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Tips and Tricks for Los Muertos Slots

up to £1000 + 100 spins
  • Sturdy slot features.
  • Excellent RTP.
  • Adjustable volatility rate.
  • In the mobile version, the matrix annoyingly stretches itself vertically to fit the screen, terribly squeezing the operating panel below making it really tough to reach all the buttons with ease.
  • This control panel demands a bit of a probe as well from a first-time user because the icons themselves don’t explain their functions.

At A Glance

In step with slot titles anchored on peerless thematic design, with Los Muertos, the iGaming company Wazdan offers you a window to rub shoulders with the undead. If you have been receiving your steady dose of all those stench-induced, eye-popping, gut-wrenching pop representations of an imminent zombie apocalypse while growing up, you are no stranger here. Towering tall on impeccable technical prowess that is every step in line with the thematic arc, this 5 reels framework operates on 4 rows and 40 paylines.

Offering you a way to opt-out of the quotidian and make neighbours from the land of the dead, you are nonetheless reasonably warned of the sinister air that stifles this space. With generous Return to Player rate and a fairly decent highest win prospect, dare then to cross over the threshold and experience the Mexican day of the dead with creatures from beyond. Wazdan’s outstanding Los Muertos online slot has the MJ famed Thriller writ large on it with swathes of coins, not the girl, being the trophy.

Key Points

Developer: Wazdan
Theme: Los Muertos
Reels: 5
Paylines: 40
RTP: 96.29%
Variance: Low, Standard, High
Mobile Version: Yes
Scatter: Yes
Free Spins: Available

Real Money Los Muertos Slot Casinos

If death is the art of letting go, why then, meeting the dead also demands skilful preparation. This is where registering with any of those casino facilities that are in partnership with Wazdan becomes pertinent. Opening a user account at any licensed casino site in alliance with an iGaming colossus like Wazdan necessarily packs its own perks. The overtly systematized casino set up running on stringent principles sidestep risks, real or perceived, allowing gamers a more sanitised space to come up with their heroics. Such an account holder can also reap the additional benefit of spinning with traditional currency, namely, a notched up risk quotient and the resultant thrill. 

First deposit bonus
Up to £200 + 100 spins
*New customers only, Wagering 40x B, 18+ T&C's Apply
60 games
5.0 rating
First deposit bonus
100% up to £50 + 50 spins
*New customers only, Wagering 30x B + D, 18+ T&C's Apply
5.0 rating
First deposit bonus
100% up to £300 + 100 spins
18+ New players only. Cash + bonus amount need to be wagered 35 times.
95 games
5.0 rating

While assessing the pros and cons of such a move, consider the fact that Wazdan has created its brand identity riding on the back of titles that are nonpareil judged by the industry standard. Empowered by a set of ethically upright business precepts, the pillars of its success have always been greater customer orientation and the propensity to push the envelope, in every sense of expression. Logical then it is to say that having a go at a subscription underscores greater flexibility safeguarded by brand reliability.

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Introducing Los Muertos Real Money Online Slot              

Boasting of fronts at ten different regions of the world, Wazdan has also made sincere attempts at localizing their offerings by welcoming on board as many as twenty-two languages to cater to. Such a stretch is complimented by licenses issued to it by different major licensing authorities, bringing home the company’s emphasis on working in tandem with regional legal specificities. Spearheaded by MGA, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and such, Wazdan’s list of permits runs along with the names of a bunch of EU and non-EU countries cropping up in it. Such determinants speak volumes about the formative moral fabric determining the brand outlook of Wazdan. 

Maxican Theme and Graphics

Los Muertos Slot Look & Feel

With its origin still being debated, the Mexican Day of the dead celebrates the memories of people who have crossed over. Touted as Dia de Los Muertos in Spanish, it lasts for a couple of days when good humour welcomes the porousness that characterizes the wall separating this world from the next. This puckishly exhilarating overlapping of time and space holds the promise of boundless fun bordering on wickedness and deference. The technical finesse and imaginative outburst typical of Wazdan dull the shock element to some extent though, once you realize the hand in glove symbiosis shared by the brand and this end product.

The graphical masonry shaping the game matrix here is simply awe-inspiring. There are no matters whether this is your first foray into Wazdan or not, you are bound to behold the superlative visualization gape-mouthed. Cowering in front of the dilapidated gates of Dracula’s Castle, the task at hand is to make an inroad by spinning the reel that appears in the form of the gate hinged to two side columns. The lofty figure of Count Dracula reposing in a regal fashion, notwithstanding the feeling of foreboding it palates literally beacons you to question the judiciousness of entering the castle. It can alternatively goad you to take extraordinary means to steal away with the enormous riches that cracking open the gate upholds.

