Double Bubble

Double Bubble Slot

150% up to £150
  • The game comes with very simple graphics, light-hearted music, and ease of playing
  • Special features are very enticing especially for new players
  • High payout frequency
  • Double Bubble RTP: 96.02%
  • The lack of variable Return to Player Percentage is a drawback
  • The bonus rounds are fewer as compared to other similar slot games
  • Bubble line bonus is a bit difficult to achieve

Double Bubble Slot Review

We wrote this Double Bubble slot Review for all online casino players. In this review we will dive deep into all the features of Dubble Bubble. From strategies to symbols, from Double Bubble RTP to Double Bubble Paytable, you will find it here!

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Basic Info

Release year:2014
Max Win:x20.000
Double Bubble RTP:96.02%
Min Coin Size0.01
Max Coin Size1.00
Progressive Jackpot:No
Bonus Features:Wild, Scatter, Multiplier,
Free Spins
Mobile Gmaing:Yes
Theme:Classic Bar & Fruit Symbols,

Introduction Double Bubble Slots

What is striking about a visit to any casino is the overwhelming number of slot machines lined up for punting. This is true for both the brick and mortar casinos as well as the online ones that are easily downloadable on a smartphone. After all, to give gamers cum gamblers a thrilling and exciting experience, developers offer many theme-based slot machines to online gaming sites.

In other words, as the games have evolved with time, their creators have experimented with colors, graphics, and storylines to develop slots on the go. This has enabled a rich and varied exposure to players. For instance, the graphics, animations, and features have seen a revolutionary change with a promise of enhanced entertainment along with the chance to make some quick cash. After all, there are slots galore that have themes around horror icons, ancient Egyptian motifs, fruit symbols, and even characters from Hollywood movies. One such unique theme-based slot game is Double Bubble.

  • Casinos are overwhelmed with slot machines;
  • Developers have created unique themes to build slot games;
  • Fancy colors, stories, and motifs have been used to enrich a slot machine;
  • Exclusive themes promise an enriching experience to players;
  • Games have evolved to give the gamer an enriching experience;
  • Many slot games have especially grown due to the changes seen in the iGaming industry;

Slot sites with Double Bubble

Play Double Bubble slot online with a big welcome bonus! All online casinos are UK lisenced and certified!

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Scroll down to find more certified online casinos where you can play the Double Bubble slot machine. Or visit Slots & Casinos for more slot sites with Double Bubble.

Look & Feel

It is a theme-based slot machine available for playing online. Developed by Gamesys and launched in 2014, it is one of the most popular of its kind offering plenty of chances to win huge amounts of cash. This slot is unique in the sense that it is a bubble centric game featuring the classic fruit machine theme. With 5 reels and 20 paylines for the player to punt on, bubbles float on the screen across all directions to go with the thought. It is simple looking yet attractive and aesthetically appealing. The colors chosen are soft and pleasing to the eye with the bubble floating adding to the calmness of the moment. The symbols used for the spins and winning lines are all the simple fruit machine patterns. In other words, the game is simple, both in terms of the design and the play options.

Double Bubble Look & Feel
Double Bubble Look & Feel

How is Double Bubble Slots Played?

As mentioned earlier it is a 5 reel 20 payline slot game and the moment it is launched on a smartphone, tablet or PC, a player will realize the ease with which it can be played. For instance, all one needs to do is land on a wide variety of symbols which range from gold bells, super sevens, and bar signs. In addition, a player can choose as many paylines he or she wishes to from the 20 lines available.

The ‘Bet One’ tab gives the player an option to select the number of paylines and if one wishes to go for the maximum bet then all that has to be pressed is the ‘Bet Max’ button. A player can bet 0.1 Pound per line to 10 UK Pounds per payline. In other words, 0.1 Pound is the minimum bet that can be placed by a player and the maximum bet that he or she can place is 200 UK Pounds. Moreover, the bubble line at the bottom of the screen entitles a player for a bonus.

In addition, what this means is that this game is for everyone, be it the low-value punter who is conservative with his wager or the player who wishes to bet somewhat mid-level or a punter who has the appetite to place high bets and is not averse to taking risks.

Slot Machine Settings

  • This slot has 5 reels and 20 paylines;
  • Symbols need to land in a straight line starting from left to right;
  • The symbols vary from fruits such as cherries and watermelons to along with gold bells and super sevens;
  • The Bet One tab allows a player to choose the number of paylines;
  • A player can bet maximum by pressing the ‘Max Bet’ option;
  • The minimum bet is 1 penny per payline;
  • Maximum bet is 10 Pounds per payline;
  • Bubble feature gives the bonus and jackpot to the player;

Features of Double Bubble Slots

The Double Bubble slot game has some impressive payouts and rewards. They are enough to lure new players and retain old gamers.

