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  • Great for beginners, because of the high pay frequency
  • Nice graphics artwork, but kid-friendly
  • Lack of Progressive Jackpot
  • Not a high volatility slot

Quick Verdict

Featuring 3 different Bonus Games, this slot is a mythical theme brought to life. Accompanying Gods, their powers, medium volatility, grander payouts up to 96.09% RTP are just the tip of the iceberg. The bigger God is the higher is the winning reward. Gods of Power slot also has a jackpot cash prize.

Small Intro on Gods of Power from Golden Rock Studios

Speaking about software providers etc. in brief, Gods of Power slot is a product of Golden Rock Studios. While they are the developer firm behind the slot, it is marketed by Microgaming, one of the giants in the gambling industry. With the motto of ‘Experience is Everything’, Golden Rock Studios focus on developing table games, innovative video slots for casinos, online gambling sites, and mobile gambling apps. It appears they have been active in the industry for around 20 years by now, which is a big thing. But, they were mainly focused on land-based brick and mortar casinos. Recently, they started their operations along with the online market.

It was a brainchild of William Hill’s former CPO James Curwen, a much respected man in the casino industry. Today, you can find them operating with the same energy in offering different types of slots ranging from in-reel features to covering gigantic multi-bonus fully engaging video slots. They have the mindset of gamblers, and hence design games for the best experience. Among their games, the Gods of Power slot is a 25 paylines slot that pays from left to right. It features 4 Gods. You can find the Gods of Power slot on both Microgaming’s and Golden Rock Studio’s official site listings. This was released in the 3rd Quarter of 2020. Other similar slots in their portfolio include popular titles like Wild Predators, All Sports, Star Gods, Volatile Slots, and Gold N Rocks. They even work on age-old browsers from 6-year-old devices. 

If you wish to play Gods of Power slot for free, then you should head towards Microgaming’s official site and try it out. It appears that this slot is a medium to low volatility slot, as it pays a brilliantly high number of times. In our first 7 spins, we won something, even if less, 5 times. And, also the rewarding system is consistent. This really ties in well with the slot’s theme. 

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Theme & Storyline

Gods of Power Slot Look & Feel

Gods of Power Slot Look & Feel

Gods of Power slot is a product of Golden Rock Studios that you can test run on Microgaming’s website. The theme of the slot is predominantly that of Norse Mythology, Ancient Greece, Greek Gods, Folklore, and Ancient Civilizations. If we compare them with the biggest slot makers, this theme is covered by almost everyone. It is the most popular theme across the video slot industry. However, with the Gods of Power slot, the execution is a bit different. You find a more simple, cartoonish, and 2D-style slot here. It looks something straight out of children’s storybooks. Yes, there are some 3D elements, some nice artwork, but the overall theme resonates with that of a fairy tale from kid’s storybooks.

It knows the theme of Gods, Aphrodites, followers of her, Thor, and all, many love this slot. The more powerful God is the higher is the rewarding potential and the multiplier effect. As a player in the storyline, you have to proceed through the simple plot. The slot looks like a nice video game where you pick and place through the 3 Bonus Games. And, when you have completed, the final collection would be the total of all the multipliers. The 3 exciting bonus games are the core part of this game. It differentiates this game from other slots that revolve around the Norse Mythology. Also, the theme and storyline echos a friendlier atmosphere and happy mood than something more violent and apocalyptic like many others. Several other slots that include this theme show a war-like depiction like the battle of the Gods. 

Gods of Power slot from both these companies promote a friendlier take, and players like beginners can have a lot of fun. It pays frequently and is a great companion for casual gamblers. 

Graphics, Sounds & Animation of Gods of Power Slot

Gods of Power slot is a product of great imagination, a nice presentation, a friendly atmosphere, and proper execution. It is not dark and gloomy with thunder and bolts of lightning. It is happy and pleasant. The background is bright and sunny; the Gods appear in their full glory on the left column while the symbols appear in the center of the screen. They have that cute-ish and charming appearance as well. Lets us see more about the construction and appearance aesthetics in this section below.

·       Graphics

The artwork represents a kid-friendly 2D style artwork. There are 3D components and elements but very subtle for example, in the logo and the poster. It is set in the bright green patches of the land with blossoming purple flowers and distant mountain tops. Players will instantly fall in love with the mood and the background. Then, there are the UI components and other stuff for navigating the storyline and its characters. The Zeus is a God of Thunder. It looks very much like your favorite grandfather. 

In the UI, everything is located at the bottom of the screen. The paytable is, for example, on the left corner. The spinning wheel is on the opposite end. Despite the 5×4 grid layout, the screen looks very spacious and neat. For a desktop screen, it might look a bit small but for mobile screens, the sizes are just fine. 

·       Theme Music & Sound Effects

Taking a step ahead right after the loading of the Gods of Power slot the main window appears. And, it shows Golden Rock Studios logo animation, after which you have to click on ‘Click Anywhere to Play’. Then the game starts and as soon as that happens you can hear the nice melodic tune in the background. It is subtle and not very loud. Of course, you have the feature to mute it if you like. However, because this adds life to this slot, it is often nice to hear it because of the immersive experience it offers. Like Goldern Rock Studios’ claim, the experience is everything here. 

And along with visual cues, sound effects, especially those event-triggered ones are very important. Effects that trigger during the spinning of reels, active matching clusters, bonus games, big wins and so on add to the interactive gaming experience. 

