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  • Grand, Major, Minor, and Mini Jackpots are very big rewarding payouts
  • 2244x the bet top winning prize is great
  • Lack of Progressive Jackpot network
  • 243 paylines, betways makes devising winning strategies near impossible

Quick Verdict 

Jackpot Fortunes slot is a 2020 slot that has great odds because of the medium volatility and variance. The RTP is decent if not spectacular and the gameplay is fairly attractive. Depicting is the theme of gold coins, Jackpots, and bonuses on a 5×3 grid this video slot promises up to 2244x the bet at stake, as the top winning prize.

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Slot Details – Jackpot Fortunes

Theme:Asian, Oriental, Gold, Treasure,
Luck, Kingdom, Adventure, Bonus
Jackpot Fortunes RTP:96.50%
Max Win?2244x
Mobile Compatibility:Yes, Phone & Tablet
Slot Resolution:16:9
Bonus Features:Bonus Game, Enhanced Wild,
Free Spins, Wild Multipliers,
Jackpot Bonus

Small Intro: Real Money Jackpot Fortunes Slot

Speaking about software providers etc, Jackpot Fortunes slot is developed by Pariplay, a seasoned brand with 10 years of experience in the casino and iGaming industry. Pariplay is a dynamic team of professionals with the aim of becoming the top number one aggregator in the iGaming industry, with clients ranging from online casinos and gambling sites to designing games for mobile, desktops, and all types of devices. They take pride in releasing 2D and 3D games with immersive content in graphics, animations, and sound effects. For a 2022 standard, their recent slots are really attractive, depicting lifestyle, culture, mythical themes among other genres.

The Jackpot Fortunes real money slot is a game with a very simple theme of gold and riches set in the Asian scenery. The journey takes you on a treasure hunt with Wilds, bonus games, Jackpot features among other things. It has all the standard tool kits for any contemporary video slot. You can play it on any device, test its free-to-play demo via the browser that supports HTML5 and JS hassle-free. That is, no need to download or install anything. It also supports mobile devices, Android, and iOS. Among oriental theme slots from Pariplay, there are other slots as well like Fortune Dragons, Dragons of the North, Xi You Ji, Change’s, and many more. Their portfolio is small and simple covering only the most popular themes.

Pariplay also makes table games, video slots, bingo, and keno games among other products. Their recent and most popular slot titles include Heroes & Legends, Goddess of Fortune, HotHot777, Dragons of the North: Deluxe, Torro’s Gold, Viking Glory, Rumble Rhino, Jack’s Treasure, Johnny Ventura & Eye of Ra, Treasure Temple, Bloodshot Rising Spirit, and obviously the Jackpot Fortunes slot real money game.

Jackpot Fortunes Slot’s Theme & Storyline

Jackpot Fortunes Slot Look & Feel

The storyline of this slot from Pariplay revolves around fortune, gold, Asian, Chinese, kings, the treasure of gold, and such lines. As a player, you should try to win as many Golden Symbols as possible for generous wins. The medium volatility and decent RTP helps push even beginners through the plot, and that is promising. Pariplay also gives enough features to help players win big rewards. 

The themes that make the storyline of Jackpot Fortunes real money slot are not complex at all. All you need is to keep gathering gold coins, chase the big symbols, and win rewards. You can enable auto-spin or hold down ‘Spacebar’ for turbo spins, allowing players to rapidly progress through the game. Even if you do not know the symbols properly, keeping the risks high and taking a brave step forward with high betting, you can reap big benefits. 

It is evident from the pleasant soundtrack and graphics design that the slot will take you on a nice journey. The theme and artwork play accordingly to create an immersive slot, and players won’t miss the lack of any character, rulebook, the battle of good vs evil, etc. It is a good thing that it does not make a compelling storyline, but a simple Asian-Oriental theme for the best of fun and gambling. The use of Turtles, Frogs, Gongs, Chinese Emperor paints the atmosphere well through imagery and symbolic depiction of the oriental culture. 

Slot’s Graphics, Sounds & Animation

Jackpot Fortunes is a game with a very simple theme with oriental music, symbols, and treasure of gold. And yet, the graphics department of Pariplay has done a good job because of which the gameplay is immersive and interactive. So, subsequently, we shall take a look at the three things separately below.

