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  • Frequency of the win in Renoir Riches are high in the game due to the many pay lines the game offers
  • The design is user friendly and simple
  • Low variance
  • A Renoir Riches RTP of 94.90&;

The Renoir Riches slot machine with the 5 reels and the 99 pay lines has three rows. It has an impressive theme and set up. The game has succeeded in attracting the massive number of players. Matching the works of the French painter the reels offer great wins for the excitement of its players.  The tumbling reels of the video slot are the major attraction of the game. In this Renoir Riches Slot Review we will discuss the Renoir Riches RTP, Renoir Riches Paytable, Bonuses, Look & Feel and more!

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Basic Slot Details of Renoir Riches

Developer:High 5 Games
Renoir Riches RTP:94.90%
Min/Max Bet:0,99/99,00
Max Win:250.000,00
Theme:Art, Paintings
Bonus Features:Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins
Mobile Compatibility:Yes

Renoir Riches Real Money Casinos

Where can I play Renoir Riches machine for real money online?

Below we selected the best certified and licensed slot sites where you can play Renoir Riches real money.

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The game revolves around Pierre Auguste Renoir, the French painter. The game is licensed by IGT. Moreover, it is a slot free to access. The pay lines in the game are the reason behind the huge money that the gamblers get from the game. Some serious money is offered in the game for tracking the missing great works of the artist. There are clues available for finding out the game. The successful finding of the paintings will fetch you some free games, tumbling reels, and wild bonuses.

The Theme and Storyline of Renoir Riches 

Renoir Riches Slot Look & Feel

●      About the Painter

Auguste Renoir was famous in the development of the impressionist style. The French artist who has been famous for dealing with portraits of beauty and sensuality produced distinct pieces of art. The works were different from the other painters of the era. The game is designed based on his work. The role of the gambler is similar to an undercover detective who targets to find out the thieves behind the missing Renoir paintings from the local gallery. Once the player finds out and returns the work. The thieves will be penalized later. The player will have rewards following him in the game.

●      The Art of Impressionism

The game for sure will introduce you to the concept of impressionism and what the very idea is all about. The 5 reels and the 3 rows of the slot will have the famous works of the artist displayed on it. There are also the regular A, K, Q icons with some artistic touch that fills the gap of the Renoir paintings in the slot.  There are also 99 pay lines with the reels

High 5 games of this type are sure to not offer much help in finding the paintings. The tumbling wheels’ feature will offer wins once you start gaining the wins the game.  The artist inspired high 5 game is one another product developed by the company that gained a huge response because of the design and the impressive interface.

Graphics, Sounds, and Animation of the Renoir Riches Slot

The H5G graphics are good enough to impress any player who is into the game. The player will obtain information from the work of the painter straight away from the clear cut design. The purple velvet design of the background is pretty good to stack the symbols on the reels. Moreover, the color blends well with the symbols.  The frames have the outlines to create an artistic feel. The frames are in general different in look for putting up the differences between each work of the painter. Although the game and features are different however the slot lacks in perfect sound ambiance. The slot uses the conventional music background. The generic tune may appear when the wheels spin. Additionally, explosion sounds occur when the payouts happen or when the symbols disappear. The animations are simple and general with flashlights in every winning combination.

Real Money bonus Features of Renoir Riches Machine

Renoir’s paintings have always been in the high range almost costing millions of pounds. The spin price tag is a costly aspect of Renoir riches real money game to make you lend a helping hand to fetch the drawing that got missed from the art gallery. And the biggest irony is that the art collector believes that the sound people in the society can pose to be a buyer of the famous works of Renoir and hence track down the missing one to later return the piece to the gallery. The game with 5 reels and 3 rows of symbols with 99 pay lines will cost you almost in the range of 99 to 990 £. Hence the low stake players have to put off the game.

The game mainly focuses on the higher classes that can afford the payment in the given range. The people with deep pockets will benefit from the game for sure with the aid of tumbling reels, wild and free games assisting you in your search. The given below are the highlights of the game.

●      The Art Wins

The tumbling reels offer you tremendous wins while using the casino. The winning combinations create an explosion that will soon create empty spaces in the reel. The new ones later will have come tumbling from above and fill the spaces emptied due to the explosion. Later these new ones will create the winning combinations. This happens till the pay lines are all over in the reel.

●      Wilds

There are two different Wild symbols in Renoir Riches. The Wilds substitute for all other symbols. Wilds can appear on all 5 reels.

●      Free Spins Bonus

Renoir Riches Slot Bonus Symbols

The free games feature is a bonus of the game which costs you nothing. It’s all luck to proceed with the free game feature. Once 3 scatter symbols having the label of free games appear in the reel 1, 2, and 3.A player will be able to play a random amount of free games ranging from 1 to 4.If more than 1 lines will result in the generation of this feature .you will get many free sins with the equal number of lines you obtain from the reels. Moreover, the additional wild symbols appear in the reels of 1, 2, and 3. However, the regular type wild symbols usually appear in the reel of 2, 3, and 4. Both the additional wild and the regular wild replace all the symbols. But Regular wild cannot replace or substitute for a scatter symbol.

Renoir Riches Slot Bonus Feature

What are the Renoir Riches RTP & Variance?

The value of the return to the player often termed as RTP is often overlooked. RTP is a important feature however. The Renoir Riches RTP is estimated at 94.90 percent. This is below average. So what does this Renoir Riches RTP mean? For example, £100 is wagered by players online. Of this £100, £94,90 is returned to players as winnings. No single player will win back £94,90. RTP values are calculated over all players playing Renoir Riches Slot online all over the world.

The variance of this slot game is low. This means players can expect a lot of low ranking combination.

