American TV Show Inspires CSI slot & Potential to Win $25,000 Jackpot

  • Players will need to collect evidence, solve crimes to win coins and bonus rounds
  • It is cinematic and works like an old school video game, which is really interesting
  • You can expect to run into high-paying symbols all the time
  • The RTP is on the lower end, which means you get low payouts. It is highly volatile too
  • Only for someone with high patience and a lot of money can try their luck for a longer time

Quick Verdict on Skywind’s CSI slot Online

Though there have been up to three versions of CSI slot since 2016, the slot brings a StoryMode Gameplay for its fans. The CBS show that inspired this slot also forms the basis of its symbols, it’s 5-reel grid, and its RTP of 95.18%, somewhat on the lower end of the spectrum. But, you have a lot going on here as well.

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Where can I play the CSI slot machine online?

Below we selected the best certified and licensed slot sites where you can play CSI.

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Small Intro on CSI slot Online Games

Various software developers worked on this project during the years. Online gamblers might be aware of popular names like NetEnt or RedTiger, but GTech and Skywind are also able software houses on the globe. In fact, Skywinds CSI slot is hugely popular awarding players with MegaStackBonus of up to 100x on top of your win. It turns out with a 5 reel and 50 pay line slot game at most online casinos and is still running strong. CSI or Crime Scene Investigation has a good history and this plays well with slots in this genre.

GTech is, on the other hand, an Italian lottery corporation that is now a part of IGT, International Game Technology. Post its $6.4 billion purchase, its slots and games are the property of IGT. IGT’s CSI is an able casino slot that offers a 20-payline game and a bunch of puzzles to solve. IGT has the art and technology of developing and releasing fine slot games, and throughout the storyline, scenes from the TV Series, you can feel that. With 20 paylines and 40-credit multi denominational, the maximum wager on this slot can get really high, and hence it is reserved mostly for high rollers with a lower RTP.

  • CSI slot have been around for quite some time, at least from 2015 and 2016;
  • There are three versions around, Skywind’s CSI, IGT’s CSI, and an Android version;
  • CSI slot is a CBS program’s popular running series fabrication into a slot game;
  • It brings fans with nostalgia as well as enthusiasm to relive the show in another form;

CSI slot: Theme & Storyline in Various Online Slots

CSI Slots Look & Feel

Irrespective of the slot you are playing and the choice of your online casino, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation follows through the footsteps of its TV series. CBS is a television network that has been around for decades and it aired CSI successfully for 16 years. The only television series of this nature that surpassed it was CID by Sony Television in India that was tremendously successful for 21 years. Though slots on this are not coming soon, IGT, Skywind, and Gameloft have released their own versions over the years.

In IGT’s CSI, the most popular one, you can right away start playing in Story Mode, as in a real video game from the 90s. It was an American television show from 2000 to 2015 and became a cult figure with characters and their names becoming popular in every household. The slot’s storyline follows in the footsteps of the gritty police investigators to find clues and forensic evidence to solve crimes. Then, came a hoard of releases like CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, and CSI: Cyber. Though, there was never talk of CSI: Florida. It was a rating bonanza throughout its career and the critics didn’t speak anymore. Despite graphic violence, it was the need for the genre and the audience loved it. CSI was a critical success.

In the CSI slot, you will find similar themes and artwork, actually. They will look as if the screencaps were cropped to make it up. IGT works with 4 reels, 20 paylines, just to recall. And, this is their version of the slot. You will meet them during StoryMode. There are four characters; to begin with, there are two males and two female protagonists in the slot. You have DB Russel, speaking to his colleague. Lucy Devay, a 31-year old female was found murdered and they are set up for the task to investigate. Then, the characters go to the lab with the evidence, and the story goes on and on. Really, it is a fantastic way to play a slot game and get an engaging experience.

While in the New York City variant of the game you will find Gary Sinise, Melina Kanakaredes, and so on. 

IGT’s CSI slot Graphics, Sounds & Animation

As we dropped some hints above, the graphics design and artwork resemble a comic book style gameplay. It looks like you are playing a 2000s video game in story mode, where people talk to each other, have conversations, collect evidence, and then players get to play the Spin button to make a spin. If you get matching symbols a progress bar fills up, and then it rewards the player. The design, theme, color is comic-book style and holds the reference to actual game characters that developers have drawn digitally. It is 2D in all ways but with shadows and lighting effects. There is no actual or real 3D art, so to speak.

The choice of animations is also minimal and comic book style. There are nice subtle lively images, like the spinning of the reels, jumping of coins, filling of the progress bar, and even when you are not doing anything, it looks lively. But, there is a retro feel to it, possibly because of the time period of CSI that ran from 2000 to 2015. And, that totally makes sense. From an animation point of view, it is not awful but also nothing spectacular. However, instead of a cartoonish feel, it is more realistic artwork, as if you are watching CSI: Miami in SD on your smartphone. The artwork looks really like the old VHS movies.

In terms of sound, there is nothing spectacular, no ominous or melodic trance, or stereotype crime scene music, nothing too much. It is all under control. Slight sound effects like bangs, a splash of coins, and narratives, even beginning of bonus rounds or winning a hit, etc are available. Some disco tracks play when the slots are running. For example, when the Bonus Game triggers and players get a spinning wheel to play with, such soundtracks play in the background. During this, you can see an old type box machine with indicators and switches. The spinning wheel is big and creates sparks when it touches the edge. There are knobs like in old radios. It is all very filmy and video-gamish.

CSI Online Slot Features, Free Spins, Progressive Jackpots ETC

There are several versions of this game but its features are interesting and laid out like a puzzle. There is a set of Special Symbols inside the game which allows players to witness changes in gameplay and progress of storyline. It connects the dots between the TV series and the slot game.

