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  • Best for beginners and first-time players;
  • RTP is low, paylines are less, so the risk is relatively lower than other slots;
  • You can win real money and also learn about slots, their features, etc;
  • Graphics, sound, theme-music, and animations are lacking
  • It is light on features, not complex, which might disappoint some

Quick Verdict 

Topped with an RTP of 94%, this version of the Super Gold 7s slot is a tough kid on the block. It is standard otherwise with 5 reels and 5 paylines, and a super-exclusive title from CRGames. Despite this, stakes from as low as 20p to as high as 2Euro per payline are possible. 

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(Unfortunately Super Gold 7s Slot has been discontinued by the developer indefinitely. If and when Super Gold 7s becomes available again you will read it here first!)

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Slot Details – Super Gold 7s

Super Gold 7s RTP:94%
Min/Max Bet:0.05/50
Release Date:4 May, 2016
Mobile Compatibility:Yes
Bonus Features:5 Pay-Lines, 5 Reels, Black, Blue,
Bonus Game, Green, Medium Variance,
Scatter Symbols, Video Slot

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Small Intro Super Gold 7s Slot

If you have not heard of CR Games or Coral, this is a good chance. With several popular titles under their belt, these people have provided the online casino industry with a lot of great slots. Some of their current high ranking slots include Dragon Fuel: Ports of Fortune, Emmerdale Wild Woolpack, Fire Star, Goblins Trail of Gold, Full English, and Super Gold 7s. These are available for ‘Free to Play Demo’ at major casinos too, so you can give it a try if you are interested. CR Games is a new name in the market but has released a lot of titles so far already. It harmoniously combines all the advantages of the player and the operator to build slots that work the best.

Super Gold 7s slot is one of a kind in that regard. It is a small slot with just 5 paylines or wins lines. And, still has the potential of a big win. You can expect a jackpot of up to 200x on a single spin. It is a modern-day reprise of a classic and traditional slot theme, without any complex rules, features, and all that stuff. Yes, there is premium quality stuff but without all the bells and whistles that can make anyone go crazy in the name of novelty. The Super Gold 7s slot comes with all the usual stuff without the crazy parts. For example, you do have Free Spins. You do have Super Bonus Features. 

With this slot, you can play using real money and if you are a beginner, you will enjoy learning how to play slot games online. And, there is a Gamble Feature as well. So it is all standard tools and equipment in a decent, not overly-complex package.

Theme & Storyline

Most slots that revolve around TV sitcoms and movies have a decent storyline and plot. Others do with just a small theme and its reprise. The developers at CR Games have released a new slot with their traditional classic slot machine theme with a modern-day twist. This brings us to the Super Gold 7s slot. You can notice immediately the very basic gameplay, and understand that its target audience is beginners and first-time slot players. There are tons of sophisticated, 3D, complicated rules, and strategy slots in the market. But, this product takes a different route and brings back the simplicity and fun of playing a slot machine in a casino.

The theme and plot include a very simple scenario. As a player you have only 3 different symbols to play with, so no more confusion. We shall talk about them in the paytable and Special Features section in detail. You have the concept of Super Coins, and you also learn about Bonus Games and their rewards. The storyline, if you may consider, is making players acquainted with slots and how they work. If you visit an online casino and search for the free slots section, and start a ‘Demo’, you must not be surprised or frustrated if nothing is happening. That is the idea! Sometimes, winning combinations appear after a long number of spins.

Super Gold 7s Slot’s Graphics, Sounds & Animation

This is the best part of the slots. With digital graphic design, you have 2D style 3D artwork, rich brilliant graphics, fluid and dynamic lighting, nature-themed slots. You can pretty much have what you need from the universe to the underground. Then, combining it with sound-effects and nice animations, a slot can deliver a lot of justice. Super Gold 7s slot is a slot that devoid this to a large extent. It comes with modern-day graphics and artwork but retains that traditional sparkling gold vibes, high gradients, WordArt-style fonts, and golden hues everywhere. With the backdrop of blue, it finishes up the rest touches. 

●      Graphics

So, the artwork is close to none. The background is simple and planned. You can see your symbols big, bold, and clear. You can navigate the slot’s UI easily. So that is all good. The paytable is available readily and you can look at the rules too anytime you wish with just a click. The color palette has a lot of dark blue hues and golden hues. This makes it a traditional looking slot with a classic paint job. You can also find the same with the font and lettering for the symbols, that is, the ‘7’s.

●      Sound-Effects & Background Score

Another lucrative part of modern-day slots is composing a nice piece of music that plays in the background. Most animal and nature-themed slots do that mandatory. But, if you are making a classic most basic slot as CRGames did with the Super Gold 7s slot, you don’t bother much about the same. You do not need a constant rumbling in the background and just want to focus on the symbols, what the reels do, and how the payouts work, and so on. Remember, that this is a very basic and simple slot meant for beginners. 

●      Animations

Again, in terms of animations, you will find the usual stuff like big wins, the spinning of reels, Bonus Feature trigger, and so on. These are all based on events and trigger when they do. They mean to keep things plain and simple. In another way, since it is not a music or movie slot, it does not need any additional stuff such as cut scenes or dialogues or unnecessary play. Keeping things simple is a broad idea here. When you win coins, you see a great nice animation that makes you feel really happy.

In short, Super Gold 7s is a simple and tough slot not for the faint-hearted.

Super Gold 7s Special Slot Features, Free Spins, Progressive Jackpots Etc

As we have mentioned several times that this slot has the most basic of the rules and action-packed with three different reel symbols. These are the X’s of the slot, being the first symbol, and also a low-paying symbol. The red 7s and gold 7s form the two other symbols. So, players get to know about symbols and what they mean in a slot game. They also learn about paytables and their importance. X’s mean nothing and pay nothing. Red and Gold are the only ones that you should care about, it is that simple.

