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Respin Racer Slot Review: Real Money Bonus, Strategy, RTP, Paytable & More

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  • 90s style graphics design and comic-style artwork is great for cartoons and cartoon-themed slots
  • Symbols pay well, but inconsistently
  • Super high volatility makes it difficult for beginners, and suitable for high-rollers
  • RTP is below the average mark of 96%, which means less chance of winning big

Quick Verdict 

Something like the famous Road Runner in Australia, this Respin Racer slot brings back familiar figures and characters. Even though with landing stacks of gold, 25 paylines, and super volatile nature, this slot welcomes high-rollers and others alike. If recommended, Respin Racer is not for the faint-hearted gambler.

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Small Intro: Respin Racer Slot

The above-average RTP is not attractive enough to sway the audience but the graphics, comic book style character design, and the familiar theme brings back some memories. Respin Racer is a premium title from Lightning Box, a popular and soon to be the famous brand. Lightning Box Games was founded by a bunch of mathematicians in an effort to bring some of the most powerful slots for online casinos and gambling industries. Their artwork, graphic design is also brilliant, incorporating modern contemporary artwork, 2D and 3D style designs, and character design. Based in Surry Hills, Australia, the game studio is not much old and still has developed some very popular slots. 

Respin Racer slot, in particular, is a video slot that combines some of its unique traits. You can instantly recognize a Lightning Box title from their artwork. This slot has a Road Runner vibe, set in the Australian landscape. With rocks, a bunch of nice-looking symbols on a transparent reel, you can feel like reading a 90s comics book. It looks very much like on without flashy designs. The game comes standard with a 5×3 grid, multiple wins up to 9x, and more features. It has 25 paylines, which means it is a highly volatile slot as well. In all, Lightning Box has put their best into this game. 

Some of their other popular titles include Spartan Fire, Toro Rockets, Stacks of Pearls, Golden Yak, Eagle Sun, Silver Lion, and Respin Rhino. The Respin Racer slot is of the same pedigree as their top game Respin Rhino, so if you are interested, you can check that out too.

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Lightning Box’s Respin Racer Slot’s Theme & Storyline

Respin Racer Slot Look & Feel

Respin Racer Slot Look & Feel

Respin Racer slot has an ongoing theme of a comic book character. It takes inspiration from the Road Runner cartoon show. In the backdrop of a canyon with high ridges on both sides, a long stretch of road, and dusty sky, the slot takes a toll on players. Set in the Australian landscape, you will discover lots of Wild creatures, personified in different avatars. For example, riding a bike is the Wild symbol in this slot. The theme has a layout and structure of 5 reels and 3 rows, with a transparent reel that reveals the background artwork. Lightning Box has maintained a theme of comic-style cartoon plot, and the Respin Racer slot is like a tribute to it.

In the Respin Racer slot, players get a chance to find the matching symbols as they proceed in the game. There is a list of features that includes Respins, as the Major Jackpot feature of all. You can pick any amount to bet on the paylines starting from $0.25 to $50, but with their proprietary algorithms, players don’t have to micromanage the things. The theme is inspired by partially the Wile Coyote and Road Runner cartoon characters from Looney Tunes. When the hungry coyote repeatedly runs behind the bird, in an attempt to catch it and eat it. The first successful airing of the show was on 16th September of 1950. 

The Respin Race slot is based in Australia with the same theme but overall reclines towards a desert theme racer where a bunch of Wild creatures found in Australia, natively come to life. You can see them in a person human avatar doing things like riding a bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, etc. There are various road and driving theme images and artwork forms the basics of this racer-theme video slot. 

Graphics, Sounds & Animation in Respin Racer Slot

When it comes to graphics and artwork, the Respin Racer slot is a nice departure from flashy designs. It is 3D or 2D style 3D designs with shadows, rich details, gradients, and all but does not look flashy. It has muted tones. The UI and graphics design works well on small and big screens alike. The music is fine and does not take the focus away from the main game. And, animations are also life-like without anything extraordinary or odd.

