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  • Game rules are quite simple to follow
  • High-volatility gaming mode feature
  • Slot has an inbuilt option of viewing gaming history
  • Normal mode has low volatility
  • There are no ‘Free Spins’ or ‘Scatter’ symbols
  • Blazing Hot 7s RTP of 93.99%

We are enthusiastic online slot machine players. Therefore we know what information player are looking for. In this Blazing Hot 7s slot review we will discuss all those aspects.

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Introduction to Blazing Hot 7s Slot

Blazing Hot 7s slot machine is one of the few slot machines that let you experience the feeling of visiting a real casino from the good old days. Released in 2018, the classic-themed gaming title is an online Multislot based on the traditional 3-reel casino slot machines.

Even though the game has an old-fashioned design, the payouts, prizes, and special features are as impressive as any of the latest releases. Powered by the reputed casino software provider 1×2 Gaming, the slot offers lots of unique features that help players in reaping some unexpected rewards.

In a gaming world saturated with sophisticatedly designed slots, monotonous gameplay, and high-tech graphics, Blazing Hot 7s comes as a refreshing experience for hardcore gamblers.

Blazing Hot 7s Real Money Casino Bonuses

First deposit bonus
Up to 10% Cashback + £100 Welcome Bonus
New Customers. 5% cashback on day 1-7 deps, 10% on day 8-14. Max £1000 p/w. Max welcome bonus £100, min £20 deposit. 40x wagering, valid for 30 days. Game weighting, payment restrictions and betting limits apply. Casino Only. T&Cs apply.
19 games
4.5 rating
First deposit bonus
100% up to £100 + 100 Spins
Min. £20 deposit. 1st deposit only. 100% match bonus. Bonus amount need to be wagered 35 times.
102 games
4.5 rating
First deposit bonus
100% up to £300 + 20 spins
New players only. 100% match bonus. Bonus amount need to be wagered 30 times.
99 games
4.3 rating

Easy Gameplay

One of the major perks of playing games like Blazing Hot 7 slot machine is that it has a simple gameplay that can be easily followed by a novice player. Listed below are the highlights of the game:

  • The game contains a combined set of 10 games or 10 slot machines. These machines spin together when you click the spin button. Each machine has 3 reels and a single row with a single payline. Thus, you have a total of 10 horizontal paylines that offer 10 times more chance of winning when compared to other classic 3-reel slots with a single row; 
  • The amount you bet on each slot machine is displayed as the ‘stake’ right below the reels. So the total stake for each spin would be equivalent to the stake per machine multiplied by 10. For instance, if you have adjusted the stake to 1.00, you will be betting with 10 coins on every spin;
  • The game has a total of 10 symbols that offer rewards when 3 identical ones land on any payline. Whenever you spin the reels, if 3 identical symbols appear on any machine, you win a prize equivalent to the coins stacked multiplied by the multiplier mentioned in the paytable;
  • If more than one winning combination occurs you get to enjoy the combined payouts. Thus, in a single spin, you stand a chance to win up to 10 prizes. This is one of the unique features of this game that makes it more appealing compared to other classic 3-reel slots;
  • Besides being a multi-slot game, Blazing Hot Sevens has dual-mode gameplay. The normal mode is characterized by low volatility. During this normal mode, if 3 sevens of identical colors occur on any of the slot machines, a high-volatility mode called ‘Blazing Sevens’ is activated. This blazing 7s mode has special symbols and 10 to 20 spins that can reward big prizes;

Game Rules

A few game rules apply for this title are,

  • The minimum total stake available is 0.20 and the maximum is 50 for each spin. You can adjust it by reducing or increasing the stake;
  • A prize can be won only if you get 3 identical symbols on a single payline;
  • At a time, you can win only one set of ‘Blazing Sevens’ spins;
  • During the ‘Blazing Sevens’ spins, you cannot trigger more spins;
  • Selected stakes will be deducted from the balance during each ‘Blazing Sevens’ spin;

How to Play Blazing Hot 7s?