●      Super Spin Bonus

So, every slot has some kind of Bonus Feature and they are activated or triggered by events. For example, when a specific symbol lands on the reels in groups of 3 or more, a Bonus Game might kick in. The Super Spins bonus round in this slot allows players to choose between either increased awards or bonus spins. The increased award is a guaranteed reward that increases the value of the wins in your paytable. This is a huge benefit because your value van increases up to a limit of 500Eruos, the jackpot limit. Also, this increase is awarded multiple times, and not once. 

The Bonus Spins, on the other hand, will play out immediately and automatically and players don’t have much to do here. You cannot even increase your bet per payline in a wish to earn more. After the Super Spins feature has completed, the game will revert back to the main screen. 

●      Triggering Super Spins Feature

If you find three or more Super Gold 7s symbols anywhere on the reels then the Super Spins feature is triggered. Then, having 3 Gold 7s will award you with 10 Super Spins, 4 Gold 7s will award you with 15 Super Spins, and finally, if you have 5 of them, you will get 20 Super Spins. Once the feature is terminated, the increased paytable values also revert back to their normal, default, rates. 

Players must remember that this feature can be activated several times, and not just once. During any Super Spins feature, the Super Bonus can also activate. All the winnings during this feature apply for further gambling true odds of the game as well.

So, Super Gold 7s teaches a lot of things without making them too complex to understand. It also awards players with the potential to win real money with huge wins. 

What are the Super Gold 7s RTP & Variance?

Super Gold 7s real money slot is a game that beats others in RTP. It is a basic game and comes with a below-average RTP, just to take care of the business. In that sense, if you are a high-roller, then you have a better chance of making some more money. However, in general, RTP is a measure of how good a slot plays. RTP of 96% is standard in the market right now, and anything below this is considered not worth enough.

Super Gold 7s has a maximum RTP of 94% at most online casinos; however, this can change from one casino to another. So, it is best to check with your own. The RTP means that, if a player bets $100 in Super Gold 7s, he can win a maximum of $94 only. This is actually an estimate on playing enough spins. And, not something you can calculate by playing just 40 or 50 spins.

The Super Gold 7s Slot Variance is Medium.

What does the Super Gold 7s Paytable look like?

An important piece of information before you begin playing any slot game is its paytable. Every slot game has its own paytable, and it can look different and be just a single page or many tabs. Paytable is a sheet that tells bad symbols from good ones. It shows which symbols have value, and where you should place your bets on. 

Super Gold 7s being a simple slot has a single-page paytable. It has a very basic playing style where three symbols make up all the reels. On active paylines, you have red 7s and golden 7s, which pay equally. Having 5 of them will get you 20Euro while having 3 of them drops this prize to 5Euros only. Then, the concept of multipliers comes along. If you have golden 7s during Spins Bonus, it can give 20 for 5 symbols, and so on as we talked about earlier. That is all. 

The takeaway is that a paytable is an important piece of information. And, new players should always look at it to understand the rules of the game, and then, decide whether to play it or not? 

How to Win/ Strategy for Super Gold 7s Online Slot?

Devising winning strategies is not possible for a slot game. With a modern-day slot on online casinos, they have high volatile reels and paylines. Anything you make up will get lost soon. Super Gold 7s slot is a video slot from CR Games and they have taken care to keep the RTP low enough to attract new players and yet give them a chance to win something worth appreciating. 

  • So, keep in mind to keep your bets as high you can afford, per payline. With only 5 of them, you are not going to risk a lot here;
  • Second, despite not having winning combinations frequently, have patience, and wait for your turn;
  • Look out for the high symbols and see how often they appear and how many appear together. It has 5 reels only, so it should be easy;

When you take note of the above things and see if you are doing good after a bunch of spins you can decide to continue or leave the game. As with most high volatility slots, the Super Gold 7s slot will eventually pay a big amount, if you stick around for a while. As officially, they say, High Roller Spins is its novelty and Every Way pays here. 

Final Verdict

If you like simple and easy-to-understand slots, this is probably one of the best out there. If you are a beginner and want to learn about slots, paytables, symbols, Bonus Features, etc. this is surely the best for you. Super Gold 7s slot not only helps you learn things but also win real money with a jackpot up to 200x and bonus increase in paytable up to 500Euro jackpot limit. Yes, there is a downside here as well with an RTP of 94% but the slot is good and pays frequently in small amounts. If you are a high-roller, you need to have a lot of patience here. 

Pros & Cons: Super Gold 7s Slot

Super Gold 7s slot just like any other has some merits and some demerits. It is a normal thing among slot games.


  • Best for beginners and first-time players;
  • RTP is low, paylines are less, so the risk is relatively lower than other slots;
  • You can win real money and also learn about slots, their features, etc;


  • Graphics, sound, theme-music, and animations are lacking;
  • It is light on features, not complex, which might disappoint some;

CR Games’ Super Gold 7s Slot: FAQs

1.    Does Super Gold 7s Slot have a Progressive Jackpot?

No! It does not. But it has its own jackpot money up to 500Eruos and 200x during the gameplay.

2.    Is RTP of Super Gold 7s Slot a Big Deal-Breaker?

For a tutorial slot that also pays real cash, this is not at all bad. RTP is low but with just 5 paylines and 3 symbols, players need not worry much.

3.    How to Trigger the Bonus Feature Inside the Main Game?

The Bonus Feature is available in the same style as with other slots of 2020. If you land at least 3 7s symbols anywhere on the reels, they become active. 

4.    What is the Best Part of the Super Gold 7s Slot?

The Bonus Round with Super Spins and Increase in the paytable is the biggest twist with this simple slot. It helps you win big rewards as well.

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