbols and two ways to play the game. However, the main feature only triggers with five lower-value playing card symbols. These are the A, J, and so on. Then, you will have the highest paying symbols, the four colorful totem pole carvings to be specific.

Symbols & Payouts

There is the Red Crab, Green Racoon, Purple Lion, and Golden Eagle. All the symbols will need to land on at least three of the reels for you to make a winning combination. But, if thy land on all the 8 reels, they span and fill the grid and give a huge payout. The Eagle, for instance, pays out 150x the bet when it lands across the payline. If you get up to 8 rocks with these symbols on 8 reels, falling straight from the top, the respective wins are very high. 

The Eagle is the highest symbol and pays out 3000x, while it decreases to 2250x for the Lion, 1800x for the Racoon, and 1350x for the Crab. One thing to note is that despite the highest paying mark, they all guarantee a payout higher than 1000x your bet. So, a £2 on each payline, that is, 30×2 is $60, and with 1000x payout, you can win £60,000 in all. This is just a single spin, and this makes the slot so powerful. 

The highest paying symbols pay a minimum of 60x up to 30x if you manage to get just 3 of them on 3 reels. They need not be adjacent, which is a big bonus here. While, on the other hand, a lower-paying symbol set has the highest payout of 150x only with 8 symbols. Number 10 is the lowest card and pays a minimum of 3x. For winning, it is best that these symbols are regularly removed by Totem Lightning Power Reels as a bonus feature. 

  • There are 9 main symbols in the Totem Lightning Power Reels Paytable;
  • There are no Wilds of Scatters;
  • From high to low the symbols are: Bird Mask, Jaguar Mask, Monkey Mask, Crab Mask, Ace, King, Queen, Jack & 10;
  • The Totem Lightning Power Reels variance is high;


There are 30 paylines in the Totem Lightning Power Reels Paytable. Check them out below,

How to Win/ Strategy

This slot does not have Bonus Games or Free Spins you can purchase. It is a simple plain game without all that confusing stuff. So, just bet a considerable amount per payline and keep playing. Totem Lightning Power Reels continuously removes low-paying symbols to help you win big, just keep the wagers high enough. 

  • Because it is high volatility but medium variance game, you should stick for longer sessions; 
  • No need to keep checking the Paytable, as the slot takes care of it automatically, inbuilt-feature;

Final Verdict of 2020’s Totem Lightning Power Reels

Because of the unusual nature of this slot, perhaps playing a free demo of the Totem Lightning Power Reels video slot is a better idea. Once you get a hang of it you can learn its hacks. Especially, for beginners, this is a High Volatility video slot, which is a frustrating thing. First, you have to run quite a number of spins before you win anything big. Second, you have to be a high roller, and chances are you will be lost most of it if you play just for a few spins.

Red Tiger’s Totem Lightning Power Reels is available on most platforms such as an iPhone, iPad, Windows, or Android smartphone. In 2020, they plan to provide more compatibility and optimizations for the mobile experience, even on slow networks. 

Pros & Cons of Red Tiger’s Totem Lightning Power Reels

We list here some drawbacks and benefits of this video slot that can help you decide on the same.


  • It is good to play, adds freshness, takes away confusing rules, scatters, Wilds and so on;
  • The animations, music, the artwork is soothing and calm, helps focus on the game;
  • Unusual features and auto removal of low-paying symbols help players win big;
  • A Totem Lightning Power Reels RTP of 96.03%;


  • This is still a High Volatility slot and new players will find it frustrating or too slow;
  • There is no way to purchase Free Spins, get booster packs, bonus tracks or multipliers;

FAQs: Totem Lightning Power Reels 

1.    Is There a Progressive Jackpot?

No, Totem Lightning Power Reels does not have a traditional progressive jackpot, but the 7777x winning payout is more than abundant.

2.    How to Trigger Free Spins and Bonus Rounds?

Totem Lightning Power Reels does not have any Free Spins or Bonus Rounds but has other innovative features that help the player.

3.    How do the Paylines Work?

Totem Lightning Power Reels comes with 8 reels and 30 paylines. The minimum bet limit is 20p and goes up to 10 EUR per spin. The Paylines pay from left to right. 

4.    What is the Totem Lightning Power Reels RTP?

The Totem Lightning Power Reels RTP has been theoretically estimated at 96.03 percent. This is slightly above-average. At Play real Money Slots we always try to play online casino slots with an RTP value of 96 or higher.

5. What is the Totem Lightning Power Reels Variance?

The Totem Lightning Power Reels variance is high. High variance slots tend to be played by players with a larger bankroll. Mega wins are very rare. They do however pay out big.

6. What does the Totem Lightning Power Reels Paytable look like?

The Totem Lightning Power Reels Paytable consists out of 9 main symbol. The highest paying symbol, The Bird Mask, pays out 3.000 times for an ax combination. There are 30 paylines in the Totem Lightning Power Reels Paytable. They pay from left to right.

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