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777 Respin Mania Slot Review

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  • The slot has a very wide bet spread of 0,25 to 250
  • It has an uncomplicated and retro style betting and pay lines
  • A 777 Respin Mania RTP of 96.18%
  • There is a medium variance in 777 Respin Mania
  • Limited number of bonus features

You must know that 777 Respin Mania is a popular slot spinning game that you can play online. The Skywind Group created this game and they wanted to give it a retro slot machine look.

You might remember how old slot machines had a lever which you had to pull to spin. If you get a 7 in each of the reels which are 777, then you win a jackpot. You have to do the same thing here, just virtually on a computer.

In this 777 Respin Mania Review we will discus the RTP, Paytable, Look & Feel, Bonuses and more!

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Quick Verdict of 777 Respin Mania

The game came out in 2017 and is popular ever since. It has a Medium variance which adds to the difficulty of the game. You will find that 777 Respin Maniais high stakes and thrilling game. Unlike other modern slot games, there are funky tricks in this game.

Basic Slot Details of 777 Respin Mania

Developer:Skywind Group
777 Respin Mania RTP:96.18%
Theme:Classic, Fruity, Bells, Diamonds
Bonus Features:Free Spins, Re-Spins, Scatters, Wilds
Mobile Compatibility:Yes, Tablet & Phone
Min/Max Bet:0,25/250,00

Play 777 Respin Mania Slot For Real Money Online

Where can I play 777 Respin Mania slot machine online?

Below we selected the best certified and licensed slot sites where you can play 777 Respin Mania.

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Small Intro on 777 Respin Mania Slot

All you have to do is spin the slot machine and try to win. There are no specific rules or tricks you need to know and that makes it easy to play. You just have to place your bet, spin the slot and see if luck favors you! 777 Respin Mania offers you a smooth and uncomplicated playing experience. It allows you to connect with an era where betting was simple and easy. Other online games have a lot of additional features which take away the essence of the slots. This game with its smooth graphics and interface seeks to bring back uncomplicated slot betting back.

777 Respin Mania Online Slot Classic Theme & Storyline

777 Respin Mania Slot Look & Feel

You will see that 777 Respin Mania is an amalgamation of the new and the old. On one hand, it has all the old traditional symbols that you could see on slot machines. On the other hand, it has a funky and modern design keeping in line with the times. It gives you an experience of the old slot machines in the modern era, that too in your home. This innovative thinking and special features provide you with unique and engaging playing experience. You can clearly see a trendy 3D effect on the tiles along with the symbols of the old slots. There are special features that have been added to boost your gaming experience. Thus, you get the best of both worlds. You get the old retro slot machine feel along with new features to add to the thrill of betting.

Simple Classic Graphics, Sounds & Animation of 777 Respin Mania

The game aims to transport you to the era of old slot machines. To keep the betting simple and easy like the old slot machine days, the graphics are clear and concise. The tiles have a trendy 3D look that goes well with the old school slot machine theme. The sounds of the game too fall in line with the theme. You can hear sounds like you could in the old slot machines along with some modern ones. The animation is smooth and clean, providing a neat interface. You can see the old bels, cherries and the lucky number 7 just like the old slot machines. Then, you just have to spin and win just in a modern way from your computer or device. Overall, 777 Respin Mania gives is off an old slot machine vibe with a modern twist.

The game has 5 reels and a 5*3 format. This adds to the fun since you have more symbols to deal with. More symbols mean more chances of winning. It also makes the game a tad bit harder than just the normal old 3-reel machines. Thus, the 5-reel format is a modern twist for you over the traditional slot machines. The vibrant colors in the game also give you a modern feel as compared to the dull old slot machines. Also, you will find the new 3D way of the old symbols much better. The cherries and bells look much more vibrant in this game than they do in old slot machines. You will find these attractive visuals enhancing your gameplay as you bet to win.

777 Respin Mania Special Slot Features, Free Spins, Progressive Jackpots Etc

While the game aims to take you back to the old slot machine era, it has many features to keep it modern. The basic logic is the same spin to win as the slot machines but it has new features to add to the fun. You can immediately see that the game has a lot of energy when you start playing. If you still want faster gameplay then you can use the Turbo feature of the game.

As you can see in the 777 Respin Mania name itself, the game has a fun Respin feature. This feature gives the game a modern outlook and increases your winning chances. Since you play online slots, you know that each game has a scatter symbol. In this game, the scatter symbol is the diamond. Aligning diamonds can start a Free Spins mode with a lot of Free Spins that you can use. The more numbers of diamonds you hit, the greater number of Free Spins you get to use. If you manage to land 13 scatters then you get 100 Free Spins

777 Respin Mania Slot Free Spins
777 Respin Mania Slot Respin Bonus Feature

To further increase your chances of winning, the wild symbols show up. These wild tiles allow you to make more winning combinations by substituting for other symbols. You should know that the wild symbol does not substitute as a diamond though. The wild and the diamond don’t pay you anything but they increase the chances of you winning. They allow you to make more winning combinations and give you Free Spins that fetch more rewards. The game also has an Autoplay feature that keeps the slots spinning of their own. You can let the slots spin on Autoplay rather than manually doing it every time.

What are the 777 Respin Mania RTP & Variance?

RTP stands for return to player. The 777 Respin Mania RTP offers a above average RTP of 96.18%. This RTP puts it among the top games when compared to other online slots on terms of RTPs. However, this RTP is coupled with a medium variance. In this game, you will find that the special features are limited. Thus, the winning potential is much less since it has limited special features. Moreover, the game allows you to bet up to 250 in one spin. This is very high number as compared to other slots. While this is fun for high rollers, it increases the chances of losing a lot of money.