 The double Bubble logo gives some of the most lucrative wins. In addition, this symbol is also the wild symbol in the game and if it is triggered, the returns to a player can be a whopping 20 times the wager to even a staggering 20000 times the bet placed. For instance, if you get 5 matching symbols together, the maximum payout is given. Similarly, if 4 symbols match, the returns are 500 times the bet, 100 times if 3 symbols match and the winning is 20 times the punt if 2 symbols match.

  • This is the wild symbol in the slot game;
  • A player’s win can range from 20 times to 20000 times the bet amount;
  • 2 symbols matching will win the player 20 times the wager;
  • All 5 symbols matching in the reels will get returns of 20000 times;

2.    Super Seven and Gold Bell

Both these symbols pay 500 times the amount a player has bet if all 5 symbols match. Similarly, the winnings will be 200 times for 4 symbols. In addition, the gold triple bar promises a return of 500 times on 5 symbols matching bet and 100 times for 4 symbols. Further, the pink single bar sign and the blue double bar sign trigger a payout of 500 times for 5 symbols match and 50 times if 4 symbols match.

  • Super Seven and Gold Bell multiply a player’s bet 500 times if all 5 symbols match;
  • For 4 symbols the earnings will be 200 times;
  • If 5 symbols match, the Gold Triple Bar will fetch a player 500 times the amount wagered and the returns will be 4 times the bet amount if 4 symbols match;
  • Similarly, there is a 500 times payout for 5 symbols and 50 times payout on 4 symbols;

3.    Fruit Symbols

A player will get comparatively smaller returns on the traditional fruit symbols. For instance, the returns are 500 times of the bet amount on 5 synchronizations of orange and plum. Similarly, if watermelons, grapes, and cherries match 5 lines the returns will be 100 times. In addition, if any fruit lands 4 times in a row the returns are 4 times the amount a player has bet.

  • Fruit symbols give comparatively smaller returns;
  • Orange and plum hitting 5 in a row get a 500-time reward;
  • Any fruit symbol landing 4 times will give 4 times the money placed as a bet;

4.    Bubble Line Feature

Any symbol appearing in a bubble gets added to the bubble line. In addition, if a symbol makes up a winning combination, the win is multiplied by the number of active paylines at that moment.

  • The symbol which appears in a bubble gets added to the bubble line at the bottom of the screen;
  • Symbols making a winning combination result in a multiplier to the number of active paylines;

5.    Bubble Popper Bonus

Spinning 3 bubble symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 triggers the Bubble Popper Bonus round. Here a player can pop a bubble of his or her choice to earn a random reward. If you are lucky, popping the bubble could get you some lucrative returns on your wager.

  • If 3 bubbles spin on reels 1,3 and 5, the Bubble Popper round gets triggered;
  • The returns can be lucrative if the player is lucky;

Special Symbols in Double Bubble Slots

●      Super 7 Symbol

This can replace any except bonus symbol to complete a win.

●      Bonus Symbol

This symbol triggers the Bonus Popper Round.

●      Green Triple Bar Symbol

Prize varies from 2 times with the appearance of 2 symbols to a top prize 500 times with 5 symbols.

●      Blue Double Bar Symbol 

Similar returns as the Green Triple Bar symbol except for no payouts for 3 symbols.

●      Red Single Bar Symbol

This offers a minimum price of 2 times with the appearance of 2 symbols and a maximum prize of 500 times with the appearance of 20 symbols.

●      Bell Symbol 

The return is of a minimum twice the amount bet with 2 symbols and 500 times the wager on 5 symbols.

●      Grapes, Orange, Plum, Watermelon, and Cherries 

The minimum return is 10 times the punt with the appearance of 3 symbols and a maximum winning of 500 times the wager on 5 symbols.

Best Strategy to Play Double Bubble Slots

Here some tips that may help you make the most of playing Double Bubble Slots. Though this game offers some enticing bonus rounds and jackpot promises, a player must leave everything to pure luck and chance. In other words, the strategy is important for gambling. For instance, always get a new player deal while registering at an online casino. Many sites offer exclusive bonus codes to lure new players. Do your research properly to find such sites. In addition, always play with maximum paylines. In other words, set the bet to a minimum with the highest number of paylines. This will help you aim for the big wins and also increase your opportunity to win a bonus round. Always play with certified operators. They have a credible history of offering high Return to Player (RTP) Percentage.

Finally, if you lack the confidence to wager straightaway, play this game at a site that offers a free play mode. This is the ideal way to judge if the game is made for you and more importantly if you are cut out for it. Spinning a couple of times for free will also give you an opportunity to check on your win percentage.

  • Do not leave everything to luck and chance;
  • Strategize well before placing your bet;
  • In addition, register at sites offering attractive offers to new players;
  • Set maximum payline on the minimum wage;
  • Play with credible and certified operators;

Double Bubble RTP

RTP stands for return to player. The RTP percentage of an online game is important information for most players. THe Double Bubble RTP is 96.02%. This is an average percentage. What does this Double Bubble RTP mean? For example, 100 pounds is wagered. Of this 100 pounds, 96.02 is returned to players as winnings on average. This average RTP is calculated over all player playing this online casino game all over the world.