The misty moonlit sky giving prominence to ghostly shapes, cold colours, gothic iconography ascertain that the place had abandoned the march of time a long ago and successfully instill a profound horror right at the core of your being.

Sound and Animation

The sound feels seamlessly incorporated into the matrix of the game introducing a sense of completion into it. The fiercely atmospheric quality of the background track is very similar to those genre-defining records from the Norwegian black metal scene. This is masterly dotted with short-lived yet striking audio effects underlining hauls and elevating the thrill. The rotating of the reel gets a new sound effect here to accompany it that mimics the sound of blocks of stones falling one on top of another, declaring the insurmountability of the gate to the eponymous castle.

Lag-free animation effects further guarantee a streamlined experience at the user end.

Los Muertos Real Money Special Slot Features

An array of special features making this spooky title more irresistible includes:

·        Free Spins

Players receive 6 free spins on the condition they draw one giant bonus symbol anywhere on the reels and a minimum of 3 free spin icons. Draw more than 3 free spin icons and you receive an additional free spin for each of your extra draws.

·        Giant Symbols

All symbols can transform into giant symbols in the base game. As long as the free spins feature is operational, only the giant bonus symbol, giant wild, and the four maximum paying symbols can acquire the giant symbol status.

·        Giant Wild

A block of 3×3 symbols replaces all the symbols sans the giant bonus symbol. Note that it appears only while you are into free spins.

·        Unique Gamble

One can double your wins in a jiffy by using this awesome Wazdan unique feature.

·        Bonus Slot

Be lucky enough to land a giant bonus symbol and you have activated a mini bonus game. With the assistance of free spins and multiplier icons, the payout is quite fat here.

Real Money Los Muertos Paytable

The paytable features icons and figures heading separate tables containing their respective winning combinations and the resulting payouts. It consists of spectral figurines, gothic icons of a castle-like an upright plume of darkness, a bat in flight, and the portentous letters A, K, Q, J and numbers 9 and 10.

Los Muertos RTP & Volatility

Two of the many areas where Wazdan has been pretty consistent throughout are in its unstinting policy of affixing RTP and Volatility rates. With an above-average Return to Player percentile of 96.29% and highly adjustable volatility settings, Los Muertos real money is open to user fine-tuning.

Easy Recipe for Winning Big with the Los Muertos Slot

When it comes to user satisfaction, Wazdan is ever-attentive. You can choose from the below mentioned quick steps or employ all of them at once to crank up your wins:

  • Utilize the fast play mode as it lets you achieve frequent wins.
  • The ‘Autoplay’ option also comes in handy in this context as uninterrupted spins manifest into uninterrupted booties.

Ultimate Verdict

Real money Los Muertos serves one of those many instances where Wazdan is clearly seen competing with itself. The uber-cool interface with its first-class technical wizardry is bound to make you recollect those bed stories that cushioned your childhood with goosebumps aplenty. Charitable when it comes to showering players with aggressive slot features, this is online slot gaming at its best.

Upsides and Downsides

A list of upsides on this feature is seemingly unexhausted. A shortening therefore includes:

  • Sturdy slot features.
  • Excellent RTP.
  • Adjustable volatility rate.

The downsides, on the other hand, come to:

  • In the mobile version, the matrix annoyingly stretches itself vertically to fit the screen, terribly squeezing the operating panel below making it really tough to reach all the buttons with ease.
  • This control panel demands a bit of a probe as well from a first time user because the icons themselves don’t explain their functions.

Clearing the Air Los Muertos Slot FAQs

  1. How can one adjust real money Los Muertos for poor network coverage?

Simply choose the low-quality mode if you are having issues with the network. This offers smooth gameplay even when network strength is not that great.

  • Can you tell how to conserve the battery even while playing for longer periods of time?

Energy-saving mode, this is the answer to your concern. Simply tap on the settings icon and turn this option on. You can also ensure power conservation by turning on the ultra-lite mode and turning off the audio.

  • How may I possibly try out Los Muertos real money for free?

Visit Wazdan and look out for the title. Once you get it, the option of playing the demo version without paying a penny won’t pass you by.

  • Is there a way to keep tab on my previous wins?

There sure is. Click on the game history button under settings and view your latest performance.

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