Thus, even though the game has a high RTP, you need to consider the medium variance and volatility. Unlike some other slots where even a small alignment is useful, you will need big wins here. You will have to bet as per your risk appetite to win. You can place a starting bet a 1.25 and bet anywhere between that and 1000 which is the maximum. This wide betting spread makes sure that there is something for everyone in the game.

What does the 777 Respin Mania Paytable look like?

At Play Real Money Slots we always look at the paytables of online casino slots. The 777 Respin Paytable contains som impartant information for players. For example, the Payouts, Paylines, Symbols & Variance. Check out the 777 Respin Mania Paytable below,

777 Respin Mania Paytable

777 Respin Mania has 25 pay lines overall to add to the fun factor. Stunning visuals and fixed pay lines make this game an absolute stunner. To keep the betting simple, the game does not have complex payouts. The payouts are simple since the game wants to bring back the old uncomplicated slot machine era. If you get the luck number 7 on all 5 reels then you get 500 coins in total for 5 matches. Also, if you manage to align all bars or all bells then you can get up to 350 and 25 coins respectively as a reward. If you manage to align 5 cherries all the way, you get 200 coins as a reward.

All the traditional symbols of the slot machines are there. The pay-out is simple too like the slot machines. Just the interface, the feel and the paying methods are modern. The pay-out options may seem limited but Free Spins ass to the winning potential.

  • The 777 Respin Mania Paytable consists out of 9 main symbols, a Wild and a Scatter;
  • From high to low they are: 7, BAR, Bell, Cherry, Ace, King, Queen, Jack & 10;
  • Wilds appear on reals 1,3 & 5;
  • 5 Scatter Symbols anywhere on the reels are required for Free Spins;

What are the 777 Respin Paylines

777 Respin Mania Casino Sites

Mr. Play
Mr. Play

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up to £100 + 100 Extra Spins


Up to £1000 + 100 spins


Up to £100 + 200 spins

777 Respin Mania Free Slot: How to Win/ Strategy?

This game has limited pay lines so you need to have your strategy right in order to win. You need to use the turbo mode, the diamonds and the wild tiles effectively. Normal slot machines have 3 reels making it easier for you to get a winning combination. With 5 reels in 777 Respin Mania it may be harder but there are wild tiles to help you. These wild tiles can substitute any symbol so use them to make winning combinations.

Diamonds give you Free Spins and these heavily increase the winning chances that you have. Thus, try to align as many diamonds as you can so that you can get more and more Free Spins. Once you get a winning alignment, it gets frozen and the other reels spin. This greatly increases the winning potential since now the probability of a winning alignment is much higher. If you again get a winning alignment, then that gets frozen too and the other reels spin. This keeps on going until you run out of winning combinations or all reels are blocked by winning combinations. This greatly increases your chances of winning and it is one of the best aspects of this game.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is the bet spread. Other slot games have a shorter bet spread. Thus, some slots are good for cautious people and some are good for high rollers. There is hardly any game that is good for both apart from 777 Respin Mania. This game offers you a huge bet spread from 1.25 to 1000. Thus, it is good for small players and high rollers alike. You need to place bets as per your risk appetite in order to win. Otherwise, you can lose a lot of money.

Final Verdict: 777 Respin Mania

Overall, 777 Respin Mania slots brings back the old traditional slot machine feels with a trendy new makeover. The 3D tiles and vibrant colors make the game a visual treat. The game has a limited and uncomplicated pay line which works best as per the old slot machines. However, it also has new innovative features like wild tiles and Free Spins to add to the fun. It has a huge bet spread from 1.25 to 1000 which ensures that there is something for everyone. You will get a hint of nostalgia as you see the classic slot machine symbols like cherries and bells in the game. As usual, lucky number 7 is what you should be aiming for.


This is a fun game with a lot of pros. The pros greatly outweigh the cons by far.

  • The game has a very wide bet spread of 1.25 to 1000 so it has something for everyone;
  • It has an uncomplicated and retro style betting and pay line with a high RTP;
  • It has an ‘Autoplay’ feature if you don’t want to spin the slots yourself again and again;


No game is perfect for everyone, so this game does have a few drawbacks.

  • It has just two or three special features which make the winning potential limited;
  • There is a medium variance in 777 Respin Mania;
  • 5 reels make winning combinations harder to come by;

FAQs about 777 Respin Mania Slot

1.    Does this Game have a Scatter Like the Other Slot Games?

Yes, this game too has a scatter and it is the diamond tile. Hitting different numbers of diamonds will give you different amounts of Free Spins. If you hot 13 diamonds, you will get 100 Free Spins in total.

2.    Are There Any Wild Tiles in 777 Respin Mania?

Wild tiles do show up in the game. They can stand for any other symbol in the game and this allows you to get more winning combinations. However, the wild tiles cannot stand for the diamond tile.

3.    What is the Betting Spread in 777 Respin Mania?

In this game, the starting bet is 1.25 and it can go all the way up to 1000 which is the maximum. Thus, you can bet anywhere from 1.25 to 1000 in a single spin.

4.    Does 777 Respin Mania have Autoplay?

Yes, the game has an ‘Autoplay’ feature. So, you don’t have to manually spin the slots every time. You can just set the game on Autoplay and it will keep spinning on its own.

5. What is the 777 Respin Mania RTP?

The 777 Respin RTP has been theoretically estimated at 96.18 percent. We at Play Real Money Slots always play online casino slots with an RTP of 96 percent or higher.

6. What does the 777 Respin Mania Paytable look like?

There are 9 main symbols in the 777 Mania Respin Mania Paytable. From High to low they are: 7, Bell, Bar, Cherry, A, K, Q, J & 10. Furthermore there are a Wild symbol and a Scatter symbol. The Wilds appear only on Reels 1, 3 and 5. % Scatters are required for Free Spins.

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