Blazing Hot Sevens is a game of luck and experienced gamers know how it works. The game is quite simple and can be easily understood and enjoyed by anyone. Listed below are a few tips on how you can play the game with a strategic approach. Tips how to play Blazing Hot 7s:

  • Always start with the fun mode before you attempt the real money version. This makes it easier for you to understand the rewarding nature of the slots;
  • Start playing with smaller stakes until you witness a few winnings. This would give you a better sense of timing and accordingly you can increase the stakes intermittently to improve your winnings;
  • The game offers a higher chance of winning bigger prizes during the ‘Blazing Sevens’ spins. But during this round, only a few spins can land you with a winning combination of identical sevens. So you need to anticipate and adjust your stakes accordingly to make the most of it;
  • After each win, you can reduce the stakes for the next few spins as the possibility of winning from consequent spins are very low. You can adopt this strategy for both the normal mode as well as the ‘Blazing Sevens’ mode;
  • Make it a point to check the paytable and Help section before you start with real money bets. Playing without knowing the rules can be quite risky in this type of game and may result in unexpected losses; 
  • Choose an efficient casino for playing this slot because any kind of malfunctioning or downtimes may lead to loss of payouts. So make sure that you select a gambling site that offers smooth gaming experience, free of glitches and technical errors;

Try Blazing Hot 7s Slot for free

The fun mode comes with a fun balance of 50000.00. You can adjust the stakes by adding or subtracting points using the plus and minus signs at the bottom of the reels. Unlike other games, the Blazing Hot 7 slot machine doesn’t have numerous control settings. The only thing that you need to adjust before every spin is the stake. Trying the fun mode makes it easy for the players to experiment with higher stakes and different gaming strategies. You can play the fun mode on desktop, tablet, or mobile. The majority of the casinos allow players to enjoy the free version without signing up as a user.

You can find this game along with its fun mode at top casinos such as PlayAmo Casino, Playzee Casino, and Slots Casino. These are some of the gambling sites that offer 1×2 Gaming slots. Also, you can play the game directly from your desktop or mobile browser. Furthermore, owing to its simple graphics, the slot hardly takes any time to launch and can run well even on slow internet connectivity.

If you are not familiar with 3-reel video slots, learning some facts and features of Blazing Hot 7s can help you in handling the game more tactfully. Described below are some of the noteworthy features of this unique title.

Appealing Graphics

The slot machine is designed with cool graphics and relaxing color schemes. This naturally encourages the player to engage in longer sessions. Set against a deep royal blue background, the multi-slot machine casts a soothing ambiance. Stacked one above the other, the black reels look plain impressive against neon blue borders and multicolored symbols. Whenever a winning combination occurs, the slot machine gets illuminated and highlights the symbols involved.

Blazing 7s slot machine

Blazing Hot 7s Symbols

  • The game features 8 symbols in the Normal mode and 5 symbols in the ‘Blazing Sevens’ mode. Among these 2 modes, 3 symbols are common- green, blue, and red sevens;
  • The lowest paying symbol in the normal mode is the cherry symbol. On any of the 10 machines, if you get 3 cherries in a line your stakes are multiplied by 2. Incidentally, cherries make up for one of the common winning combinations you would get in the normal mode;
  • The coin symbol ranks above the cherries and a set of 3 coins on a payline will reward you with a multiplier of 5;
  • Next in line comes the bar symbols. Here you have single, double, and triple bar symbols with x10, x15, x20 multipliers respectively;
  • The 3 sevens are the highest paying symbols in the normal mode. The stakes are multiplied by 25 if a payline lands with 3 green sevens Likewise, a set of 3 blue sevens or 3 red sevens comes with multipliers of 50 and 100 respectively;
  • The Blazing Sevens mode has 5 sevens of different shades and the lowest-paying 3 are green, blue, and red sevens and the payouts are the same as in the normal mode;
  • The high-paying sevens in the ‘Blazing Mode’ are the black and the yellow sevens. A set of 3 black sevens rewards the player with x200 multiplier and a set of 3 yellow sevens reward x420 multiplier which is the highest payout in this game;

The paytable lists all the symbols along with their payouts.

Simple Interface

The game is quite easy to follow and play as there are very few controls. Towards the right of the slot machines, there is a spinning arrow which is the spin button. Along the bottommost border, you can find the total stake displayed in coins. This is calculated by multiplying the stake per machine with 10. As you adjust the stake using plus and minus symbols, you can find the total stake changing accordingly. On the right end of the bottom panel, you can check the total win that displays the coins won, if any, after each spin.