·       Animations

Finally, something that the Gods of Power slot is slightly on the lagging end. As mentioned above the slot keeps the cartoonish and simplistic look, and this means the animations are also not so elaborate or exorbitantly complex. There are nice illustrations but they are not heavy or very rich in detail. It is all fun and lightweight, so to speak. Animations are everywhere and they don’t skip on them, but they don’t overdo it to make the slot stand out. But, they take a step backward and keep it as little and minimal as possible. However, in some cases, the style hurts when it feels bland to taste. 

Regardless, the Gods of Power slot from Microgaming & Golden Rock is a nice fun slot that pays frequently and looks pleasant.

Gods of Power Special Slot Features, Free Spins, Progressive Jackpots Etc 

Gods of Power slot comes from the duo of from Microgaming & Golden Rock. While the first offers the software and hosts the game online, the later develops it. This combo leads to a simple slot for beginners and casual gamers this time. Using Norse Mythology as a guide, they released something quite different and more fun. A slot where you don’t have to wait for very long for winning something, however small it may be, and get frustrated by losing your balance. Let us see more about the features here.

Speaking of features, there are 3 Bonus Games which form its main strength. Though you cannot play it on Golden Rock’s website, you can see the trailer which lists all its best features. There are three types of Wilds here, Stacking Wilds, Mystery Wilds, and Sticky Wilds.

·       Three Gods & 3 Bonus Games

As it are appears, when you start the game you will have 3 Gods on your left side, somewhat like a column. Your job is to collect more and more points to level up the three Gods. Whenever one God’s meter fills up a Bonus Game is triggered. This is how you will enter a Free Spins round. This happens when you find 3 of these symbols. The God Zeus is the one who appears randomly adding Wilds & Followers to the reels. When you keep collecting these Followers for Aphrodite, Cai Shen, and Thor, it turns them from humble pleasant human beings to Gods. The more powerful your God is the bigger will be your payout. It depends on the progress bar that fills up. There are 3 levels in these bonus game scenarios. 

The power of the Gods of Power comes from their followers. The Wild symbol will pay handsomely. It ranges from 200, 800, and 4,000 multipliers as well as 200, 16, 00, and 10,000, which is the highest payout. Wilds are the biggest paying symbols in these symbols, and they will trigger in a Bonus Round depending on the factors like followers, power of God, and so on. 

Because Wild Symbols act as substitutes for low-paying symbols, there is an added opportunity for players to increase their winning reward. However, the Scatter symbol stays in place. For those who are new, this is the rule of Wild vs Scatter in all modern video slots. 

·       Free Spins

The three Gods of this slot grant their players with interesting winning chances for free. Aphrodite grants 10 Free Spins and up to 9 Mystery Symbols, which we mentioned above. Then Cai Shen can grant you up to 7 Free Spins and up to 10 Sticky Wilds. Finally, Thor can award you up to 7 Extra Spins and 3 Stacked Wilds. So, as you can see the three Gods differ in their power and hence their rewards. It depends on which God’s progress bar fills up.

Gods of Power: RTP (Return to Player) 

Gods of Power slot offers an RTP form 94.07% to 96.09%. Be sure to check with your online casino before playing the game. The higher the RTP, the better and more frequent is the payout. RTP is an estimate based on tens of millions of spins. It means that, if you played that many spins, for every $100 you bet, you can expect to win a minimum of $96.09, for example, in this case. 

Paytable of Gods of Power

A paytable lists all high paying symbols which Gods of Power slot uses. For example, the Royals pay the least around 60x. Spartan Helmet pays a bit higher around 160x if 3 symbols appear on the reels. Depending on whether 3, 4, or 5 symbols appear, the multiplier increases. 

How to Win/ Strategy for Gods of Power Slot from Microgaming?

Gods of Power slot is slightly on the edge when it comes to paying frequently. However, the payouts are all of smaller low-paying symbols. Keep an eye on the paytable to know more about them. Because the slot pays frequently, a simple strategy of betting as high as possible for as long as possible is ideal. This will guarantee that you make the most of your matching symbols. 

At the same time, there is no strategies that can guarantee only high-paying symbols appear on the reels, so there is this compromise here. However, during the Bonus Games, the RTP increases, and bigger Gods and bigger rewards will appear, so keep the bet high all along. Because you cannot increase it after the feature has been triggered.                                                                                       

Final Verdict

Gods of Power slot is slightly simplistic but it makes this stand out in the crowd as well. It is friendly and has a pleasant atmosphere. Gods are fun and loving, pleasant looking. The appearance itself is attractive and then comes the host of features. From Wilds, Free Spins, 3 Bonus Games, Scatter, and other usual things, it brings a lot of fun. With a small set of simple features, beginners find the game very entertaining, and casual gamblers enjoy the slots a lot. Golden Rock’s & Microgaming’s Gods of Power slot is geared towards all types of players, not just highly volatile and high-roller gamblers. This is its best standing feature. 

Pros & Cons

Gods of Power slot is slightly on the lagging end and has some demerits as well. Just like any other video slot game from any other developer, it has its own set of attractions.


  • Great for beginners, because of the high pay frequency.
  • Nice graphics artwork, but kid-friendly.
  • Simple design, a simple set of features.


  • Lack of Progressive Jackpot.
  • Any cinematic experience, stunning rich graphics.
  • Not a high volatility slot.

FAQ of Microgaming’s Gods of Power Slot

  1. Is the Gods of Power slot a Progressive Jackpot slot?

Yes, the online slot has a jackpot cash payout of $10,000.00 but sadly it is not a part of any Progressive Jackpot.

  • Do the Gods of Power slot have a variable RTP?

The RTP of this slot varies between 94% to 96%, roughly speaking. 

  • Is the Gods of Power slot from Golden Rock studios mobile-friendly?

As per developers, it works on any mobile device and even on old browsers.

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