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  • Arabian touch makes it stand out from its peers
  • Very good bonus game
  • Many extra features
  • The Wish Master RTP of 96.65%
  • The base game is very repetitive
  • It is difficult to trigger the bonus rounds
  • There is no progressive jackpot

May your wishes come true – This The Wish Master Slot Review is written by players, for players. We know what players find important when they are looking for a new online casino game to play. All of those aspects will be discussed in this review. Think about The Wish Master RTP, The Wish Master Paytable, Bonuses & more!

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!18+ Only! We from Play Real Money Slots advise players to try The Wish Master Slot for free before spinning for real money. This is a great way to learn the mechanics, variance, features and symbols.

Basic Info

Mobile Compatibility:Yes, Mobile & Tablet
The Wish Master RTP:95.65%
Theme:Adventure, Fairy-tale, Magical,
Bonus Features:Expanding Wilds, Multipliers,
Random Wilds, The Wish Master
Coin Size:0.01/0.50
Max Bet Coins/Currency:200/100,00
Max Win:900.000 Coins

Verdict on The Wish Master Slot

Do you love genies? Have you dreamt of pleading with them in tough times? Well, The Wish Master slot is unlikely a genie may have come to your rescue in a difficult situation. We have all grown up listening to a bedtime story about how a genie comes alive to solve all problems if a magic lamp is rubbed thrice. Well, that was in fairy tales. But in real life too there is a possibility a genie may come to shower you with money.

And the opportunity comes in the form of a slot game The Wish Master slot from the stable of one of the giants in the gaming industry, Net Entertainment. The only difference, and a stark one, is that in The Wish Master slot, the genie is not the cute figure created in Arabian tales but a dark horror entity. However, it serves the same purpose. In other words, this entity will help you fulfill your wish of winning loads of money on a slot machine. With high volatility, this slot game is surely not for those averse to taking risks. And with a Return to Player Percentage of 96.65, it promises a good return on your wager if the day is good.

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Introduction to The Wish Master Slot

The Wish Master slot is yet another winner from the stable of gaming giant Net Entertainment. Played over 5 reels and 20 paylines it was launched in 2014. It takes the player to a cave in a desert which could be either in the high temperatures of the African continent or the scorching heat of America. Wherever it is, The Wish Master slot focuses on a genie and his extras in a hideout among the dunes. In addition, the setting is all dark with an element of mystery surrounding it. In this slot game, it’s not Alladin who comes out of a bottle to grant your wishes. Rather there is a dark entity that grants luck in terms of huge wins on a spin.

The Theme of The Wish Master Slot

The Wish Master slot is as simple as any slot can get. But it comes with some brilliant graphics and features which gamers cannot ignore. Set in a desert, this slot game’s inspiration is the Arabian folklore of Aladdin and the lamp with a genie inside it. In other words, the theme of this slot game is based on the adage about wishes coming true. It lures players with the idea of a genie fulfilling wishes.

Though Net Entertainment has not tied down the game around Aladdin and his lamp, it is an off-shoot of that story. In other words, the developers of the game have not shied from punts revolving around the idea of a genie inside a lamp. The genie, in this case, emerges from the lamp when symbols are hit and grants a wish by doling out cash returns on the wager. The symbols have a visual connection with Arabia. Therefore, the masks and the gems remind a player of Arabian culture.

  • A simple slot game with an outstanding visual appeal;
  • Set in a desert with a hidden cave;
  • A genie who lives in the cave fulfills the wishes in terms of returns on a spin;
  • Inspired by Alladin with a genie inside a lamp story from ancient Arabia;
  • The symbols and look have a resemblance to ancient Arabia;
The Wish Master Slot Look & Feel
The Wish Master Slot Look & Feel

Graphics and Sound Used in The Wish Master Slot

The Net Entertainment software developers have used animations good enough to catch the attention of gamers. In other words, the animated graphics give the feel of a fairy tale. To some, the look and tenor of the visual effects remind them of a classy cartoon film. Therefore, you will find the colors stark and deep to go with the theme of a genie hiding in a cave. The other symbols like the masks and gems add to the magic of the ambiance. In addition, though the genie has been created as muscular and tough, he is the one who extends the generosity in the slot machine by appearing time and again to grant wishes.