Right below the spin button, there is a cross sign which is a toggle button for accessing the paytable. On the top panel, at the center, you have the total balance displayed in coins. To its right-hand side, you have the Help section displayed as ‘I’. Further to the right, there is a volume button. On the top left end, there is a time icon that lets you access the gaming history. The option is used for checking the details of the past 100 spins. But it is available only to players who play with real money.

‘Blazing Hot Sevens’ Free Spins

 ‘Blazing Sevens’ Spins is the major feature of the Blazing Hot 7 slot machine. During the normal spins, if the player lands with a set of 3 matching sevens on a payline, the Blazing Sevens mode is triggered. It features a high-volatile round of up to 20 spins based on the color of the sevens that triggered the spins. A set of three green sevens on a payline activates the shortest round of 10 spins. Likewise, you can win a round of 15 high-volatile spins if you get 3 blue sevens on a payline. And a set of 3 red sevens on a payline triggers the longest round of 20 spins.

Once the round is activated, the player gets a new set of 10 slot machines where all the symbols are of multicolored sevens. There is a spin button that highlights the total spins available or left after each spin. Besides the 3 seven symbols in the normal round, the Blazing Sevens round has an addition of 2 more sevens that can reward multipliers of 200 and 420 each (if 3 identical ones appear on a payline). Note that, ‘Blazing Sevens’ spins are not free and you will be spending coins on every spin just as you would for the normal round. The only difference is that during the ‘Blazing Sevens’ spins you stand a chance to win some jackpot payouts.

Blazing Hot 7s Paytable

The Blazing Hot 7s Paytable consists out of 11 symbols. View their respected value below.

Blazing hot 7s paytablePaylines

  • The symbols from high to low are: Wild 7s, 7s, Stars, Bells, Bar, watermelon, Blueberry, Lemon, Orange, & Cherry;
  • On x2 bet or higher, The wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except the Bonus 7s.
  • There are 5 Paylines. Only consecutive symbols appearing on these lines count toward players winnings;

Blazing Hot 7s RTP

The theoretical “Return to Player” of Blazing Hot 7 slot machine is 93.99%. This leaves a house edge of 6.01%. What does this Blazing Hot 7s RTP mean? For example, if player wager 100 pounds, 93.99 is returned to them as winnings. The maximum coins a player can win from a single spin are 21000. The game is a combination of low and high volatility gaming modes, so the returns may vary accordingly. The Blazing Hot 7s payout is pretty low in comparison with other online slot machines.

Conclusion to Blazing Hot 7s Slot Review


  • The game rules are quite simple to follow;
  • The gaming session doesn’t get expired even if you are inactive for a long time;
  • The slot has an inbuilt option of viewing the gaming history;
  • Playing simultaneously on multiple slot machines offers a higher probability of winning;
  • The game can be played on desktop and mobile casinos;
  • It has a unique feature that provides a high-volatility gaming mode characterized by jackpot payouts;


  • There are no ‘Free Spins’ or ‘Scatter’ symbols;
  • There is no ‘Autoplay’ option;
  • The normal mode has low volatility;
  • Blazing Hot 7s RTP of 93.99%

Final Thoughts to Blazing Hot 7s

Blazing Hot 7s is a rare type of casino game that includes a set of 10 machines. Since its release in 2018, the title has earned some positive reviews for its dual-mode gaming, impressive design, and high-yielding symbols. Even though the slot features multiple jackpots, it is not meant for players who seek instant returns. The Blazing Hot 7s RTP is 93.99 percent. In short, to earn maximum returns from the wagers placed, you need to play consistently and have a strategic approach.


What does the Blazing Hot 7s Paytable look like?

There are 11 symbols in the Blazing Hot 7s Paytable. From high to low they are: wild sevens, sevens, stars, bells, BAR, watermelon, blueberry, lemon, orange and cherry. The wild sevens substitutes for all symbols except for the bonus 7s from x2 bet onwards. Free Spins are activated by obtaining three wild symbols.

What is the Blazing Hot 7s RTP?

The Blazing Hot 7s RTP is theoretically estimated at 93,99 percent. This is lower than the 96 percent that is recommended by experts.

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