●      Graphics

Besides the things we have already mentioned above, such as comic-style art, designs that take 2D style 3D paintings, etc. we list some unique things. The color palette and the desert theme is superbly executed. The team from Lightning Box expertise in creating characters and designs that takes such themes well. In all of their slots, they use muted tones and realistic sketch work. There are not flashy or overly polished surfaces. The UI is the next big thing. It is easy to navigate, and looks neat and has a lot of space. Even with big symbols and detailed sketches, the screen looks neat and clean. Finally, the arrangement of Menu makes reading legible.

●      Sound-Effects & Theme Music

The most important part of a video slot that takes inspiration from familiar characters ad iconic shows is their unique taste in theme songs. In the Respin Racer slot, background music is easy going. Players won’t get distracted and also don’t get irritating when playing for long hours. It is decent. Then, there are the usual sets of effects like winning triggers, events like reel spins, big wins, bonus triggers, and so on. These are standard and nothing unusual. When the background score plays, it feels very charming and instantly attracts your attention. It almost feels energetic and desert-style tune. The electronic guitar composition reminds of 90s intro songs and sitcom themes. 

●      Animations

The bigger part here is taking the help of some cool animations However, they are pretty much limited. As the slot is not a direct implementation of Looney Tunes characters, only a slight vibe, they don’t contain such inuendos. The animations are pretty standard. The Wild symbols exploding, the reels spinning, and the wins rewards and coins make up everything you can expect. All these have a retro or 90s style feeling to it, even during the still graphics. The animations look real, but like cartoon clips and GIFs, mostly. 

Respin Racer Real Money Slot Bonus Features, Free Spins, Progressive Jackpots

There is a set of unique and highly lucrative features in the real money Respin Racer slot. The Lightning Box Gaming studio is not so popular to pack great features in their games, but keep things simple. Some of these are very basic limited to Wild, and Free Spins. In some aspects, this slot is meant to target the audience that is new to gambling and slots for online casinos. On the mobile gaming market, online slots are just taking up. This slot is also devoid of Progressive Jackpots, as one can imagine by now.

●      Golden Edges Mean Wins

When you are spinning the reels, take note of some symbols that have a golden ring around their outline. When these golden symbols appear on the reels and cover the 1st and 5th reels at the same time, Respin Bonus triggers. The Respin Bonus is the flagship feature of this game. In this feature players will discover that with two triggering reels will get filled with the Stacked symbol, the Road Runner icon. The middle reels Respin and continue as many times as you will continue. For starters, there are 3 Respins to go through, that are free. The feature can also reset and start all over again with the original 3 if the Wild symbol, reappears during the Respins. In that case, it turns Sticky. Players can win a maximum of 9 to 12 Respins if you use this feature. However, depending on the wager, it triggers these rewards. In short, the higher the bet, the higher number of spins you get. 

●      Golden Runner

When the Golden Runner is the one to trigger the feature, the multipliers starting from 2x, 3x, etc will also apply on your net wins. They will multiply with each other recursively and increase your rewards. So, in that way the Respins can give you a maximum of 9x, as claimed in the promo of the slot. The Respin Racer slot is a special slot in that way. When this happens, players can win the highest-maximum payout of this slot. This is also the jackpot win of the game. 

Lightning Box does have a lot of features in its Repins Race slot. They have decided to keep it simple, and this translates to the rules as well. You can always read about the features and rules in the paytable, and this makes a lot of difference when playing a new game. Meant to suffice the beginners and not to overwhelm them with rules and complex strategies, the video slot is a small and simple attempt to bring an iconic cartoon character back to life. 

●      Progressive Jackpot

The Respins Racer slot does not have a progressive jackpot at this time. Released in 2019, Lightning Box has taken care to keep it simple without introducing any complex strategies. With a big enough jackpot that promises a maximum win of 11z250x the wager, this slot is not a back-bencher. It can compete for any other modern-day slot in terms of rewards and mega wins. 

