Great Book of Magic Deluxe

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up to ÂŁ1000 + 100 spins
  • A buffet of mouth-watering slot features.
  • Impressive RTP.
  • Free spins.
  • Scatter.
  • The thematically defined icons functional in the control panel present a nightmare to first-time players as these make it hard to understand their respective operations.

A superbly done spin-off of one of its popular early titles, real money Great Book of Magic Deluxe online slot lets you set foot into a mammoth library that has all the time-honoured wisdom of the world between its walls. A panacea the sheer potency of which obtains in magic, it welcomes you to carry out your consultation with due diligence and pocket extraordinary rewards impossible within the confines of this dreary world.

Involving a 5 reels 20 paylines design, the slot comes armoured with a fair RTP of 96.47% and a Volatility setting which is extremely open to user adjustment, bringing to fruition one of your wildest imaginations of taking home swathes of lustrous coins. So without further ado, make your entry. Just remember to keep quiet. Conjuring the majestic book of magic that holds the key to astounding riches, Wazdan’s Great Book of Magic Deluxe online slot ensnares you on its web of spells.

At A Glance

Developer: Wazdan
Theme: Great Book of Magic Deluxe
Reels: 5
Paylines: 20
RTP: 96.47%
Variance: Low to High
Mobile Version: Yes
Free Spins: Yes
Scatter: Provided

Great Book of Magic Deluxe Real Money Casino Sites

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If you are among the most passionate ones when it comes to slot gaming and is particularly interested in obliging the dormant daredevil in you, Wazdan takes you onboard a rollercoaster ride with its wares of attractive casino facilities that have joined hands with the brand. So keep your end of the deal and register with any of these casinos. Once you come into possession of a casino account, make sure you charge ahead with traditional currency in your arsenal and witness how it speeds up the rush. Visit the Wazdan website and lay fingers on the necessary details you will need.

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Understanding Real Money Great Book of Magic Deluxe

Banking on truckloads of positive feedback coming in its direction, Wazdan has been quick to push the envelope further. The resultant is the fact that today the iGaming solution poses itself as a behemoth in the industry with its stature having been unanimously assented to globally. Having become the talking point at the global scene, the brand also boasts a legit track record with licenses issued to it by a series of international licensing authorities vindicating their foremost commitment to a resilient ethical foundation. Taking note of the Return to Player percentile which is greatly in favour of the user, coupled with an impartial RNG principle wedded into the game mechanics, stating that Wazdan greatly cherishes transparency and fairness in dealings doesn’t run the risk of being an exaggeration.

Magical Theme & Graphics

Great Book of Magical Deluxe Slot

What this reviewer finds so eerily funny about all of Wazdan’s outputs is that they make you wait with bated breath as the games load themselves once you hit the Play button. Any Wazdan aficionado will surely vouch for this owing to the fact that they have acknowledged again and again Wazdan’s unequalled audio-visual finesse working in perfect synchronicity with the breath-taking novelty that characterizes its thematic arcs. The action in the real money Great Book of Magic Deluxe situates itself, as the title amply hints at, inside a time-worn room populated with books on magic. On condition that the spell works in your favour, you can latch on to ever-inflating rewards here. Just hang tight and maintain an upright outlook and you will be taken care of. This is because the master wizard blesses only those who have obeisance enshrined in their hearts.

Riding on top of this thematic vision and giving it a concrete shape is the visual design of the game matrix. A wooden reel decorated with excellent calligraphy finds itself here in the middle of a spacious room that acts as the bowels of other-worldly wisdom. A perplexing mist surrounding the reel that shoots forth colours confirms that spells are supreme once you are inside. It is stacked up old books being tight-lipped about their contents carry as portentous a vibration as the sculpted figures of some mythical beast topping the two pillars on both sides of the screen. And in the middle of all this, you get to encounter the creepy figure of the master wizard at the far end of a royal table with the great book of magic lying open in front of him, seeing to it that the magic potion doesn’t dilute itself.