·       Graphics

The first glance at the video slot comes from the graphics, artwork, and realistic depictions of emperors, golden turtles, and frogs. There is so much detailing in all the icons. The symbols are so vivid, bright, and pop out of the screen. The UI also matches the theme brilliantly. Because of this, the sections look alike. But, not all is good here. The ‘Spin Button’ for example looks very odd. 

·       Theme Music & Sound

Without the use of sound effects based on events, the slot would seem very dull. So, the oriental soundtrack keeps playing in the background. It is nice but nothing so iconic. Because it initiates right as players launch the game, and click on ‘Play’ it is nice. The music stops when you switch tabs on the browser, which is great too. Pariplay’s developers have put serious thought into making it interactive, yet convenient. Players can mute it as well.

·       Animations

The best of all is this section because this is what makes the Jackpot Fortunes real money slot a true video slot. It has a good set of action sequences. For example subtle clips, motion graphics like flying gold coins to the big bowl above reels. They make the slot look alive. The symbols have some motion, as well. Most event-based animated icons include big wins, major rewards, the spinning of reels, etc. 

After the introductory glimpse, let us see how these tools make the features come to life. Because triggering features awards huge wins, let us check them swiftly right below.

Jackpot Fortunes Special Slot Features, Free Spins & Progressive Jackpots

The best part of any video slot is its feature section because it gives players hope for winning big. Pariplay makes some great slots, highly rewarding ones. In this slot, the RTP of 96.5% with Medium Variance charmingly pays frequently. In our demo play, we saw great rewards on a regular basis. Therefore, those who wish to play for fun, are most welcome. 

For the rest of high-stake gamblers, here is a glimpse at the features. However, always make sure to read the Paytable to learn everything about each game before you start playing. This is a good practice.

1.    Jackpot Bonus Feature

The best part of Pariplay’s 2020 Jackpot Fortunes Online Slot is the four Jackpots that it comes with. You can see it at the top-right corner when you launch the game. When Regular Wilds land on reels 2, 3, or 4, it triggers the Jackpot Bonus. Then, players must select 12 Gold Coins until the matching Jackpot Symbols reveal themselves. This can have one of the following:

  • Grand
  • Major
  • Minor
  • Mini

The Regular Wild (Emperor) substitutes all other symbols, as usual. Each time this Wild appears, it adds gold coins to the Golden Pot. This can randomly trigger the Jackpot Bonus as well when the number of gold coins surpasses the triggering limit.

2.    Golden Symbols

Another great way of winning big in the Jackpot Fortunes slot is to add more and more Golden Symbols from the reels. 4 of the 5 symbols have these variations and playing with bigger bets triggers them almost frequently, generously rewarding the player. It also increases the ability to trigger the Jackpots. In our free demo, we bet GBP 88, the highest, and our winnings were very frequent as well. 

3.    Wild Multiplier Feature

This is the Enhanced Wild, the Red Gong symbol, which appears only on the 3rd reel. This substitutes all symbols for bigger paying ones, except the Scatter & Regular Wild. With this symbol, any winning combination will multiply by 5x, based on the betting amount at that time. This also rewards generously to the player. 

4.    Free Spins

The low-paying symbols are also useful in this slot. Because the Jackpot Fortunes slot real money game has 6 of them: 9, 10, J, Q, etc there is the potential of wins. When 3 or more Scatter Symbols land on the reels, starting from the leftmost reel, players win 8 Free Spins. When this happens, the low-paying symbols do not appear at all. This is by far, the best way to force beginners towards big wins, and greatly rewarding fun. 

5.    Progressive Jackpot

Pariplay does not list this game for Progressive Jackpots, besides the in-game ones above.

What are the Jackpot Fortunes RTP & Variance?

The average RTP of any 2020 slot is around 95% to 96% so far. So, Pariplay’s slot offers decent wins. The RTP is not responsible for the payouts alone, but in combination with other factors like Volatility, Variance, Hit Rate/Frequency, and so on. But, RTP is still quite a popular metric for comparing slots, based on their returning value. This is higher the return value, the better chance to win more for your bets. For the Jackpot Fortunes real money slot, the official RTP from Pariplay is 96.50%. 

RTP is calculated from tens of millions of simulated spins. And it conveys to players that if they play that many spins, at the end of all, they can expect to win a minimum of $96.50 (for this slot game) for every $100 they bet. It does not pay the same for a small number of spins that anyone would practically play. 

