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  • Frequent payouts because of low volatility
  • The jackpot feature is very appealing, 10,000x prize money at stake
  • Medium RTP

Quick Verdict

Slingo Advance is low volatility and a medium RTP slot. With something like players can expect a lot of fun and less risky slots because of frequent returns. Extra spins, Free Spins, and a retro design bring back a fresh look at video slots for a 2020 release from Slingo Originals.

Slingo Advance: Small Intro 

Speaking about software providers etc, the Slingo Advance is a video slot for the 2022 players. This is brought to you by Slingo Originals and you can learn more about the specific game from their official website. All the basic info is available there and you even get a free-to-play demo as well. Slingo Originals is a company, a game studio and licensing business that makes, develops, and distributes their own games under the Slingo brand. With games like Slingo Rainbow Riches, they even achieved the ‘Innovation of the Year’ award in 2018. This brand is managed by Alchemybet Limited and registered in the UK, affiliated to UKGC. 

Slingo originals are not a newcomer but have a reputation in this industry that dates back to 25 years. With social games, and creating real money game in land-based casinos from 19993 to 1997, Slingo laid the foundation of a new brand. And, today they pride themselves in pioneering game design, complex mathematical models, and player interaction at the core of their games/products. They make sure that decision-making and skill is a part of their gameplay besides betting real money. During 2003, Slingo was even licensed to Zynga for distributing their games. Through 2018, 2019, Slingo Originals saw a great distribution network, expansion of business, and collaborations. They include brands like BetVictor, 888, and Rank. Some of their top featured games include Slingo Lucky Streak, Slingo Xing Yun Xian, Slingo Rainbow Riches, and Alingo Advance. 

Besides working with licensing deals, they make some games as well, and Slingo Advance is a retro-themed modern-day slot with features and design conforming to the design trends of the day. In Slingo Advance, players should chase the stars; look for jackpots, and symbols that have rewards for them. Players begin their journey with one spin but slowly land into a journey of riches. 

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Theme & Storyline

Slingo Advance Slot Look & Feel

Slingo Advance Slot Look & Feel

Slingo Advance is a retro-themed modern-day slot from Slingo Originals who specialize in casino games. In this particular product, players must reach for the stars. As they claim, ‘The Only Way is up’ and that is what players will find during the gameplay. As the storyline unfolds, players begin the journey with a single spin and only one row, the first row. Then, the grid available for the mission throughout the plot shall open up as you proceed through the missions. When you match the numbers you achieve a star, and the next part of the storyline begins. 

During the gameplay, players will receive Free Spins, Multipliers, and rewards when they make a score. Each star has a prize amount associated with it and if you manage to soar across the galaxy, vertically, there is the biggest jackpot win waiting for you. The ‘T’ or ‘X’ shapes are the main shapes that you must chase. The lift-off can be violent but the rewards of the heights are certainly delightful. 

Players will witness the great graphics, brilliant retro theme, and artwork throughout the game; it is consistent with the icons and the UI as well. We shall look at them more just now. Slingo Advance, in all, has a nice storyline but without anything fancy like a mythical beast lurking in the woods or a character playing a role in the plot. It is simple and straightforward. This means that you are not going to see a traditional storytelling folklore kind of stuff, but something far more simplistic. 

Graphics, Sounds & Animation of Slingo Advance Slot

Slingo Advance is a retro-themed modern-day slot with brilliant design elements from the 80s. The artwork instantly reminds you of the songs, movies, and posters that were all around those days. The huge pyramid-concept art of the game is taken from the same spirit. As the players progress through the game, more cash prizes and more of the background art reveals itself. We talk about them in the following three sections separately. 

·       Graphics

The retro theme and artwork are predominant in Slingo Advance, all across the game. The symbols are primarily stars, while the color palette is hugely purple, and has the nightscape definition to it. The black landscape with the cheques of radiant blue color makes for futuristic grid patterns. These types of artwork and decor were at the peak during the 80s and 90s. The sunset and nightlife theme makes the greater part of the slot. It looks very fresh and appealing for players. 

The UI is ver unique, its placement, style of appearance, and flow is fresh. 

·       Theme Music & Sounds

When it comes to the theme music and soundtrack, you can rest assured that Slingo Advance brings back the nostalgia to 2020. For the new generation of players, this will be a fresh take at mobile video slots. Besides the iconic trance piece in the background, you have complimentary sound effects that go with the animations. These are all event-triggered and come into action when certain events like winning clusters, the spinning of reels, and such things happen in the game. As rewards fall down and players proceed through the game, you can see how sounds create an immersive environment for the player. 

·       Animations

Finally, animations are the ways Slingo brings interactive entertainment into video slots. They specialize in this as we have mentioned above. The animations are also mainly event-based and trigger when certain aspects of the game unfold. When new rows appear when Free Spins are awarded to the player and so on. 

Slingo Advance is a game that brings the retro appeal to the slots and animations are an ad definitive part of making a slot feels alive, immersive, and engaging. Without motion graphics, a video slot is a mundane playing experience. The moving floor of the game makes it a very pleasant experience just looking at it and feeling so alive. 

Then, we see how these animations and sound effects allow the various set of features, spins, and prizes to flow during the game. The stars are awaiting and match numbers and slings are ready for the payouts. We take a look at them below.

Slingo Advance Special Slot Features, Free Spins & Progressive Jackpots

The UI, rules of the game, interactions, settings, and Paytable is more like that of a video game. There are no symbols and stuff but useful icons. The only symbol is the Star, and a Wild. Slingo originals have put sincere effort into creating a game that may be too advanced and original for traditional slot players. You will feel in the unknown territory at the beginning and it can take some time to grasp everything. 