Betting Options in the Renoir Riches Game

The real money coin denominations can be set in between 0.01 $ to 10 $. A player can play from 1 to 99 pay lines in the game. Thus the average betting range per spin ranges from 0.01 $ to 990 $. Hence the game Renoir riches offer the range from a very low roller to high roller in their features. After setting the preferences all you need to do is proceed with the option of play opt autoplay if the player wishes to have unlimited spins without any effort. The autoplay will let from 5 to 25 spin without any monitoring need. The replay is another option that adds fire to the high 5 nature of the game. In the previous sections, if you wish to watch it again, this is the best option that you must proceed with. You can even record it on a smartphone.

What symbols to look out for in the Renoir Riches Paytable?

We at Play Real Money Slots always take a look at the paytable before spinning. The Renoir Riches Paytable contains some important information for players. For example, the payouts, symbols, variance & paylines. Check out the Renoir Riches Paytable below,

Renoir Riches Paytable

Basic Information

  • There are only seven main symbols in the Renoir Riches Paytable.
  • The Wild Symbols: The blue and green wild symbol in the game is capable of substituting every other symbol in the game except the icon of free games. The blue kind of wild symbol only appears in slots 1, 2, and 3, while the green symbol will appear in the slot of 2, 3, and 4.
  • The Free Game: The free game icons appear in the reel of 1, 2, and 3. When the icons are land 3 times in the reel. Then it triggers the bonus. There should be an active pay line supporting. The feature is different from the other slots. In the other games scatter symbols would probably generate a bonus feature if they produce a winning combination in the reels of a different tier.
  • The Renoir Riches Icon: These constitute the highest paying symbols in the game with a credit value of 1000 for 5 symbols .500 comes with 4 symbols and 50 proceeds with 3 symbols.
  • Charles and Georges Painting: They are the sons ofthe famous French art dealer P.D Ruel. The symbols have the value in the range of 1000 for 5, 200 for 4, and 40 for 3.
  • The Young Girl: The portrait although not that famous among the Renoir works is added in the slot. The portrait in the game offers 400 credits for 5 symbols, 100 credits for 4 symbols, and 25 for 3 symbols.
  • Near The Seashore: This shows a wealthy woman sitting on the shore. Moreover, the symbol will pay 75 for 4 and 20 credits for 3.
  • The Alphabet Symbols: The alphabet symbols are A, K, and Q. It offers 100 credits for the number of 5 symbols, 40 for 4 symbols, and 10 for 3 symbols. K offers 100 credits for 5 symbols, 30 for 4 and 10 for 3 symbols and Q offers 75 for 5 symbols, 20 for 4, and 5 for 3 symbols.

Paylines in Renoir Riches

There are 99 paylines in the Renoir Riches Paytable. Check them out below,

Winning Strategy in Renoir Riches

The winning frequency of Renoir Riches for real money is however hard to compare with any other slots because the number of slots offering such a high number of pay lines is very less in the market. But in comparison with Wild panda of 100 pay lines. The wins in the Renoir riches slot are very often. The higher payouts are often missing in the game however medium to low payouts and rewards are there very frequently throughout the slot of Renoir riches.

In Renoir riches the symbols of the winning combination once disappear, the new symbols often fill the place without any notice. Whenever the reels tumble for the game, the random combinations are made and the wins come randomly in the game. The game is all dependent upon the luck of a person. However, it is good to set the best value in a low range unless you have an exceptional gambling skill.

The Verdict of the Renoir Riches Slot

Renoir Riches is all about dealing with art lovers. If you are obsessed with classic artwork, of course, this is the right game for you. For the beginners in the 99 pay lines, the game offers frequent payouts. The generosity is appealing in that case.


The Renoir Riches slot machine is worth playing if you have a perfect bankroll to proceed with. The winning frequency is very high with the 99 pay lines that are quite good to put an expectation on. The Renoir Riches RTP is below average. The music animations and the design are so simple and ordinary but the game features are all above the exterior beauty of the game. It is a known fact that the games don’t offer frequent jackpots. However, if you are lucky enough to get a chance to win one, this is, of course, the best to proceed with. The interface is very user friendly and it takes a little time to navigate throughout the window of the slot.


  • Frequency of the win in Renoir Riches are high in the game due to the large number of pay lines the game offers;
  • The design is user friendly and simple;
  • The window is artistic and simple with decent features;


  • The animations, sound effects, and design are very mediocre;
  • A low Volatility;
  • A Renoir Riches RTP of 94.90&;

FAQs of Renoir Riches

1.    What are the Renoir Riches RTP & Volatility?

Renoir riches slot has a volatility that is below the average value of the normal volatility of the casino game. The Renoir Riches RTP has been theoretically estimated at 94.09 percent. This is below average. We at Play Real Money Slots always try to play online casino slots with an RTP of 96 or higher.

2.    What does the Renoir Riches Paytble look like?

The game is a 5 reel, 99 pay-lines game. The Renoir Riches Paytable consists out of 7 main symbols. Furthermore there are 2 Wild symbols and a Scatter symbol. From high to low they are: Logo Painting, Man, Girl, Woman, Ace, King & Queen. Wilds substitute for all other symbols.

3.    What is Meant by the Free Game Option in the Renoir Riches Slot?

The free game icons appear in the reel of 1, 2, and 3. When the icons land 3 times in the reel, it triggers the bonus. The feature is different from the other slots where the Scatter symbols generate a Bonus feature.

4.    How Much do the Renoir Riches Icon Pays in the Game?

These constitute the highest paying symbols in the game with a credit value of 1000 for 5 symbols .500 comes with 4 symbols and 50 proceeds with 3 symbols.

5.    What are the Specialties of the Graphics of the Game?

The graphics of the Renoir Riches slot machine are not that classy enough to draw the attention of the designers. They are simple.

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