Audio Design and Animation

The audio department follows the thematic over-determination to the letter too. In the absence of any instrument defining the base track, what we have here is an assortment of different sound effects foregrounding the atmospheric nature of the matrix. Especially commanding is the sound of boiling liquid that accompanies the rotation of the reel, sending out the message that by hitting the Play button you are preparing a magical brew of astounding potency. 

With Wazdan comes jiffy animation. The Great Book of Magic Deluxe real money slot is no exception. Just as prudently the aural track is filled with minute details to keep intact your fantasy escape, equal care has been taken to ensure that jumpy animation doesn’t cause cognitive alienation. Just take a look at the swagger with which the old wizard performs his ritual gesticulations as soon as you land some rewarding symbols on the reels and you will realize the veracity of these words.

Real Money Great Book of Magic Deluxe Special Slot Features

The train of unique features that the Great Book of Magic Deluxe makes available to users are:

·        Free Spins Alongside Expanding Bonus Symbol

Gather at least 3 Book of Magic symbols anywhere on the reels as the condition underlines and it triggers 10 free spins with expanding bonus symbol. How does it work? Before you get to relish those free spins, the game arbitrarily zeroes in on an expanding bonus symbol that can cover the entire reel and pay at any position, greatly boosting your chances of arriving at winning combinations.

·        Unique Gamble

With the Great Book of Magic Deluxe, you can conjure riches out of thin air, the amount of which solely hinges on your imagination. Be fortunate enough to choose the correct potion from a choice of two double your wins 7 times consecutively.

·        Mega Win

Navigate carefully so you don’t incur the rage of the wizard and your chances of nailing the mega win of 5150 times your original bet amount are cemented.

Great Book of Magic Deluxe Online Slot Paytable

Wazdan’s attempts at underscoring the principle of fairness manifest themselves in the form of the paytable that takes the space of almost half of the screen if you are enjoying the game using a platform other than a computer. If it is a computer in your case, hit the (I) button to peruse the paytable featuring icons and letters included in the game laying bare their winning combinations and the ensuing payouts.

RTP (Return to Player) and Volatility

A more than average RTP of 96.47% in alliance with an unbiased RNG mechanism makes Wazdan offerings more irresistible as these are factors that give a great impetus to your winning prospects. And once you bring into the formula a highly adjustable volatility feature offering a three-pronged setting of low, medium, high volatility, consider that your fate of earning handfuls is sealed.

Strategize Your Wins

Manage well the tools already thrown at your feet and escalate your wins more easily:

  • Hit the autoplay button that lets you spin the reels in a row fattening your purse with more rapidity. Fix the specific number of auto spins you are willing to take and sit back, the foundational mechanism of the game will take care of the rest.
  • Fine-tune the pace with which you want to characterize your manual spins by using the fastplay option. You get to select three pace levels iconized by three different animal symbols.


Enjoy partaking in this mysterious journey offered by the Great Book of Magic Deluxe real money online slot, keeping a steadfast faith in the master wizard’s supposed mastery and bid adieu to any future regret. On condition that you take the first step and successfully overthrow your disbelief, the all-encompassing immersive gameplay with concrete awards will do the rest of the work like magic.


Implementing a shortening for the sake of convenience, the pros include:

  • A buffet of mouth-watering slot features.
  • Impressive RTP.
  • Free spins.
  • Scatter.

The only blot that must make it to a list of cons is:

  • The thematically defined icons functional in the control panel present a nightmare to first time players as these make it hard to understand their respective operations.


  1. How can I run a check on Wazdan’s legitimacy?

Simply visit their website, scroll down to the lower section and you will encounter a list of legal licenses they have procured all over the world. You can also check out prized feedbacks that are collated and form an entirely separate section.

  • Where to find a free version of real money Great Book of Magic Deluxe online slot?

Head to Wazdan official site, run a search for the slot title, scroll down to the midsection and the free demo version with the play banner will certainly invite your attention.

  • What are the main highlights of the Great Book of Magic Deluxe real money slot?

The main features for a player to cash in on here are free spins with expanding bonus symbol, unique gambling option, scatters.

  • Does the free version hold back on some of the game features?

No. With the paid version you can definitely crank up the thrill by placing bets with conventional currency but as far as the native game features are concerned, you get to enjoy the entire posse of them with the free version.

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