Finally, the sound effects transport a player to Arabia. The audio effects chosen go well with the Arabian theme of the slot. And most importantly, both the video and the audio gel with the created theme of the slot game.

  • The game has exciting graphic animations;
  • Graphics give a fairy tale feel to the whole look;
  • Colors are stark and deep to go with the desert, cave and the genie theme;
  • Masks and other symbols add to the magic of the ambiance;
  • The genie is tough and muscular, but very generous;
  • Sound effects are inspired by ancient Arabia;

Special Features of The Wish Master Slot

There are no separate bonus rounds in this slot game. It is the genie that triggers the bonus and special features.

1.    The Genie

The Genie escapes from the lamp when a scatter symbol appears on the screen. He then rewards a player with a random feature that remains active for 10 spins. An additional 5 spins are granted if during the 10 spins a player manages to hit another scatter symbol. In other words, each time the genie appears, he grants a wish. For instance, a special feature like the extra wild or the wild reel is added to the account of the player.

  • Genie generates The Wish Master feature;
  • The genie appears each time the scatter symbol gets hit;
  • A special feature is added to the inventory of the player every time the gene escapes from the lamp;

2.    Extra Wild

In this round, a standard symbol gets transformed into an additional wild symbol. For instance, a purple ‘W’ triggers an extra wild in the snake symbol.

3.    Wild Reel

In this round, the scatter symbol becomes filled with wilds throughout the screen.

4.    Expanding Wild

The entire screen is covered with a wild symbol.

5.    Random Wilds

This feature creates additional wins as 2 wilds appear randomly on the screen.

6.    Multiplier Round

A player will receive 2 or 3 times the punt. In some cases, if lady luck chooses to smile harder, the multiplier could be up to 6 times.

The Wish Master RTP

The Wish Master slot has a Return to Player Percentage of 96.65. This is fairly high considering that there are many of its peers that have an RTP of less than 95. The Return to Player Percentage is the average return on a spent of 100 coins calculated over a period of time. The Wish Master RTP is above average.

  • The Wish Master slot has an RTP of 96.65;
  • The RTP of this slot game is considerably good;
  • It is way above the average of similar slot games;

The Wish Master Paytable

Every single spin can land a win for the player. In other words, The Wish Mastergives a chance to each player to make his or her wish come true each time the reel is spun. The Wish Master slot is a 5 reel, 3 rows, and 20 payline game. Though the game does not have a progressive jackpot feature, it has numerous free spin rounds. In addition, there are scatters and wild symbols galore. The game also offers 10 bet levels. This slot has 8 symbols to try your luck on. The 4 card symbols from J to A are there. In addition, there are animal symbols. And not to forget the scatter and wild symbols which trigger the special features.

The highest payout a player gets is on hitting the snake symbol which returns 750 times your wager. The cat can get you up to 500 times the punt. In terms of the lower values, this slot is no different from other similar spinning games. Therefore, the returns on the cards are comparatively low. The maximum win that can be recorded here is 45000 coins in just one spin. And the upper limit for placing a bet is 100 UK Pounds.

Finally, there is the genie, which represents The Wish Master feature. This gets triggered when a single scatter lamp appears anywhere on the screen and creates the scope of the genie fulfilling 3 wishes of a player.

The Wish Master Paytablepaylines

  • The Wish Master is a 5 reel, 3 rows slot;
  • This slot machine has 20 fixed paylines;
  • There are 8 main symbols;
  • It has 4 animal symbols along with 4 card symbols;
  • The highest paying animal symbol is the snake;
  • Cards give a relatively lower return;
  • Genie appears when a scatter symbol appears;
  • The genie triggers The Wish Master Feature;
  • The maximum bet amount is 100 UK Pounds;
  • A player can win up to 45000 coins in a single spin;

Strategy to Win The Wish Master Slot

The Wish Master slot has been designed in such a way that players continue to be hooked to it due to its long cycle of winning. In other words, because it has high volatility, this slot game suits high-risk takers. That is to say, it works well for players who are not averse to placing big bets. In addition, gamers punting on this slot machine must have the patience to wait to win on their wager. However, this is not to discourage those players who are hesitant to take risks. Such players must show patience and strategize well their punts. Here are some quick tips to maximize your winnings in The Wish Master slot machine.

