Monopoly Slots

Monopoly Slots Review

100% up to £300
  • Emotional quotient lures players who are nostalgic about the board game
  • Bonus features are very attractive
  • Regulars at slot machines may find it complicated
  • Tests a player’s patience

Monopoly Slots Review

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Monopoly Slots Introduction

Is anyone out there dreaming of owning that fancy car his neighbor is driving? Are you struggling to pay off the personal loan you had taken to buy some consumer durables last year? In addition, does your monthly remuneration make you ineligible for a home loan for your dream house? In other words, are you looking to make some quick cash and get rich fast? Moreover, have the video games on PlayStation bored you? Similarly, is XBox getting monotonous?

If your answer is yes, then try your hands in a casino, the brick and mortar one, or an online version.  Here you can pay up and hope to walk laughing all the way to the bank. Casinos invite a person to gamble in the hope of making a fast buck. Therefore, if luck is favorable and you play the game smartly, winning money is not a dream too far. In other words, you can opt to play many games in a casino where winning real cash is possible and slots are the more popular kind of them. They have been there for ages, for as long as casinos have existed. But they have, however, moved beyond just pulling a lever and spinning wheels. For instance, developers have reinvented styles, created more interactive interfaces, and Monopoly is one such slot game.

  • Casinos are an option to become quick rich;
  • Slots machines are highly popular among punters;
  • Slot games have evolved over time;
  • Monopoly slots look beyond just spinning wheels and pulling a lever;

What is Monopoly?

Monopoly was originally a board game played for amusement. It is broadly based on the theme that capitalism exists and for good or bad, it leads to a monopoly in activities and businesses. Therefore, it was initially intended to mock capitalism. However, with time as it evolved, capitalism is what it started to represent and though originally it was designed to be played on a board that can be set up on a floor or a table with the evolution of technology, the game too changed.  In other words, as the world went digital, many versions of this board game were created which could be played on mobile smartphones and other similar devices. 

  • It is a board game played by 2 or multiple players;
  • It was originally a parody on capitalism;
  • The game’s popularity saw developers recreate more mobile versions of the game;
  • From floors and tables, it went digital;
  • Today this game is available as a slot in casinos;

Play Monopoly Slots Online

Where can I play Monopoly slots online?

Below we select the best certified and licensed slot sites where you can play Monopoly Slots machines online. Visit Slots & Casinos or scroll down for more online casinos where you can play these fun slots.

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What are Monopoly Slots?

It is a slot game that has been developed with the fusion of the traditional board game called Monopoly and slot machines commonly found in casinos. Therefore, it combines the best features of the slot and the board game on an adventure to build a city on an iPhone or an iPad. It is a city-building game designed primarily for smartphones, especially the ones from the stable of Apple. After all, it gives a player the opportunity to create a city of one’s dreams by completing tasks and earning chips to create the building blocks. In other words, players have to complete exciting challenges, pick bonus chips, and solve puzzles – all in the hope of constructing a fancy city.

  • This game is a fusion of the traditional board game called Monopoly and real casino slots;
  • A player has to complete challenges and build a make-believe city;
  • Bonus rounds and free spins help players in their quest to create the city;
  • It is a game developed for iPhone and iPad users;
Monopoly Slots Look & Feel
Monopoly Slots Look & Feel

Who Developed Monopoly Slots?

Scientific Games Interactive has developed Monopoly Slots. The game was released worldwide in April 2018. It is an advanced version of the first Monopoly slot which was developed by SGI almost 2 decades ago. The developer has introduced many path-breaking features in the latest version of this fusion between a traditional board game and the modern, fancy slot machine.

  • Scientific Games Interactive developed this game;
  • Created by SGI with many path-breaking features;

How to Play Monopoly Slots?

The player aims to create a new city by controlling 5 different avenues. It starts from the Mediterranean avenue and with each spin, a player progresses to different avenues. By controlling each one of them, the player gets regular Tax boosts which help him or her progress in the game.

