Slingo Riches

Slingo Riches Slot Review: An Elaborate Discussion on Bonus Games, Demo Play, and Gameplay

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  • Medium volatility;
  • Free Games and Wild Joker
  • Maximum win of £20,000
  • Not much impressive visuals

Quick Glance At Slingo Riches Slot

Slingo Riches slot is a combination of bingo and slot games. In this game, you will have to match the total number in the above grid and secure cash prizes for each line you complete. You will find 12 Slingo win lines in every game along with the Joker Wilds that will provide you with an interactive element. Winning Free Spins and cash prizes is an immersive and fun experience.

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A Detailed Discussion on Slingo Riches Online Slot

Slingo Riches is a unique slot by Slingo Originals. It came out in the market in June 2018. A bingo game is passive and that is a problem for many players. You choose the numbers or just ask the computer to choose it for you. Thereafter, you simply sit back and wait to find out what happens. However, it is different from Slingo Riches. The slot is here to change it all. It joins the excitement of slot machines and the fast-paced bingo game.

As it loads, it will appear like any other bingo game. There is a 5×5 grid. Things are going to get interesting as you click on the spin button. This is when the pink balls are going to hop in and the line below the reels is just going to fill up with numbers.

You can open the game on your tablet, smartphone, or desktop. Also, if you are new and don’t know how to play, you can try out the demo mode. However, the real fun lies in the real money mode.

Unique Theme and Interactive Storyline of Online Slot Slingo Riches

Slingo Riches Slot Look & Feel

A Slingo game is not that uncommon but Slingo Riches has taken it to the next level. Bingo is a high-profile lottery game. If you are a fan of bingo, you might also come across Slingo Bingo. Slingo is actually a hybrid slot game that combines a few interesting elements of bingo in the slot environment. As usual, this game has 5×5 number grid and just as the name implies, the game conventionally looks like bingo. Hence, the screen layout is similar to that of bingo. The best part about these slots is, they are really easy to learn and fun to play.

Look and Feel of Slingo Riches Slot Game Online

As soon as you launch the game, you will notice that it’s just like any other bingo game you see online. As in the 75 ball bingo game, you have a 5×5 grid along with some bingo balls towards the right of the reels. However, this is quite standard. After you spin, you will be asked to click on a highlighted number present on the board. These are yellow in color while the standard icons remain dark blue in color.

The reels have been set against a blue and purple background. Moreover, the vivid colors of the reels and the paytable on the left make the game appear more playful. It has a simple layout which makes it easier for you to learn the game.

What are the Special Bonus Features of Slingo Riches Slot.

Albeit, Slingo Riches doesn’t come with any bonus features, the dynamic game makes it special to play. There is nothing more interesting than a bingo game that allows you to bet. However, the game has some special symbols that offer a real edge to the game. Let’s take a look at these,

·       Joker Wild

If you spin up a Joker, the unmatched icons in the same column are going to light up. It will ask you to choose one to blank out. In case you spin and land a Super Joker, you can choose any number from the column present on the grid. This increases your chances of landing more matched icons.

If you spin a combination of 3 Joker or even Super Joker icon, you are going to receive cash prizes.

·       Cash and Devil Symbol

If you spin up the Cash symbol at the central column, you will be able to land a cash prize. However, if you spin up the Devil icons, the column is going to be blocked. Hence, you will not get a chance to form a match for the spin. In effect, it is going to be an empty icon.

·       Extra Spins

The game will also provide you with 4 additional spins along with the 11 spins that you get at the beginning of the game. The yellow balls in the game represent the additional spins. You can either buy them at the end of the spins or simply win them while playing the game. If you land Free Spins icons, you are going to win a Free Spin. The yellow ball gets collected above the hopper and is used later. So, when you receive the wins for all the spins, the balls you have collected are going to fall into the hopper and you can play them.

In the case at the end of the process, any of the 4 Free Spins are left, it is available for purchase. The game is going to show you the prospective winning options. However, you can buy the additional spins or simply collect the spins towards the end of the game.

What are the Slingo Riches RTP & Variance?

The return to player percentage of an online slot will give you an idea about the house edge. For this game, the RTP is average. It has a payout percentage of 95%. This is just the industry standard and you cannot expect to win exceptionally when you wager real money. It is going to pay out 95 in prizes for each 100 you wager. However, the nature of these statistics means, you will not be able to see the actual return. Some punters are going to walk with the top prize while the others are going to spend their whole gaming budget and will have nothing to show.

The house edge in this case is 5%. So, you should be cautious before you stake hard cash on the gaming outcome.

Slingo Riches is a medium variance game. Hence, it is suitable for the majority of punters. Usually, high variance games attract only high rollers but low volatility tittles are the choice of low budget players. However, the medium volatility game is going to deliver loads of low-value wins with the prospect to win some large cash prizes for bigger bankrolls.