●      Wild Symbols

The Wild symbols are nothing but the investigators in the story. These will substitute all normals symbols except the Free Spin, Crime Scene Evidence, and Lock ‘n’ Re-Spin symbols. They have their own merits as well and come handy for multipliers. You can identify these by the text Wild over them whenever they appear.

●      Lock ‘n’ Re-Spin

This is an amazing feature, a special symbol if you may say. It triggers the bonus feature and during this bonus game, all the winning symbols are locked in their places. Those symbols that don’t win the current SPIN will continue into the next one. They create a winning combination in the next round and keep rewarding lots of coins. Of course, only a single symbol is enough to get this going, which is a great relief for players. It can land anywhere on the reels, on the grid, and it still means the same.

●      Scatter Symbol

The best part of any standard slot game is the Scatter Symbol because it can trigger several things. Each slot game uses it in its own way. In the CSI slot, you will also find a nice twist to this flexible piece. Here, you will find the crime scene photographs as the scatter symbol, which is apt. Because of this, when three of these photos appear on the reels, it activates the Crime Scene Pick Bonus. This is your unchartered bonus round unlike anything you’ve ever played.

In this, players have to scrap and search through a graphic and grizzly crime scene, much like a video game, and collect clues. Once, you have found them you will receive points or coins like in a video game. You can, in turn, also receive bonuses. However, to activate this feature, you will need 3, 4, or 5 scatters, and this will reward players with 5, 10, or up to 30 Free Spins. Kindly, don’t forget that each comes with a 2x multiplier as well.

CSI Slot: Crime Scene Pick Bonus

When 3 crime scene photos appear, you win this round. While the round begins, players must scan fingerprints and then match them with a police database. Once the match appears, you can return to the crime scene to search for more clues, more evidence. There is an interactive video game nature to all of it, and you will love it. You can tap on the clues to reveal the credits.

This picks up a little more scenic nature and filmy route by bringing the twist. Unless you collect all three pieces of shreds of evidence, you will receive a default reward only. But, if you were successful, which takes little effort; you can win the next rigger round. This is really a skill and brings enthusiasm. It takes you to Crime Lab Free Games bonus round.

●      Progressive Jackpot

Unfortunately, there is no such thing in this game. It manages to offer jackpot money though, with $25,000 for the lucky player. 

Besides this, there is Trace Evidence bonus round too and Crime Lab Free Games where you have to sequence a DNA matching game to win and collect coins. As the progress bar fills up, rewards are generated. You can always choose the bonus round by spinning the wheel, and thereafter the story shall unfold as per your selection. Because of this nature, CSI slot also has a multiline storyline in the gameplay, making it dynamic for players playing again and again.

What is the CSI Slot RTP?

CSI slot is a great game offering a stunning overlay of characters and engaging storyline. But, the slot ranks lower in RTP promising the highest figure of 95%. In comparison to this, there are several slots with up to 98% RTP as well. RTP of this sort means that if a player wages $100, they can expect a maximum of just $95 over the complete gameplay. This is for IGT’s CSI slot game.

Skywind’s CSI slot game promises a jackpot of $5000 and an RTP of 95.08%. In both cases, it stays pretty much the same.

What does the CSI Slots Paytable look like?

The major winning combinations are because of its highest-paying symbols, and special symbols. The Paytable is accessible anytime during the gameplay, and this makes it really simple. Just play a free demo to view the entire paytable if you wish to. Just like the audio clips, the reels and its special symbols correspond to different characters in the game. This makes it so much fun and unique.

You have a Police Badge, Handcuffs, Crime Scene Camera, Photographs, Fingerprint Powder & Brush, and the CSI Logo, as from the TV series.

How to win/ Strategy for CSI slot online game?

To win this game, you can use skills as well as observation. For example, keeping the bet per payline higher during a bonus round spin can increase your rewards. Similarly, keeping them lower during usual rounds can save you spins. High rollers may disagree and it is fine, but for new players, this strategy might come handy.

Also, don’t forget to collect all the pieces of evidence during a bonus round, because this can trigger yet another bonus round.

CSI Slot Real Money Casino Sites

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CSI slot: Final Verdict

A volatile with high variance game, CSI slot have appeared in different formats from different vendors. Over the years, the slots grew from desktop to smartphones. The gameplay is very dramatic with real characters, conversations, solving a puzzle, and winning rewards for the same. Don’t want to play yet another slot, try CSI slot online for free. It is unique and gives a real boost to video slot gameplay.

IGT’s CSI slot: Pros & Cons

In either of the versions, there are some good and some things to worry about. 


  • Players will need to collect evidence, solve crimes to win coins and bonus rounds;
  • It is cinematic and works like an old school video game, which is really interesting;
  • You can expect to run into high-paying symbols all the time;


  • The RTP is on the lower end, which means you get low payouts. It is highly volatile too;
  • Only for someone with high patience and a lot of money, can try their luck for a longer time;

IGT’s CSI slot: FAQs

1.    What is the Highest Payout of the CSI Slot Game?

It depends on the casino and the game provider. IGT offers $25,000 while Skywind offers $5000.

2.    How to Trigger the Jackpot Round?

There is no jackpot round, but three bonus rounds. They are rewarded handsomely if your wage is high enough.

3.    Is There a Progressive Jackpot in CSI?

CSI slot does not have a progressive jackpot in any of the versions from any of the providers.

4.    How Many Bonus Rounds does it have?

CSI slot have 3 big Bonus Games, within the main game. They are highly rewarding.

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