1.    Rows & Extra Spins

Progress through the game opens up with a single spin and then the full grid opens up eventually. On the first spin, 1st match numbers on row 1 open up and you get an extra spin. But, on the next spin, 2nd match numbers and row 2 open up and you get another additional spin. This keeps on going till rows 3 and 4 and finally, row 5 opens up. In each row opening event, the player gets 1 Extra Free Spin. 

If you make a matching group, cash prizes will add to your balance. And, every Slingo in the achievement will mark off 5 numbers either diagonally or vertically. The paylines have fixed payouts, in either case. 

2.    Slingo Catalog

There are four symbols, technically, but the Star is the actual and only single symbol. 

  • Joker is the one that is awesome in giving a makeover to the grid. The joker allows you to mark off any number from the column above where it lands.
  • Free Spins will reward an extra spin each time.
  • Advance is a feature that opens up the next row, in the fashion we just saw above. This helps players to continue the mission and proceed through the storyline.
  • Blocker is the ‘Cross’ icon which blocks a match on the column it appears in. 

3.    Jackpots

There are 3 jackpots in Singo Advance. One is for the Full House, one for marking off numbers forming an ‘X’ pattern, and another forming a ‘T’ pattern. 

You do not have any progressive jackpot as with many slots like Jackpot King. This is a different type of slot game unlike any other. 

RTP (Return to Player): Slingo Advance Real Money Slot

Slingo Advance is a game that brings retro appeal with a medium RTP of 95% but accompanied with a medium to low variance and low volatility. With a 2/5 volatility, this game has frequent payouts. However, RTP is a score that many like to trade for. The higher is the RTP; the better is the return is a general principle. RTP is a mathematical estimate that is based on tens of millions of dummy simulations on the computer. 

It tells that if a player played the Slingo Advance with 95% RTP, then after playing tens of millions of spins, he can expect to receive $95 for every $100 he has spent, at the end of the game. So, considering this figure, an RTP of 95% is medium range given that most 2022 slots have an average RTP of 96%. Few slots have a base RTP of even 98%, but they pay very less per spin and are worthless. 

If you want to win a jackpot sum, go for a medium to average RTP and high to medium volatility. But, the combination of Slingo Advance, in the base version from Slingo Originals is also equally appealing. 

Slingo Originals Slingo Advance Paytable

To tell something about the high paying symbols in any slot game, always look for the Paytable. This is readily accessible by clicking on the “three horizontal bars” icon on the right side of the screen during the game. The Paytable with all the info about the game is presented when you load the game for the first time. The table is not just a table but has the rules of the game as well. 

This is not a traditional loss so there are not different types of symbols. Here you find the settings, Help for the rules, and skills that will help you win the game. But, there may be a few things to know. For example, the ‘Joker’ symbol is the ‘Wild> Numbers Mark’ off matching pairs. And ‘Cross’ symbol is the blocker that prevents a match from taking place. You can start the demo and look at all these at the official site of Slingo Originals. It loads in front of the screen and goes away using just the browser. It works on even very old browsers from 6 years back as well. 

With 5 reels, 5×5 grid layouts, this slot looks like just another slot but is very unique in gameplay. 

How to Win/ Strategy for the Slot Game?

Slingo Advance, in the base version from Slingo Originals, has an atmosphere with riches, a fresh take at slots, a completely new way of playing, and more. The low volatility, medium to low variance is well suitable for devising strategies. But, since the slot is new, keeping the bet as high as possible initially for about 50 spins or so should be wise. As the storyline proceeds and more rows appear, then you can either lower or relatively increaseth bet based on the outcomes. Low volatility means low pays but frequent pays. And, keeping bets high will improve the chances of earning a big reward when the features trigger or Free Spins come alive. 

Final Verdict

Slingo Advance, in the base version, is a great game with nice RTP, low volatility, variance and so much more. The unique appearance, no symbols, and traditional way of slot playing, retro theme with amazing graphics, visual animations, and life-like vigil in the game keeps players on their toes. It feels like playing a video game. There is skill involved in the game, and to win big you have to pay attention to the rules of the game. Who knows, you might win 10,000x or the jackpot money?

Pros & Cons of Slingo Advance

Slingo Advance is a video slot for the 2022 players, and even for beginners and small-stake gamblers. But, there are some demerits to this as well.


  • Frequent payouts because of low volatility.
  • Brilliant portray of retro theme, innovative gameplay, fresh artwork.
  • Easy-to-play and an easy-to-understand slot for beginners.
  • Jackpot feature is very appealing, 10,000x prize money at stake.


  • Low volatility means winning strategies can be devised for frequent pays.
  • Not great for high-stake gamblers.
  • Medium RTP.

FAQs of Slingo Advance Slot Game

  1. Is the Slingo Advance slot game mobile-friendly?

Slingo Originals clearly mentions that the slot is compatible with mobile devices like Android and iOS.

  • Is there a progressive jackpot in the Slingo Advance slot game?

No! Slingo Originals does not advertise any such claims. However, there are in-game jackpots in the game as an additional feature.

  • What is the Slingo Advance specialty?

It can give a ‘Game Over’ sign in just a single spin. It is a huge departure from traditional slots. 

  • What is the max payout of Slingo Advance?

The slot promises a 10,000x max bet payment, which is nothing less than a jackpot prize.

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