What does the Slingo Riches Paytable look like?

Whatever bet you choose is going to be the same for 11 spins. Hence, you need to choose your bet carefully. You can bet as low as 0.5 coins and in this case, the wins will be capped at 100. So, if you are betting 100 coins for each game, you will have a full house that will give you the chance to win 20,000.

The Joker Bonus symbol pays the highest and will give you £100 when you land 3 of them. If you are able to secure a full house, you are going to win £20,000. The lowest you can win from this title is £10. You win this when you are able to complete just one line in the game. The more lines you complete, the more you are going to win.

Top Tips and Strategies to Win at Slingo Riches

Albeit the game comes with a random number generator, there are a few ways that will help you to make the most out of the game. Come, let’s check them out.

  • One of the best strategies that you can apply is the position of the Joker and Super Joker. It will help you to inch closer to a point where you can complete the Slingo. There are multiple positions with the same criteria and the preference is always given to the positions that are a part of most Slingo. So, the central position is going to get the maximum preference as it is a part of horizontal, diagonal, and vertical lines;
  • Wait for the Free Spins symbol to land. This will award you with Free Games. The Free Games play out when the base game is complete;
  • You can buy some extra spins using a combo of bonus cash balance and real cash. This proves to be useful when you have a few symbols left on the lines. It will give you the opportunity to complete the line and win prizes;
  • Even though you are landing spins in every spin, you need to keep in mind that you will not receive a payout unless you complete a line. Hence, even if you feel excited, you should not bet a large sum of money. Bet medium as it will not cause you to lose a large sum of money if you are unable to complete a win;
  • Another good tip is to try out the demo mode of the title. This can prove to be helpful for new, as well as old players. You can use this to practice on the game and find out how you can land wins before you play it for real money. You can practice on this as many times as you want till you are adept at the game;

Bottom Line

Surely the software developer has made sure that this title is an exciting mix of bingo and slots. Also, it isn’t completely based on pure luck. There is a strategy that goes behind the placement of the Wild Joker icons.

The best thing about this game is it is easy to understand and you will be able to make a profit from it, too. Once you get familiar with the title, you can easily pick up on the game. Also, the guide that comes with the game has been well put together. Thus, it is quite easy to follow what you have to do to win.  Even though the concept in a Slingo game is to combine the bingo and slot elements, this title is more like bingo. It is not much that it draws from the slots, except for the ability to choose the bet level and the presence of the Wild Jokers and the Free Spins icon.

Nevertheless, the title is a good way to relax and you get a lot of opportunities to win money. Also, the title is mobile compatible. The software provider has developed it on HTML5 technology. Thus, it is going to work well on big, as well as small devices.

If you are the kind of punter who wants to feel engaged in a game instead of just watching are surely going to enjoy the Slingo Riches slot. This is a revolutionary concept to bring bingo to a new set of audience.


  • Medium volatility;
  • Free Games and Wild Joker;
  • Maximum win of  £20,000;


  • Not much impressive visuals;

Frequently Asked Questions about Slingo Riches Slot

1.    Can I Play Slingo Riches without Making a Deposit?

Yes, it is possible to play the slot game without making any deposit. The good thing is you can do it in two different ways. The first method is to choose the demo mode of the game. The next method is to choose a casino that provides you a no deposit bonus that you can apply to this title. The second option is the best as you get the opportunity to win real cash.

2.    Can I Play Slingo Riches Slot Machine for Free?

Yes, it is possible to play the Slingo Riches slot for free if you opt for the demo version of the game. Most of the online casinos that provide the real money version will also provide you with the demo version of the game. However, in this case, no matter how big a payout you win, you will not be able to cash it out.

3.    Can I Use a Bonus to Play Slingo Riches with Real Money?

Yes, you can play the game using a bonus with real money. However, for this, you will have to look for an online casino that includes the game within the bonus. Also, make sure that you read the terms and conditions before using it to play.

4.    Where can I Play Slingo Riches for Free?

There are many online sites that will allow you to play the slot for free. Most of the time than not, you will not even have to sign up for the site to play the game in the demo mode. So, there is no need to worry about whether it’s safe.

5.    Can I Win Real Money by Playing Slingo Riches?

Yes, it is possible to win real money in the game. For this, you will have to sign up for a gambling site and make a deposit. Thereafter, you have to choose the game and make a bet.

6.    Should I Download the Slingo Riches to Play?

No, there is no need to download the game to play. This is because you will be able to access it directly from the mobile or desktop browser. Thus, it’s much easier to play it on the go. Just make sure that you have an active internet connection and you are good to go.

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