Double Bubble Paytable

The Double Bubble Paytable Consists out of 11 main symbols, a Wild and a Bonus Symbol. Check out the Double Bubble Paytable below,

Double Bubble Paytable

  • The Symbols from high to low are: Wild, 7, Bell, Triple Bar, Double Bar, Bar, Blueberry, Orange, Grapes, Watermelon & Cherries;
  • THe Wild Symbol substitutes for all symbols except the Bonus;
  • 5x the Wild Symbol gives players the highest payout;

Conclusion to Double Bubble Slot


  • The game comes with very simple graphics, light-hearted music, and ease of playing;
  • The recreated version has HD graphics which give the required visual appeal;
  • Special features are very enticing especially for new players;
  • It is a browser-based game;
  • This game has a high payout frequency;
  • Double Bubble RTP: 96.02%


  • The lack of variable Return to Player Percentage is a drawback;
  • The bonus rounds are fewer as compared to other similar slot games;
  • Bubble line bonus is a bit difficult to achieve;

Final Word on Dubble Bubble Slot

In conclusion, the double bubble slot game can be very enticing as it is quite easy to play. Spin some symbols and hope you are lucky to multiply returns on your bet. The Double Bubble RTP is 96.02% With a bubbly background, the game can be very therapeutic as well. Even though it has evolved to an HD version, the slot game continues to retain its retro, old classy look. For instance, the symbols are bright, colorful and remind the era of hippies and the Beatles. In addition, the background music strikes just the right melodious tone to go with the illustrations and graphics.

Finally, this is a very good online video game that has something for every type of player and it promises loads of entertainment and high chances of lucrative returns. So here’s to all gamers who love nostalgia, a little retro look and enjoy punting. If you tick all these boxes then Double Bubble Slots is the right choice for you.

Play Double Bubble Slot Online

More certified and licensed casinos where you can play Double Bubble slot machine online!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    Where can I Play Double Bubbles Slots Online?

This game can be easily downloaded on a smartphone, tablet or PC. It is available in all iOS, Android and Window systems.

2.    How Much Space will the Download Take on My Device?

Double Bubble Slot is a browser-based game and therefore will not take much space on your device. In other words, it does not require you to download any software.

3.    Can I Play Double Bubble Slots for Free?

Yes, you can play it for free by downloading it from any one of Gamesys powered casinos and playing it in the demo mode.

4.    Will I Get Free Spins When I Register to Play Double Bubble?

If you register at any Gamesys site to play this slot, you will get free spins to try your hand at this game.

5.    What are the Major Sites that have This Game in Their Library?

Among the more popular sites which have this slot in their arsenal are Jackpot Joy, Virgin Games, Heart Bingo Double Bubble, and Starspins.

6.    What is the Double Bubble RTP?

The Double Bubble RTP which tells the percentage returned to a player is has been theoretically estimated at 96.02 percent. In other words, if you place a bet of 100 Pounds, 96.02 Pounds will come back to you. However, this does not guarantee consistency in earnings since this calculation is done over an infinite number of spins.

7.    What is a Bubble Line Win?

A bubble line is triggered when symbols get trapped in a bubble. In addition, if the line makes a winning combination, the return is a multiplication of the number of lines a player has bet on.

8.    Is Double Bubble Slots Volatile?

Experts and analysts have categorized it as a medium volatile game. In other words, it is designed to suit every level of player from the low better to a high-value punter.

9.    Is Double Bubbles a Fair Game to Play?

Yes, it is a legitimate game. Developers and online sites have thoroughly tested it. In any case, no reputable online casino will associate itself with an unreliable developer.

10.   What is the Maximum a Player can Win in Double Bubble Slots?

The highest payout is 20000 times the wager.

Double Bubble Slots in Brief

  • It is a multi line slot game;
  • Developed by Gamesys;
  • Launched in 2014;
  • Low-value symbols include fruits like cherries, watermelons, grapes, oranges, and plums;
  • High-value symbols include a red bar, blue double bar, green triple bar, and golden bell;

A Word about the Developer

Gamesys Corporation is an online gaming company based in the United Kingdom. It has a reputation of providing entertaining, high-quality online games. Gamesys has a track record of developing many top-class games. It was formed in 2001 by Noel Hayden, a self-style gaming geek. The aim of creating this company was to reinvent the iGaming industry. The games it offers come from its subsidiary units like Jackpotjoy and Virgin games, a joint venture with Richard Branson. This gaming company has many casino sites, offering a wide range of online games to suit every taste bud and more importantly every pocket. Each has been designed separately and customized for different audiences. Other popular games that have come from the stable of Gamesys include Wonderland, Agastha Christie’s Mystery Wilds, battleships Wild and paper Wins.

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