1.    Test in Free Mode

Like in all slots, always test The Wish Master slot in Free Mode before you start wagering. The Free Mode will give a fair idea about your day, as well as the way the machine is behaving with you. Remember, luck has a very big role to play in betting. Therefore, keep spinning in Free Mode and observe your relationship with the slot on that particular day. For instance, if lady luck is smiling on you, go for the kill. Or else, wait for another day.

  • Play as many spins as you can in ‘Free Mode’;
  • ‘Free Mode’ will give a fair idea about how lucky you are on that particular day;
  • This model also tests your relationship with the machine;
  • If you are doing well in Free Mode then be ready to go for big punts in the real game;

2.    Patience is the Key

Be ready to start losing on your initial spins. Don’t rush and wait patiently for your winnings to start reflecting. When you start with the usual spins, remember the probability of winning them is only a little above 20 percent. In other words, wait for the Special Features to get triggered. It will be in the Features rounds that your chances to win will increase by over 70 percent. 

  • Be patient with the initial losses;
  • The returns on the first usual spins are as low as just a little above 20 percent;
  • Wait patiently for the Special Feature Rounds to trigger;
  • The probability of winning in Special Features rounds is over 70 percent;

3.    Bonus Feature Rounds

Play the Bonus Feature Rounds very smartly. Wait for the additional scrolls during these rounds. In other words, since each Special Feature Round adds some additional features, be careful while spinning them.

  • Play ‘Bonus’ rounds very smartly;
  • Additional features get triggered in Special Feature Rounds;
  • Strategize well before spinning after the Special Features Round has been triggered;

4.    Don’t Bet Progressively

Don’t bet for the progressive jackpot feature. The machine will show indications otherwise and tempt you to punt big for a jackpot. Don’t fall into that trap and keep punting normally in spins till you manage to trigger the special features. Spin smartly during these rounds and hope to make a killing.

  • Don’t wait to hit the jackpot;
  • Never fall into the trap of betting for a progressive jackpot;

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Final Verdict on The Wish Master

In conclusion, The Wish Master slot is a classic slot game with enticing graphics and soothing Arabic music to go with each spin. The high volatility may keep some conservative players out. But in gambling never say no. In other words, this is a slot for everyone with the promise of high returns if luck is on your side and the genie behaves the way you want it to. So, good luck with the genie and happy betting to all genie fans.

Pros and Cons of The Wish Master Slot


  • Arabian touch makes it stand out from its peers;
  • A very good bonus game;
  • Many extra features;
  • A very high return on hitting the jackpot;
  • The Wish Master RTP of 96.65%


  • There is no mobile version of this game;
  • The base game is very repetitive;
  • It is difficult to trigger the bonus rounds;
  • The stark and deep colors may not excite all players;
  • There is no progressive jackpot;

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about The Wish Master Slot

1.    Is The Wish Master Slot Available on Mobile?

The Wish Master slot does not have a mobile version. It can, however, be played on a smartphone.

2.    What is the Return to Player % (The Wishmaster RTP)?

The Wish Master RTP is 96.65. This is higher than the 96% that is recommended by experts.

3.    What is the Volatility of this Slot Game?

The Wish Master slot comes in the category of high volatility.

4.    Is The Wish Master Slot Inspired by the Arabian Story of Aladdin and His Lamp?

Yes, the theme is inspired by the Arabian folklore.

5.    Does The Wish Master Slot have a Progressive Jackpot Feature?

No, The Wish Master slot does not have a progressive jackpot feature.

6. What does the Wish Master Paytable look like?

The Wish Master Paytable consists out of eight main symbols, a Wild and a Scatter. The symbols from high to low are the Purple Monster, Cat, Scorpion, Bird, A, K, Q & J.

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