However, the RTP can vary from casino to casino, so be sure to check with the one you’re registered to be sure about the return before you start betting. Because even a small marginal increase or decrease in RTP, can affect the returns a lot, be careful. 

What does the Jackpot Fortunes Paytable look like?

Learning something about the paytable and high paying symbols which can give a player a nice big win, should be the first step in playing any slot. The Paytable is where you get the rules of the game, info on how features work, the high and low-paying symbols, the important attractions and bonuses, and stuff. In the Jackpot Fortunes slot real money game, you can do so by clicking on the ‘Three Horizontal Bars’ right below the spin button. This expands to the complete menu and settings, where you find the big ‘I’ symbol for the paytable. 

There are 5 Golden Symbols, and they all are wealthy and highly rewarding. Look at the Features Section to learn how to trigger them. The Golden Frog is the top-most paying symbol that pays 680 for landing 5 symbols but falls to 128 for 4. The nest is the Golden Turtle that pays 380 for 5 symbols. There are 9 high-paying symbols, including these, and 6 low-paying symbols (royals and card letters).

The Red Gong is the Scatter, the Emperor is the Regular Wild, and the Golden Gong is the Enhance/Power Wild symbol in this game. 

How to Win/ Strategy for Pariplay’s 2020  Jackpot Fortunes Online Slot?

With the help of features like Golden Symbols, immersive gameplay with nice oriental soundtracks, and animations, players find it a great entertaining slot. But, if you wish to make real cash and win big rewards you have to devise some plans. In general, there are no ways to guarantee a win, but you can improve the odds in your favor for some spins. 

In the real money Jackpot Fortunes slot, players must keep the reels spinning, bet as high as possible to trigger the above features, including the Jackpot Bonus. Finding Wild symbols on reels 2, 3, 4, and forming matching clusters is the only way to move ahead and win some cash. Players must play up to 50 or 100 spins at a high bet per payline, for triggering big symbols and wins. The Scatter is something not to lose track of. For example, in two consecutive bets, we won GBP 272 and GBP 2240 with a bet of GBP 88, the highest amount possible. 

Yes, there are risks. But, there is potential for generous Jackpots because of the medium variance and volatility of the game, so beginners can also try their luck without a lot of worries. All the features guarantee frequent hits if the player bets big, which we also verified during a demo play. 

Final Verdict 

The developers at Pariplay have put nice animations, brilliant illustrations, graphics, and artwork, and finally sound effects and music to compliment the design. In short, beginners and contemporary gamblers, slot players find it right and entertaining. The real money Jackpot Fortunes slot is a game with a very simple theme oriental gold treasure hunt, which has the potential of rewarding 2244x the bet at stake. In a 5-reel, 3-row configuration, players must chase the features like Golden Symbols, Jackpot Bonus, Wild Multipliers to make the most of the game. Because, betting high can give you your best wins, players shouldn’t shy away. 

Just like most other slots of Fortune Series, the Fortune Dragons, the Jackpot Fortunes, and other titles, offer similar gameplay with different themes. 

Pros & Cons

Just like any other slot game, this game also suffers from some merits and demerits. 


  • Grand, Major, Minor, and Mini Jackpots are very big rewarding payouts.
  • 2244x the bet top winning prize is great.
  • Nice graphics, artwork, realistic animations decent in all aesthetics aspects.
  • Medium variance is god for payouts.
  • Betting high triggers all features simple rule for big rewards for beginners.


  • Lack of Progressive Jackpot network.
  • 243 paylines, betways makes devising winning strategies near impossible.
  • RTP could be higher.

FAQs of Jackpot Fortunes Slot

  1. Does the Jackpot Fortunes Slot Offer Any Progressive Jackpot?

Unfortunately, Pariplay does not list it for any Jackpot network. 

  • Does Jackpot Fortunes from Pariplay Have In-Game Jackpots?

Yes, it does have big winning prizes. There are 4 Jackpot rewards: Grand at GBP 88k, Major at GBP 18k, Minor at GBP 1k, and Mini at GBP 600 only. 

  • Can We Play Jackpot Fortunes Slot for Free?

Yes, you can play this game for fun, free of charge, or for any registration. Just browse to the official site of Pariplay, and launch the game via the browser. 

  • What Is the Top Win of Real Money Jackpot Fortunes slot?

As a lucky player, Pariplay offers you a chance to win 2244x the bet at stake with the help of Golden Symbols and Jackpot Bonus features.

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