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Combat Masters is a fun-filled battle themed slot developed by Skywind Group.  Released in July 2020, Combat Master is a unique slot game featuring Cluster Wins. The game takes the player on a fairytale adventure where a young warrior takes on his opponents single handedly as he crosses different worlds in his quest to become a master. The game has numerous interactive features, bonus rounds, and surprises that can keep the players inspired to follow the quest to its highest point. The slot has medium volatility with a hit frequency of 3/5. The game happens in a 5×7 grid and the wins occur when 5 or more identical symbols land adjacent to each other. Combat Masters come with a theoretical RTP of 96.07%. It is available to gamers across the UK, Spain, Romania, Italy, and Denmark.

Introduction to the Combat Masters Slot Game

Combat Masters is a unique slot machine with an interesting battle theme. The game starts in the Deep Sea and as the warrior defeats his enemies, the players can move to higher worlds. The provider of the game has created the slot with lots of unique features that help players in gradually improving their chances to win. This means more wins can land if players engage in longer gaming sessions. Skywind Group, as a software provider, is known for designing cutting-edge iGaming Solutions. Also, the company has designed over 200 slots that are noted for their innovative features and mobile compatibility. 

Apparently, the main advantage of the game is that players stand a better chance to win as the warrior conquers different worlds. Also, new features unlock in each world and this triggers more cluster wins as the player completes each level. There are 8 Power-up features that are unlocked in different worlds. These features can trigger multiple cluster wins on a single spin. Every time the player moves to a higher world, he wins a Crystal Bridge Bonus that rewards a random cash prize. Also, there is a Wild Power Meter that adds Wild symbols to the reels and triggers some big wins. Further, the slot machine features a map that summarizes the entire gameplay and allows the player to check his progress. On the whole, Combat Masters is a gripping slot that promises lasting gains rather than instant results. 

  • Combat Masters is a multilevel slot game that features a progressive battle theme.
  • The slot is designed by the revolutionary gaming software provider Skywind Group that has designed over 230 high-performance casino games.
  • There are 8 different Worlds and 8 Power-up features in the game that can reward big payouts as the player progresses from one level to another.
  • Every time the player enters a new world he wins a bonus cash prize.
  • The game comes with a Wild Power Meter that adds Wild symbols to the reels and triggers more wins. 

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Theme and Storyline of the Combat Masters Slot

Combat Masters Slot Look & Feel

Combat Masters Slot Look & Feel

The Combat Masters slot features a battle theme with combats happening throughout the game. There is a young knight with a shield and sword who takes on enemies back to back. His valor is rewarded each time he kills an opponent and proves his strength to rise higher. Further, the 8 worlds in the game denote 8 challenges that come with their own risks and rewards. The theme seems familiar with multiplayer video games but when it comes to slot machines, the concept is quite unique and players can bank upon an addictive gaming session. It is one of the few latest releases in the casino market that have such a strong storyline and plot. Also, the game has many characters including a wise-looking Wizard who helps the knight in his quest to be the ultimate combat master.

On the graphics front, Combat Masters is a real visual treat and fun-to-watch slot game. The provider has added a short introductory video that runs when you launch the game. The video tells a lot about the game’s storyline and shows how a brave warrior sets on a mission to be the ultimate combat master. The entire game occurs in an imaginary space where different worlds are connected with floating crystal bridges.

As the game begins, the backdrop shows a clear sky with fluffy clouds and in the center lays the 5×7 grid attached to a fighting ring where the warrior fights his enemy’s one after the other. Also, the symbols are bright and shiny and depict signs and symbols of war. The opponents look intimidating and have a lifeline that fluctuates as you place each bet. The warrior has to fight his way out, killing new and more powerful enemies to reach the higher worlds.

Also, the game has an exciting background score that adds more life and vigour to the whole combat theme. All the characters and features are beautifully animated to suit the quality of the graphics. On the left side, there is a small globe icon that opens a map which shows the player’s progress and the path that joins the 8 Worlds in the game. 

Key Features of the Combat Master Slot Game

1.    Combat

The combat that occurs between the knight and his enemies is the main feature of the game. Every time you spin the reel, you can anticipate the young knight to strike the opponent. But this would happen only if the spin lands a winning combination. And whenever the knight strikes, you can see the opponent’s power draining. But if no wins occur the opponent strikes the knight. The opponent dies only if his entire power is drained. Note that, any win that amounts to 25 times the bet money or more can slay the enemy on a single strike.

2.    Collapsing Symbols

Combat Masters has a 5×7 grid with symbols that collapse and cascade. Whenever 5 or more identical symbols land adjacent to each other, horizontally or vertically, a winning combination occurs. In this event, all the winning symbols collapse, and new symbols cascade down to occupy the vacant spaces. Thus, the player gets another chance to land more wins. 

3.    Wild Power Meter

At the base of the fighting ring, you can find a colorful meter called the Wild Power meter. The meter has 3 sections and it triggers whenever wins involving 16 or more symbols on a single game or single bet occur. The meter awards 3 Power Wilds if the total wins on a single spin involve 16 to 31 symbols. And if the wins on a spin involve 32 to 54 symbols, the meter rewards 5 Power Wilds. The highest reward is of 10 Power Wilds which occur when 55 or more winning symbols collapse on a single spin. Also, the Wild Power meter can trigger prizes up to 3 times on a single spin. 

4.    Power Wild

The Power Wild is a crown symbol which is the Wild symbol in this game. The symbol occurs only when the Wild Power meter rewards the player for getting 16 or more winning symbols on a single spin. This Wild symbol substitutes for all the symbols in the game.

5.    Power-Ups

The game has 8 Power-up features and each belongs to a different World. Each world has 7 levels and the map shows the levels at which each power-up feature triggers. Once a feature is triggered it would be available for all the future worlds. 