Respin Racer Slot’s RTP (Return to Player)

Gamblers can try out the Respin Racer slot free of cost. In the Free Demo available across most major online casinos and review sites, this video slot comes with default RTP. The RTP is average and works best for both beginners and high-rollers. If you are a high-roller, you will definitely reap befits. RTP is a measure that tells if a slot is worth spending your money or not. Because a high RTP is always better, beginners should choose them. 

The Lightning Box’s Respin Racer slot has a maximum RTP of 95.83%, which is below the average mark. If you consider the 96% benchmark of 2022’s average score, this slot is a hairline shy of that. In other words, it means that if a player bets $100, they can expect to win a maximum of $95.85 in return. While there are a handful of slots that come with standard RTP of 98%, a much higher figure, this slot is also decent if you want to learn about slots and see how they work. 

Paytable for Respin Racer Slot

During the maximum real money payout, players can win a jackpot sum of 62500, but the Respin Racer slot has a fair trade. For use it click on the ‘Three Horizontal Bar’ icon to read the paytable. This is readily accessible in any slot. In this slot, you can see the Wild symbol where the bunny rides a motorcycle. Then, you can see the set of symbols. There are only five sets. 

The low-paying set is always the card letters ‘A’ and ‘K’ and is worth nothing. If you land 5 of them, you will win 75x, which is decent enough, but considering the other symbols, it feels very less. However, in comparison to most slots, the payout is great here. The next set if it is the Bear and Turtle on a Bike, which pays 100x if you land 5 on the reels.

While the highest-paying real money symbol is obviously Gas Pump with ‘$’ signs on them. They are in a group of 3 on the reels, making a single symbol. If you find 5 of those on the reels, you can win 150x the bet. If you land just 2, it drops down to just 5x. Always keep a note of which symbols appear most often, and this can be useful in the long run.

How to Win/ Strategy for Lightning Box’s 2020 Respin Racer Slot?

Respin Racer slot is a Super High Volatility slot which means that you cannot make or develop strategies that last longer than a couple of spins. This is bad. But, as Lightning Box claims, this slot is a good friend for high-rollers and if you constantly bet high, you can win the feature spins, and increase your chances of winning big. 

Final Verdict

Without much ado, the Respin Racer slot is recommended for high-rollers. It is also good for beginners if you don’t want to bet high and but learn about slots. This slot has simple rules, nothing fancy, comic book art, and looks like a 90s cartoon. You will not see anything very modern or futuristic. It has a piece of decent guitar music, an electronic theme song, playing constantly in the background. The animations are fine and fair. With an RTP of 95%, close to 96%, players should expect to wait longer and wins that are not consistent enough. If you are fine with these, then this slot is ok for you.

Pros & Cons

Respin Racer slot just like any other slot game has its merits and demerits. It works well in some cases while others might feel the same very repulsive.


  • 90s style graphics design and comic-style artwork is great for cartoons and cartoon-themed slots;
  • Fewer rules and fewer features make it an appealing choice for first-time gamblers and beginners;
  • Symbols pay well, but inconsistently;


  • Super high volatility makes it difficult for beginners, and suitable for high-rollers;
  • RTP is below the average mark of 96%, which means less chance of winning big;

Lightning Box’s Respin Racer Slot: FAQs

1.    Is the Respin Racer Slot a Progressive Jackpot Slot?

No, this video slot does not come with any progressive jackpot network. It also does not feature Megaways and other features.

2.    What is the Maximum Payout of the Respin Racer Slot?

The Respin Racer slot offers a maximum payout of 11,250x the wager. It can translate to $62,500 for the least case.

3.    What is the Best Feature of the Respin Racer Slot?

It comes with a single feature. The Wilds trigger the Free Spins, also known as Respins, its single lucrative effort.

4.    Which is the Highest Paying Symbol?

In the Respin Racer slot, the gas pump symbol with dollar sign pays the highest for landing 5 on the reels. That is, 150x the bet at stake.

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