  • Game starts at Mediterranean Avenue;
  • The aim is to control the other 4 avenues – New York, Baltic, Oriental, and Virginia Avenue;
  • With the completion of each task and control of an avenue, the city begins to build;

Special Features of Monopoly Slots

1.    Big Event Feature

  • This feature enables a player to select his rewards by entering the house;
  • The Big Event symbol on reel 1,3 and 5 triggers this feature;
  • The house has chance cards and a community chest;
  • Community chest gives free spins;
  • Chance cards offer guaranteed wins;

2.    Big Bet

  • The Big Bet round guarantees rewards and an additional jackpot of 500 pounds;
  • Two sub games in this feature are force multipliers which reward handsomely;
  • Different symbols have different values;
  • Mr. Monopoly is the biggest attraction in this round with a 2000 time multiplication of the original wager;
  • This feature can also make a player win the Progressive Multiplier Bonus, Persisting Wild Big Event and the Epic Spins Bonus;

3.    Finally, the Jail Card

  • This is a unique feature to lure players;
  • It arrests the lowest paying symbol on a reel from future spins;

What are Monopoly Slot Games in a Casino?

Apart from the Monopoly inspired slot game on iPhone and iPad, there are monopoly slot games available for play even in a land-based and online casino. Such games are played with 5 reels and 15 payline slots. A player has to make winning combinations on a reel by landing on properties, advancing the movers, and winning bonus rounds. The slot version of the board game has been tweaked to suit a casino environment and to keep up with the demands of casino players.

  • It is a 5 reel game with 15 payline slots;
  • Evolved from the traditional board game with the same name;
  • To suit the demands of casino players, the slot version has been technologically upgraded;

How to Play Monopoly Slots in a Casino?

A punter places a bet by selecting the number of paylines he would like to wager on and presses the select lines button. A player can wager on any number of lines from 1 to 15. After selecting the number of paylines, comes the critical decision of the number of bets the punter would like to bet per line. The number of tokens that one can wager varies from a single token per line to a maximum as per set by the casino. 

  • A player selects the number of lines he or she wants to play by pressing the select line button;
  • Bet per line buttons is the pressed to place a bet;
  • To spin the slot, press the spin button;
  • Winning is calculated by multiplying the number of tokens with the number of active paylines;
  • 1 Pound chip bet on 5 paylines will earn a winning of 5 Pounds;

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Bonus Features of a Monopoly Slots Game

Monopoly slots offer a wide range of winnings which are closely indicative of the actual board game. In addition, the numerous bonuses given make this game lucrative. For instance, the game offers Property, Utility, Community Chest, and Go bonuses to players.

·       Property Bonus

Landing on a property space awards a player additional rolls or cash.

·       Utility Bonus

This allows a player to roll a special dice with rewards based on the result of the dice.

·       Community Chest Bonus

If a player lands on the deck he or she gets a card that helps further progress in the game.

·       Finally, Go Bonus

This is the most lucrative of all the bonuses. For instance, if a player lands here he or she gets 200 times the initial wager. 

Themes in Monopoly Slots

There are many developers who have re-created the conventional board game into a fun, entertaining, and interactive digital slot-based game. Each developer has created a world-class experience that reflects the iconic game. For instance, to make it interesting and thrilling, various themes have been chosen to help players build their monopoly themed worlds. The themes range from constructing train stations to discovering buried treasure and building an ancient Egyptian city. In other words, the thematic presentation is abundant. A player plays a slot machine as well as Monopoly with a class.  After all, it is what some regulars call fun gambling.

  • Interactive themes developed to make the game fun and entertaining;
  • Some slots create an ancient Greek city;
  • Some developers have used characters and motifs from ancient Egypt as well;
  • A player has to build a fantasy world which he can monopolize;

Strategies Required Winning a Monopoly Slots Game?

Set a BudgetDenominationsMaximum BetBonusesFree GamesObserve

A combination of symbols lined up on paylines from left to right decides the winning bet. However, what is more, important is to know how to maximize your chances of beating the machine. In other words, how do you play smartly? After all, a player must understand the strategy required to defeat these slots. By and large winning in Monopoly slots is by pure luck and chance. However, this does not mean, if played smartly a punter cannot outsmart these enticing beasts.

1.    Set a Budget

Know how much you can afford to bet. Set a maximum limit on your wager. In other words, pre-decide your gambling budget. Since Monopoly slots can be fun and entertaining the gambling bug can bite a player to a point of no return. Therefore, it is important to identify and set a cut-off for the wager. After all, it is critical to understand that one should never chase losses. For instance, on a bad day if you are losing, set a curb on how much you can afford to lose and come back later in the hope to make up for the losses. Even if the day is favorable, there should be a cap on how much you are happy winning. In other words, do not overplay and do not get greedy.