·       Paint Bucket

This is the 1st power-up feature that converts all the symbols of a similar color to a different color. Players can unlock this feature at Level 3 of the Deep Sea which is the 1st world.

·       Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt is available from Level 2 of the 2nd world Mechanica. The feature strikes the reels from all the 4 corners and leaves a trail of identical symbols.

·       Supernova

The feature triggers from Level 3 of the 3rd world called Jungle. In this feature, a Supernova lands and explodes to destroy all the nearby symbols occupying the 4×4 grid space.

·       Wild Tornado

In this feature, a Wild Tornado sweeps over the screen shuffling all the symbols that land again at new spots to generate some wins. This feature is available from Level 4 of the 4th world, Lavadrom.

·       Giant Bomb

When the player reaches Level 2 of the 5th world – Floating Islands, the Giant Bomb feature activates. This feature randomly selects 2 colors and removes all the symbols of these 2 colors. In this event, new symbols cascade down to occupy the vacant spaces.

·       Magic Flask

This feature converts up to 10 random symbols into a group of identical symbols. The Magic Flask feature triggers at Level 3 of the 6th world, Enchanted Forest.

·       Flaming Dynamite

Once the player reaches the Level 4 of the 7th world Canyonlands, the Flaming Dynamite feature activates.  In this feature, 3 to 5 vertical or horizontal lines explode leaving behind vacant spots for new symbols to cascade down.

·       Hot Lava Ball

A Hot Lava Ball appears when the player reaches Level 2 of the last world Polaris. In this feature, a lava ball burns away up to 9 random symbols and new symbols fall down to occupy the spots. The highlight of this feature is that the burning of symbols occurs 2 to 4 times.

All the above power-up features remain active once the player unlocks them. These features immensely add the chances of gaining more wins on a single spin. Thus, it also helps the player in activating the Wild Power Meter and makes it land more Wilds. 

6.    Crystal Bridge Bonus

Every time the player completes a world, a Crystal Bridge Bonus round occurs. In this round, the player has to pick a crystal that hides a secret prize. But if the player is not satisfied he gets 2 more chances to pick a different prize and he has to settle with the final prize he picks. In this round, a Wizard appears to guide the player.

7.    Opponents

One of the main features regarding the opponents that can affect the progress of a player is that some of them are more powerful than others and gains more health with each strike. The first 7 opponents have low Health Gain powers. The next 7 opponents have medium Health Gain powers and the last 5 opponents have high Health Gain powers.

RTP of the Combat Masters Slot

The Combat Masters RTP is estimated to be 96.07%. This indicates an above-average RTP compared to industry standards. However, players need to understand that the percentage indicates the overall returns the game can generate over several sessions. The actual return from the slot during the initial stages could be lower than the RTP indicated. But the uniqueness of the game is that players can reap more wins as they unlock more features and level up through different worlds. Each bet constitutes 100 coins and the bet in currency is calculated by multiplying the coin value with the number of coins. The highest-paying symbol in the game is the Red Fire symbol that can reward up to x200000 coins per bet. When compared to other Cluster Win games with similar RTP rates such as Gem Queen and Inca Jackpot, the Combat Masters slot has more features and bonus prizes.

Paytable of the Combat Masters Slot

The paytable of the game covers all the payout features in an easy-to-follow manner. Even though the multilevel gameplay seems complex at the beginning of the game, the paytable explanations make things look quite simple. It clearly defines all the features including the 8 different Worlds and multiple power-up features. Further, it provides a table of all the symbol payouts that shows the rewards for landing 5 to 20+ similar symbols. The payouts are mentioned in terms of coins and players have to multiply with the coin value to compute the wins. The paytable also illustrates the opponents along with their Health Gain powers that are expressed in terms of stars. The enemy that has the maximum power possesses 3 stars.

How to Win at the Combat Masters Slot Game?

The Combat Masters is a multilevel slot and if you intend to take full advantage of its potential you need to play through all the 8 Worlds. During the initial stages, wins would definitely occur but the rewards may not be as big as the best placed. But as you progress through different levels and unlock numerous power-up features, you have a better chance to earn more wins on a single spin. So the best strategy is to place smaller bets during the initial stages and then slowly raise your bet level as you reach the higher worlds.

Final Verdict of the Combat Masters Slot

From the above review, you can conclude that Combat Masters is a highly entertaining slot game with a decent rate of return. But if you are looking for quick wins, Combat Masters may seem disappointing. This is because the game favors the player who endures the initial levels to unlock special bonus features and discover the cash prizes. And every time you complete a world a wizard that holds the key to the next world tells you about your progress. Thus, the game becomes more rewarding as you keep playing despite fewer wins in the beginning. Once the player reaches the final world he becomes the Level 1 Combat Master. After this, all the subsequent completions of 8 Worlds upgrade the mastery level by +1.

Pros and Cons of the Combat Masters Slot


  • Collapsing symbols.
  • Cluster Wins.
  • Power-up features.
  • Wild Power Meter.
  • Crystal Bridge Bonus.


  • No Jackpots.
  • No Free Spins.

FAQs about the Combat Masters Slot

  1. Where can I play the Combat Masters slot?

You can play the Combat Masters slot at any online gambling site or casino site that offers the game.

  • Do I need to download any software for playing the Combat Masters slot?

No, there is no need to download any software for playing the Combat Masters slot. It is an ‘Instant Play’ game.

  • What kind of wins can I expect from the Combat Masters slot machine?

Combat Masters slot machines have medium-volatility spins and you can expect a win frequency of 3/5.

  • Which is the highest paying symbol in the game?

The ‘Red Fire’ symbol is the highest paying symbol that can reward up to x200000 the coins bet per spin.

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