  • Decide on how much loss is affordable;
  • Pre-decide on how much winning is satisfying;
  • Do not chase losses;
  • Never get greedy for more;

2.    Play Higher Denomination Monopoly Slots

Look for monopoly slots that offer a higher denomination of payouts. The potential of winning them is more. Such slots work on the logic that a higher wager demands a higher winning. For instance, if you bet 10 UK pounds, the winnings on it can go up to hundreds or even 1000 UK pounds.

  • Play on higher denomination monopoly slots;
  • The programming of high denomination slots is such that they suit high wagers;

3.    Place Maximum Bet

This is one of the best strategies to win. Always go in for the maximum bet allowed. This increases the percentage of chances of winning. For instance, if the maximum bet allowed is 10 UK pounds, 30 times will be the winning amount.

  • Therefore, bet the maximum chips allowed;
  • With the highest wager, chances of returns are high;

4.    Look For Bonuses

Go for a monopoly slot machine that offers attractive bonuses. Many casinos lure new customers and retain old players by giving good bonus rounds and chips to play. Rewards in such cases can be very lucrative with winnings stretching by a few more hundred or even a thousand pounds. Seek out casinos either land-based or online which reward the best. But it is important to not get tricked into them.  In other words, research the terms and conditions attached to bonus rounds well. Some have hidden conditions like high deposit amount or pre-conditions before withdrawals can be made. Be alert and make a considerate choice of the monopoly slot machine accordingly.

  • Go for casinos with monopoly slots offering high bonus rounds and free chips;
  • Read the terms and conditions well;
  • Some numbers on the bonus are a trap;

5.    Begin by Playing Free Games

Strategize playing by first trying your luck with some free games. After all, putting real money straight away is too risky an affair to afford at the beginning itself. Therefore, the best way to play a real game is to first test your skill, study the paytable, and most importantly check if you are lucky enough to beat the machine.

  • If you are not comfortable risking money straight away, got for free games;
  • The free games will help you test your skills;
  • Check out the paytables, get a feel of the machine;
  • Most importantly, free games let you check your luck quotient;

6.    Finally, Observe Monopoly Slot Machines Regularly

If you are a regular visitor to a casino, a good way to judge if you will walk home smiling or with a hole in your pocket is to observe the performance of a couple of machines. Examine the way the slot is behaving over a period of a couple of hours or maybe even a few days. Some slot machines act erratically. Likewise, there are some slots that have a pattern to the way they play. Careful scrutiny will give the player a fair idea which machine to punt on and the regularity with which he or she must wager. For instance, if there is a set of symbols repeating in a reel on a specific pay line after, say, 4 rounds, then place your bets accordingly. While this does not give a guarantee of beating the machines, it surely increases the chances of earning a few pounds.

  • Observe the performance of the slot machine;
  • Scrutinize the regularity with which it is paying out;
  • Examine the pattern of symbols hitting a reel;
  • This does not guarantee a win. It improves the chances of securing some bets;

Pros and Cons of Monopoly Slots


  • Emotional quotient lures players who are nostalgic about the board game;
  • Provides a near hypnotic experience of slotting;
  • Bonus features are very attractive;
  • The online version is available on all online stores;


  • Regulars at slot machines may find it complicated;
  • Tests a player’s patience;
  • High stake punters have an advantage as the payout percentage is geared towards them;
  • The game has been designed for high-risk takers;

Final Words on Monopoly Slots

In conclusion, regular players and newcomers strongly recommend playing the monopoly slots game. Since it is fun and engaging and has loads of nostalgia attached. After all, who does not carry childhood memories of family and friends getting around a board and playing monopoly on a rainy day or a midsummer afternoon? For instance, Monopoly brought friends together. In addition, it brought families closer. Finally, those who want to relive the good old days, go to the nearest casino or just download monopoly slots on your smartphone or a tablet and enjoy reversing the clock.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    What is a Monopoly Slot?

It is a re-creation of the American board game Monopoly in a slot machine.

2.    Which Casinos have Monopoly Slots?

It is available in almost all well know mortar and brick casinos across the world.

3.    Can I Play Monopoly Slots on My Phone?

Yes, you can play Monopoly slot games online. You can download it from Amazon, Apple and Google play store.

4.    Can You Win Real Money in Monopoly Slots?

Yes. For instance, if you play this game in either a land-based casino or an online casino you can combine loads of fun with making a fast buck.

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